Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 478 - Quasi-Grand Master of All Fields

Chapter 478: Quasi-Grand Master of All Fields

Arriving at the ancient house of the Cloak Gang base, Chen Rui, who was in a cloak outfit, saw Eve, Alian and Ms. Sasa walking out of the house. When Alian saw him, she jumped over happily and said with joy, “It’s Sir Aguile!”

“Alian, it’s been a long time.” Chen Rui habitually petted her head. He didn’t feel it during the dispute in the magic shop last time, but when he did this action now, he realized that Alian had grown a lot taller.

Not only Alian, but Eve also became more graceful. She was still shy as usual. She bowed to him with a blushing face and a faint glow of joy in her eyes.

Ms. Sasa had always maintained a sense of respect for the sir leader. She took the initiative to report that the 3 of them had an appointment with little princess Alice to go to the night market. They were now going to the Princess Retail Store to wait for Alice to “get off work”.

Chen Rui nodded. It seems that the little loli has really turned these 3 “enemies” into friends. With these friends, at least her future life and emotions will be enriched a lot. It’s much better than daydreaming of becoming a fiancee and reading romance novels every day.

He had assigned the puppet, Loki, who was at the peak stage of the Demon Emperor, to secretly protect Alice and Kia. Coupled with the imperial guards and Alice’s own protective equipment, there shouldn’t be much safety issues.

After saying goodbye to the 3 girls, Chen Rui walked all the way into the backyard and met the 3 mechanic masters who had been waiting for him for a long time: Xingxing, Skye, and Tetenis.

Seeing the appearance of this long-lost mysterious figure, the 3 reacted differently. Master Xingxing still had a stern face with some warmth in his eyes, Skye’s face was full of gratitude and joy, and Master Tetenis was even more exaggerated. He walked up a few steps, and his eyes were glimmering. It was like he saw some incredible novelty.

If Chen Rui didn’t hide his true face in a cloak, he would be defeated by this glass-like gaze.

“Are you the trio-specialized genius mechanic master who caused a sensation in the Demon Realm?”

The first sentence of Tetenis surprised Chen Rui. There was strong discomfort in the heart. This is an extremely important secret. Xingxing and Skye actually revealed it to Tetenis, whom I have never met before, without my permission!

“You are also proficient in magic circles? You also have the talent of magic eyes?” Tetenis got more and more excited as he said. When Chen Rui had calmed down, he glanced at Xingxing and Skye faintly without responding. This is no longer just the secret of the trio-specialized master. The “magic eyes” involve the identity of “Richard” at the Bloody Empire’s Mechanic Association. Xingxing and Skye probably guessed it, they actually revealed that too!

In any case, this incident must not be leaked out. Even if Tetenis is the peak stage of the Demon Emperor, he must be killed.

As he was thinking, Tetenis’s third sentence had already popped out, “Would you like to become my apprentice?”

Chen Rui was stunned again. Seeing the smiles shown by Xingxing and Skye, he seemed to understand a little bit. The depression in his mind was suddenly relieved. It is not betrayal. It’s kindness.

However, he frowned again: I am at least a trio-specialized master. With the help of various experience materials and refinery experiments, I have now reached the level of a senior master. My mechanic skills are not inferior to anyone in the Demon Realm. This Tetenis in front of me is known as the master who is most proficient in jewelry items. Maybe I can discuss and make progress with him, but to become his apprentice, I’m afraid this old man is not qualified enough.

Although Tetenis could not see Chen Rui’s expression, he could see through his mind at a glance. His eyes widened, “Do you think me, the old man, is not qualified to teach you?”

This old man is quite straightforward. He seems to be a straightforward person who is worthy to become an acquaintance. Otherwise, with the temperaments of Master Xingxing and Master Skye, they would definitely not reveal such important secrets easily. Maybe this Master Tetenis really has some secret skills?

Chen Rui quickly thought about it, but he nodded, knowing that the old man must have something to say next. No doubt, Tetenis really showed a look of “I knew it” and smiled confidently, “Since I know your secret, I will also tell you 2 of my secrets now. The first secret, whatever you are capable of, I’m basically also capable and even stronger than you; yet what I am capable of, you are not capable of it. That’s why I can be your teacher.”

This was quite a huge claim. In terms of just the apparent “talent”, Chen Rui was the trio-specialized master, magic circle genius and magic eyes talent. Could it be this old man who is only proficient in jewelry items is a trio-specialized grand master and magic circle grand master?

A trace of sorrow flashed across Tetenis’s eyes, “The second secret is that I have only 1 year left to live. I want to pass down my knowledge before I die. It is precisely in response to the old saying of the Demon Realm, “pass on the torch of knowledge.” If it is not because my fate is coming soon, even if you are well-qualified, I may not be interested. With your talent and level, you can somewhat gain something… Well, let’s cut the nonsense. My time is getting less second by second. We can skip the superfluous formalities of the apprenticeship ceremony. You bow to me 3 times. ”

3 bows? Then a minute of silence? Chen Rui murmured secretly. Why did this old man directly regard himself as a teacher without asking if I agree to it?

