Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 709 - His Purpose

Chapter 709 His Purpose

After her rebirth, there was an inexplicable feeling that had been lingering in Mo Xuetong’s heart. As she investigated the other people and things deeper and deeper, Mo Xuetong felt as if she was getting close to the truth. She became clearer and clearer step by step. Even in face of a situation that she had never encountered in her past life, she could still slowly understand in this life.

But other than Qin Yufeng!

At the beginning of her rebirth, in Mo Xuetong’s heart, Qin Yufeng was the one behind Mo Xuemin. Therefore, every time she saw him, she was on high alert. The painting that was used to test her was sent back to Qin Yufeng, carefully enclosed the apology that she really wasn’t able to do it.

Mo Xuetong was afraid that he would be hostile to her. Faced with Qin Yufeng, she felt that it was not enough no matter how careful she was. It seemed that she never knew where his bottom line was, what he cared about or what she did would cross his bottom line. Mo Xuetong could guess from the experience of her past life that Qin Yufeng was on Feng Yuxuan’s side and was his most capable adviser.

However, in this life, fate did not seem to follow the path that had been determined at the outset. Qin Yufeng had only been on the same side with Feng Yuxuan at the beginning. Then, he had left Feng Yuxuan, and had ignored everything as if nothing had happened. He had even become Number One Scholar while he didn’t even take the imperial exam in his previous life. Now, he wanted to go to another place to be an official.

Was he trying to fulfill his potential?

Furthermore, Mo Xuetong felt less and less hostility from Qin Yufeng. Sometimes, she even felt that the man was helping her. For example, when Princess Caifeng was going to hurt her, Qin Yufeng had quietly invited Crown Prince Xieyue back to solve the plot that might break the alliance between the two countries.

And this time, this painting? Did he really mean nothing? Why did he deliberately take the painting from Old Madam Qin and give it to her in the name of Old Madam Qin. Did he just want her to accept it? Moreover, Qin Yuxuan’s request was also because of him. Only he knew that the painting was in Mo Xuetong’s hands now.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem to ask others to copy another one.

But why did he make such a big detour and then she sent the painting back? Did he know what she was thinking? Did he deliberately send the painting to her and make Old Madam Qin panic? Just now, Mo Xuetong had seen it clearly. Although Old Madam Qin kept pretending to be calm, there were a few traces of anxiety in her eyes.

Especially when Mo Xuetong suggested showing the painting to Princess Royal, Old Madam Qin’s face was a little pale and she looked uncomfortable!

If it had been in her past life, Mo Xuetong would not have been able to notice it. It was just a slight change. However, in this life, Mo Xuetong usually paid attention to these details. So how could she not be able to notice it? Old Madam Qin was really flustered at that moment. She had yet to react when Mdm Yu first mentioned Qin Yufeng’s marriage.

She didn’t join the discussion until Mdm Yu said a few words!

All of this showed that Old Madam Qin must know something. Thinking of this, Mo Xuetong could not help but feel excited. She had a clue cut off in Fu General Manor for the time being. She did not expect that there would be another clue in the Qin Manor. And it seemed that this clue was more important than the one in Fu General Manor.

According to the age of her mother in the painting, she knew that this clue was very important.

Judging from Mdm Yu’s reaction, it was the first time she had seen the painting. She probably did not know about it, but what about Qin Yufeng?

He seemed to act casually, but his every move also seemed to have a hidden meaning. Mo Xuetong always felt that Qin Yufeng knew something. However, how did he know? After all, he was not born then. Judging from Old Madam Qin’s cautious action, she would not tell others about it casually. Then where did Qin Yufeng find it…

If it were anyone else, Mo Xuetong would only think that it was a coincidence. However, it was Qin Yufeng, and Mo Xuetong would not take any possibility lightly. He was behind all the things that happened to her in her past life, and could easily take others’ life. He could even interfere in the matters in the inner courtyards of other manors. How could the matter concerning such a person be explained as a coincidence?

Mo Xuetong brought Mo Lan and Mo Yu out of Old Madam Qin’s courtyard and headed for the garden. Old Madam Qin was a little tired after talking for a while. Mo Xuetong came out on the pretext that she wanted to take a walk in the garden. Mdm Yu wanted to accompany her, but Old Madam Qin’s tonic diet was served, and she had to stay and serve Old Madam Qin, so Mo Xuetong took a walk in the garden with her maidservants.

Fortunately, although it was not Cloud City here, Qin Zheng deliberately built this house similar to the old house in Cloud City to prevent Old Madam Qin from missing the old times. Many places were made in the same way. Walking here, Mo Xuetong felt as if she was walking in the old house of Qin family in Cloud City, so she didn’t feel strange at all.

After all, it was the place where she had lived for more than a year.

Furthermore, when Qin Zheng and Mo Huawen were both still in Cloud City, the two families had a close relationship. Luo Xia was a gentle woman, and Mdm Yu was also very kind then. It was normal for the children of the two families to play together. Besides, Mo Xuetong was still young then, and didn’t have to avoid men. Thus, it was normal for her to play behind Qin Yuxuan and Qin Yufeng.

