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“Sealed Ruin, what are they?” Hearing Yondu’s words and then seeing Star-Lord’s shocked expression, Deadpool asked with a confused look on his face.

“In other words, this Ruin exists to seal or eliminate the monster with the Giant Tentacles.” Without letting Star-Lord explain, Lin Rui explained to Deadpool with frowning brows.

“Yeah, that’s it. This explains why we didn’t detect any signs of life below when we detected it before. If this is a Sealed Ruin then ordinary detection methods wouldn’t have worked.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, the shocked Star-Lord said with a sudden realization.

There are countless Ruins left behind by various civilizations in the universe, and there are many Ruins that contain very valuable treasures. However, not all Ruins are the same and there are some Ruins that have a special meaning, such as this Sealed Ruin.

In fact, in addition to this Sealed Ruin, there are also Inheritance Ruins, Sacrificial Ruins, and Ruins similar to Tombs. All these Ruins belong to a special kind of Ruins, and it is difficult for ordinary cosmic groups to find them.

Among these special Ruins, Inheritance Ruins and Tomb-like Ruins are widely liked by Cosmic Mercenary Groups and Pirate Groups, because these two Ruins will definitely give out huge harvests.

Sealed Ruins and Sacrificed Ruins are the least popular because these two Ruins are not only dangerous but it is also very likely that they would have no treasure in them. If the Sealed Artifacts in the Sealed Ruins are not dead then the team exploring the Ruin is likely to encounter danger they have never seen before.

The Sacrificial Ruins are even more bizarre. Such Ruins will kill people who enter them or they will kill other lifeforms in various unexpected ways to fulfill the special purpose of the Ruin Builder.

“Humph! So now you know how stupid you really are?” Seeing the ugly expression on Star-Lord’s face, Yondu continued to curse him.

Hearing Yondu’s self-satisfaction tone, Star-Lord didn’t bother to pay any attention to him. Originally, he had just wanted to stimulate the Ruins’ Defense System to create some chaos which in turn would have created an opportunity for him and his group to escape, but he didn’t expect to release the Sealed Thing in the Ruin.

Moreover, this guy had been sealed in the Ruin for God knows how many years but it had still come out alive. For the first time, Star-Lord felt that his luck might not be so good, otherwise, why would he encounter such a bad thing when he came to this planet for a vacation.

In fact, Star-Lord feels that his bad luck may not be really bad, but he just happened to run into Lin Rui and Deadpool while on vacation. Their accidental meeting led to countless accidents, which turned into this present situation. The countless possibilities were directed to a less than smooth path when they met Lin Rui and Deadpool.


Just after Yondu told Star-Lord that this Ruin was a Sealed Ruin, the Giant Tentacles in the forest became more and more active. Moreover, their length has grown to about two kilometers. At this time, they couldn’t feel safe even if they were so far away.

“What should we do now? The Spaceships have been destroyed and there is no way out even if we want to leave now.” Staring at the Giant Tentacles that were constantly waving in the forest, Star-Lord asked with an ugly look on his face.

As Captain of a Cosmic Mercenary Team, Star-Lord felt that he had made a major mistake in his decision this time. Just like Yondu just said, his days since he broke away from the Ravagers Pirates seemed to be a little too smooth.

Especially after the Ronan incident, the name of the Guardian of the Galaxy slowly spread out, which makes Star-Lord feel more complacent. This was a time when he thought that Guardian of the Galaxy was really very powerful but this incident made him clearly recognize how much strength he really had.

Especially after the Ronan incident, the Guardian of the Galaxy’s name has slowly gained popularity, which makes Star-Lord even more proud. When he thought that Guardian of the Galaxy was really powerful, this incident made him clearly understand how strong he really is.

“What to do? We need to call for help, otherwise, why do you think I ran all the way here?” Hearing that Star-Lord was finally willing to lower his head and ask for advice, Yondu continued with a stern face and a lecturing tone.

“Ask for help?” Hearing Yondu’s reply, Star-Lord was a bit unresponsive for a moment. The Ravagers’ large force had been crashed, and even if there were still some lucky ones who managed to survive, their Spaceships should all be unusable.

“The Spaceship System didn’t work in the forest just now and it should be because of the Giant Tentacles. Now, that suppression has weakened a lot. Therefore, I have sent out a signal into the universe asking for help just now. As long as other Pirate groups receive my signal, we would be saved.” Seeing that Star-Lord still didn’t understand his work, Yondu went on to explain.

“Other Pirate groups? Do the Ravagers pirates have allies?” Star-Lord asked with disbelief when he heard Yondu’s words.

Star-Lord, who grew up in the Ravagers Pirate Group has known that the relationship between the Ravagers Pirates and other Pirate groups does not seem to be very good.

Every time they meet with the other Pirate Group, they would ridicule Yondu. Therefore, when Yondu said that a pirate group would come to their rescue them after receiving his signal, Star-Lord didn’t believe it very much.

However, what Star-Lord didn’t know was that the reason why Yondu was ridicule by other pirates was actually because of him. More than twenty years ago, Yondu had some difficulties at the time, so he took a mission that he shouldn’t have taken, which was to kidnap a child on Earth.

Even if it is a Pirate group, they also have their own rules and regulations, one of which is very strict and it strictly bans the selling of children.

Therefore, Yondu violated this rule and he was unwelcome by other Pirate groups. And Yondu later learned that the guy who asked him to help find his son was not a good person, so he never sent Star-Lord over, but raised him.

“Hehe, Allies, of course, there are. The Ravagers Pirates back then was a great Pirate Group.” Seeing Star-Lord’s unbelieving look, Yondu said after laughing a bit bitterly.

“So, when will they arrive? I think it shouldn’t take long for the monster to break out of the ground.” No longer dwelling on Yondu’s said allies, Star-Lord looked at the increasing active tentacles in the forest and asked.

“This…I can’t be sure. But I have already sent out the signal with the information about the situation here. According to those guys’ characters, they won’t miss such a Ruin.” Hearing Star-Lord’s subsequent query, Yondudu replied with slight embarrassment.

“So, let’s run away! I don’t want to be lined up into mush when those Tentacle Monsters get out of their traps!” After hearing Yondu say that he wasn’t sure when his allies would appear, Deadpool on the side finally couldn’t help but shout.

Hearing what Deadpool said, Yondu observed the Tentacles in the forest again and nodded seriously.

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