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Hmph!” Tetenis rolled his eyes, “I have the strength of the peak stage of the Demon Emperor which is a level above you, and I still have so many secrets of you. If you don’t agree, I will spread your secrets everywhere!”

Chen Rui was a bit speechless. What is this called? Forced buying and selling + unscrupulous threats? I have never seen anyone accepting apprentice with such a way!

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little tense, Skye said, “Aguile, just agree to it. Actually, we only learned a few days ago that Master Tetenis is actually a trio-specialized mechanics quasi-grand master! Not only that, he is also a pharmaceutics quasi-grand master! This is indeed a golden opportunity for you.”

Chen Rui was secretly shocked: I didn’t expect that my random guess is not far from the truth. I didn’t expect the Demon Realm actually to have an extraordinary alchemist of all fields and also proficient in pharmaceutics and mechanics at the same time. Moreover, he has reached the realm of quasi-grand master!

The quasi-grand master is a level between the grand master and the master. It is infinitely close to the grand master; only one step away. Although he is still called a “master”, his standard is much higher than the level of senior masters. Even in the Mechanic Association of the 3 empires, there is no quasi-grand master of one field. How did a quasi-grand master of all fields pop out suddenly?

“Don’t question it, Master Tetenis has fully proved this to us,” Master Xingxing also spoke up, “He initially wanted to pass on his skills to me, but I think you are more suitable than me, so I recommended you in front of the master.”

Then only Chen Rui knew why Tetenis was looking for Xingxing. Seeing Master Xingxing’s stern face, there was a warmth in his heart.

Skye lamented, “There are a lot of hidden geniuses in the Demon Realm. Not every alchemist is willing to attach under a certain force. Especially the struggles related to power and desire could easily distract people. This makes one unable to focus on skills to reach a higher level. For the past 2 years I have held myself aloof from the world in the Cloak Gang, my mentality is very different from before. Instead, I feel that my mentality has improved. I have realized some matters that I could not see previously.”

When Chen Rui thought of the Demon Realm’s top mechanic master, Nate, who had indulged in fame and fortune, and finally embarked on an evil path, he nodded knowingly.

“Master Fonsaq is right. If it wasn’t for the prize of materials for the second place in the masters contest, I wouldn’t bother to make this unnecessary fame. In fact, Tetenis is just a pseudonym. I have many other names. Anyway, it’s just a representation.”

Judging from Tetenis’ words, he actually deliberately became the runner up, and Skye obviously also revealed his true identity and experience.

The old quasi-grand master looked at Chen Rui with undisguised approval, “Your aptitude is excellent. What is more valuable is your character. You can help Master Fonsaq in times of crisis and avenge him without hesitating to go deep into the danger; I admire you for that.”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “To be honest, I just casually helped Master Fonsaq when I was doing other mission. It is not necessarily without the purpose of using his value.”

Skye and Xingxing looked at each other and smiled.

“En, honesty can be added to your qualities.” The more the old man looked at Chen Rui, the more pleasing he seemed. If he had a daughter, he would definitely force Chen Rui to marry her now.

Honesty? My biggest skill is to fool, isn’t this accusing me? Uh… This is a beautiful misunderstanding! Chen Rui caught a glimpse of the old man’s eager eyes. He knew that the more he explained, the situation would be worse, so he simply did not explain.

“However, you still need to sharpen your character! I suggest you immediately give up the position of the Cloak Gang leader and that legion commander, then you leave the Dark Moon with me to study for a year. As long as you put aside your heart full of desires, you will definitely surpass me to reach the perfect realm in the future. Okay, so long-winded. Back to the topic, hurry up and bow to your teacher!”

It seemed that this “teacher” had even arranged the future for him. Chen Rui shook his head secretly and smiled bitterly, “With the current situation, it is impossible for me to leave the Dark Moon. Why not I find an apprentice with better qualifications for the master if I have the chance.”

The old man suddenly became furious, “Hmph! You know my level, yet you are still refusing with excuses. Who is better than you in the entire Demon Realm? Besides, I don’t have much time, so I can’t wait for so long. Today, you have to agree whether you agree or not! If you think it’s troublesome, skip the formalities too. In short, you are my apprentice from now on.

Okay, now he’s directly forcing an innocent person… Chen Rui rolled his eyes, but he knew that the old man had kind intentions, and this was a rare opportunity that should not be missed, but the request to leave the Dark Moon was a bit overwhelming. He was thinking quickly.

“Um, Master Tetenis, you 2 master and apprentice talk slowly. Xingxing and I will go out for a walk.” Skye’s thoughts turned. He stood up and pulled Xingxing.

Xingxing rolled his eyes and uttered a sentence to Chen Rui, “Boy, if my kindness is wasted, I will get you for that!”

After speaking, he left the backyard with the dark elf master. (To be continued)

Maybe set a [Star Gate] and teleport back and forth?

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