As such, from every aspect, she was very familiar with the Qin family’s garden. Then she politely rejected Mdm Yu’s servants and brought her two maidservants with her to stroll around.

She was even more familiar with the scene ahead. There was a grassland by the river and a rockery by the grassland. She remembered how she had been reborn. At that time, she had been tripped by Mo Zhu and fell into the river. It was also at that time that she woke up from her nightmare and changed everything.

After she returned, drenched in blood, everything changed. She was no longer a lonely girl abandoned in Cloud City…

Mo Lan looked at the dazed Mo Xuetong and sighed. “My Lady, do you want to take a rest?” she asked, pretending to be casual. How could the two of them not be familiar with everything here? Almost, their mistress was so close to death in this place. How flustered they were then!

Several maidservants kept a nervous vigil at her bedside day and night.

Mo Xuetong pointed at the pavilion a distance away and said, “There’s no need. I just want to walk alone. You go to the pavilion and have a rest.”

“Yes, then I will be there with Mo Yu. My Lady, you can just call us if you need anything.” Mo Lan knew that Mo Xuetong thought of the past and felt a little upset as she had been in the place where was similar to the old place. She wanted to stay alone for a while. Mo Lan nodded and pulled Mo Yu, who was about to say something else, to the pavilion.

Although it was far away, because this place was flat, they could see it clearly from here.

Even though Mo Xuetong did not say anything earlier, Mo Lan could still sense that her mistress was not in a calm mood. Perhaps she wanted to be alone. Anyone who had witnessed that matter would think of what her mistress had suffered. Although things had changed, her mistress would definitely not be calm.

The two maidservants left sensibly. Mo Xuetong inexplicably heaved a sigh of relief. She walked along the grass. There was a row of willow trees by the river. Even though it was not the time of year when willows sprouted and drizzle fell in the wind, looking at the slender willow branches, Mo Xuetong still felt a little bit of flexibility.

Standing under the willow tree, she looked at the river quietly. If there was really anything different, the river here was not as big as the one in Cloud City. The capital was originally a place where every inch of land was precious. Qin Zheng was already very powerful to be able to channel running water into this place. Mo Xuetong did not know what happened to the Qin family in her past life.

She had been staying in the back courtyard of the Duke’s manor, and was also the most unfavored one. It could be said that she was isolated from the world!

However, she could imagine how glorious the Qin family would be in the near future with a stunning talent like Qin Yufeng in the family. In her past life, Feng Yuran had traveled far away to the Southern Barbarian Lands and no one knew if he was dead or alive. Feng Yuxuan was much more talented than Feng Yulei, but as Qing Yufeng helped the latter in his back, it was normal for Feng Yulei to take the throne.

As for King Ning, Feng Yuzhen, wasn’t he in the Yan Kingdom then? Or was he already dead?

It would be difficult to bring Feng Yuzhen back from Bai Yihao’s hands. No matter how powerful the Empress Dowager was, she would not be able to do it. Moreover, Bai Yihao was not the Empress Dowager’s real grandson. The Empress of the Yan Kingdom and Bai Yihao were already enemies.

As such, there was almost nothing suspicious about the Qin family’s rise. However, she felt that there was something missing. Mo Xuetong frowned slightly.

The dream that had troubled her some time ago no longer appeared. It seemed that Qin Yufeng’s figure had faded in her dream. Mo Xuetong had not thought of Qin Yufeng recently. However, at this moment, she could not help but think of this person. He seemed to have rushed to find her at the last moment of her life.

He seemed to be the one who had killed Mo Xuemin. What did that cry of shock and sadness mean…?

However, how could it be? Qin Yufeng was really not familiar with her. Even when she was young, every time she came to the Qin family, it was Qin Yuxuan who took her to play. The lively Qin Yuxuan was happy to take her around. At that time, Qin Yufeng was very sensible and would not climb up and down with a group of children. At most, when they were just playing, he was quietly reading books in the pavilion.

Later, when Mo Xuetong arrived at the Qin family, Qin Yufeng left his family, so there was no connection between them. But why was the voice of Qin Yufeng calling her in the dream so sad and desperate? And what about the altar that appeared in the end? All of this was hidden in the mist, and the most important point was Qin Yufeng.

Was he friend or foe…?

What was his purpose…

He had always pretended to be pure-hearted. How could he be so desperate and painful…

“Cousin Tong.” A gentle and elegant voice suddenly rang in her ears. Mo Xuetong woke up from her deep thoughts. She stopped furrowing her brow slightly. As she looked to the side, she saw a handsome man dressed in a long green robe. He looked as if he had walked out of an ink painting. His eyes were filled with smiles and he looked gentle and relaxed.

Unlike the leisure of Bai Yihao, who was as carefree as an immortal, he seemed to be kind, the kindness that could be felt by Mo Xuetong.

It was as if he had opened her heart in front of Mo Xuetong for the first time. For the first time, Mo Xuetong had sensed his kindness…

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