I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 569 - Alliance, Lets Begin

Chapter 569: Alliance, Lets Begin


The riots and chaos had long been suppressed.

The commander retired and that signaled an end to the matter.

Those cultivator disciples were unhappy but they could only bury their disappointment in the depths of their hearts.

Firstly, Xiang Yuntian was tough on the students, making those timid ones really well behaved.

Ji slowly calmed the students back down.

If Xiang Yuntian continued such actions and if he didn’t calm those students down, they would have definitely started riots. And then it would have reached an unsalvageable stage.

At that moment.

A city, G City.

G City was not a main Alliance city. It was near the border of the Alliance. The living conditions weren’t that great but couldn’t compare to those big cities. The difference was like night and day.

“The air here is quite polluted.”

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. The air here really couldn’t be compared to him and there was a huge gap.

G City didn’t have city walls and buildings could be everywhere. Although there weren’t tall skyscrapers here, one could see dozen-storey houses.

He walked to the busy part of the city.

Shops on both sides had screens broadcasting the news.

“What are they even talking about?”

The Alliance’s language spread into his ears but they sounded like bugs buzzing.

Lin Fan’s appearance in the Alliance drew a lot of attention.

The clothes that he wore seemed really weird in their eyes.

At the same time, his hairstyle was weird too, very different from the hair of the people of the Alliance.

In the distance, Mi Youyou was a streamer whose popularity had waned. She was popular before but only for a short time which was why it created an illusion for her that she could get popular.

Suddenly, she realized that the area ahead was quite noisy.

Instantly, two large shining stars exploded in her eyes.

This was huge news.

“Mi Fans, something is happening ahead. Let’s go take a look.” A fist-sized ball appeared in front of her. This was the streaming equipment and she didn’t need to control it with her hands and could just transmit the scenes ahead of her over.

There were many comments in the streaming room.

They were all shouting in rage. “Go look, you know that something is going on but you aren’t taking a look. Do you even want to become famous?”

“My legs can’t move.” Mi Youyou panicked.

The people in the room wanted to smack her head.

Someone donated a 100-dollar gift right away.

In G City, a person’s average salary was around 4,000. This 100-dollar gift was okay but it was just so-so.

Mi Youyou looked at it and said right away, “Thank you, Father Feige. I love you. Now, I am really motivated.”

At that moment, the people around didn’t know that the person they were curious about was thinking in his heart that this was a beautiful city.

He was thinking whether or not to destroy it.

If he did, it seemed too cruel.

But if he didn’t, then those who died at the border would have died for nothing.

Just as Lin Fan was thinking about all this, a girl appeared in front of him. She sized him up and then exclaimed, “Handsome brother, you look really handsome but you are a little too bold. You look like someone from the Rich Land and if you bump into extremists, they will beat you up.”

Lin Fan, “???”

He couldn’t understand her at all and really wanted to tell her to say something that a human could understand.

“Is that so?” Lin Fan replied.

Mi Youyou said, “Of course, your clothing, your hair, you… Wait, oh my god, brother you are so amazing. You are actually speaking the Rich Land language. If I didn’t know that you were from Alliance, I would have thought that you were from Rich Land.”

Mi Youyou could understand what Lin Fan meant.

When she was studying, she wasn’t that good and her marks were bad, so she couldn’t enter college.

But to fulfill her dreams she could only choose a language major which was to study the native language. This profession was quite useless and it was as if she had studied for nothing.

This was the case especially now.

The streaming device had its own translation system, so it was easy to understand their language.

Mi Youyou’s fans in the room were shocked. In a short moment, they all discussed intensely.

Is this person a native?

They all had such thoughts. After all, Lin Fan was speaking the native language.

Lin Fan didn’t continue talking to him and just walked forwards.

In just a short while, the Alliance Headquarters would notice him.

Mi Youyou took a look and realized that she now had more fans. She was delighted but when she saw that he was about to leave, she felt that she couldn’t let him go. She chased and followed beside him, hoping to use this to become famous once more.

“Handsome brother, your native speaking skills are so amazing. You are even more proper than the teachers at school. You must have studied really hard.”

“Handsome brother, where did you buy your clothing?”

“Is your hair a wig? It looks so real. The color doesn’t look like a wig at all.”

Mi Youyou chased Lin Fan and rambled on and on. Her mouth was like a Gatling gun, speaking so many words that she gave out a blue flame.

Lin Fan didn’t care.

He was too lazy to speak nonsense to her.

“Handsome brother, can you stop being so cold? Say some words, just a few sentences.”

“This is so infuriating. Is it because I am not pretty or because you have a smelly mouth? As long as you speak, I can handle it.”

Mi Youyou was about to go mad.

So unbearable.

Where did this cold brother come from? Why didn’t he say anything? He was just so cold.

Suddenly, Lin Fan stopped and looked into the distance. He was attracted by a familiar smell.

It had been a long time since he smelled it.

Mi Youyou realized that the little brother was looking at a hotpot shop.

Legendary Lamb.

She knew that this hotpot shop was delicious and they had opened a chain of stores.

Was it…

Did the little brother like eating hotpot?

This was tough for Mi Youyou. Treating him to a meal would cost 300-400 Alliance dollars. This was a lot of money.

When she saw the situation in the streaming room, she gritted her teeth and came up with an idea.

“Brother, let me treat you to hotpot.”

Lin Fan loved eating hotpot and when he heard that someone was treating, naturally, he walked in without any hesitation.

Mi Youyou rolled her eyes, “Fans, I still haven’t found out anything and I need to invite him to eat hotpot. My heart hurts. Can any daddy save me? I feel really bad.”

Although she felt bad, she still followed.


Lin Fan attracted so much attention wherever he went.

At this moment, Mi Youyou’s eyes were wide open as she looked at Lin Fan. She felt like she had been conned.

After he entered, he only ate and didn’t say a word.

She was stunned.

That was too much.

A long while later, Lin Fan had a face full of enjoyment, “Thank you for your hotpot. You can ask me questions. But I have to say that everyone in the city should thank you as you saved their lives.”

“What?” Mi Youyou opened her mouth and was totally stunned by Lin Fan.

Had she met a lunatic?

At that moment, Lin Fan got up and smiled.

“Your equipment can translate native words and allow everyone else to understand, right?”

“Right.” Mi Youyou nodded. She was delighted. Was the little brother going to say the truth?

Lin Fan said, “You don’t have to ask. I will tell you who I am and my goal for coming here.”

“I am a native, Martial Path Mountain Sect Leader Lin Fan.”

“My goal for coming is to kill nine-star generals and suppress your Alliance Headquarters.”

The moment he said this, a heaven-tearing aura exploded from his body.

Mi Youyou plopped to the ground. Her eyes opened wide and her heart started to beat. It was extremely quick, as if it was about to break out of her body.

When people in the room heard what he said, they were stunned.

Lin Fan looked at Mi Youyou and reached out. He pulled her up with a smile.

“Thank you for your hotpot. I only hate a portion of the Alliance.”

“Each person has a right to live. Even I can’t control it, the Alliance Headquarters has to be wiped out.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan walked out. To be able to eat a delicious hotpot meal before fighting felt great. Who knew whether or not it would be intense later. Would he vomit it out?

Alliance Headquarters.

Control Divison?

“Du du du…”

The alarm sounded and a red light flashed.

“Emergency, an unknown power appeared in City G.” The worker exclaimed.

“Show the cameras. Do you see who it is?” The person in charge hollered.

An unknown power surged exploded in City G and they had to understand who it was or it would lead to consequences.

Right when Lin Fan released his aura, the peak Alliance experts felt it.

“He is here. That was quick.” Ji didn’t expect Lin Fan would be so quick. It seemed like he really wanted to wipe out the Alliance Headquarters.

He knew that Lin Fan was an unstable factor.

If they couldn’t wipe him out, then the Alliance wouldn’t be able to do many things.

At that moment, when the monitoring divison spread the photos to all the divisions, someone recognized who it was.

Native, Martial Path Mountain Lin Fan.

He was here.

Xiang Yuntian gathered all the top experts of the Alliance together in the shortest time and gave the battle order. At the same time, they raised the threat level to the maximum.

Deputy Commander Qiong said, “Commander, he is really strong. We must inform the strongest generals and let them block him, otherwise, no one will be able to stop him.”

Xiang Yuntian didn’t care about his words, “Can’t stop? I shall let you see the power of research.”

He didn’t care and just walked towards the research divison.

He was going to monitor it personally to let everyone open their eyes and see how terrifying the power of research and technology was.

Qiong frowned. Xiang Yuntian didn’t even listen to him at all.

He knew that even if the strongest nine-star generals attacked, they might be no match for him.

If they used technology to deal with him, they might become a joke unless they used Star Level Energy.

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