My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 272 - Master, Look Here…

Chapter 272 Master, Look Here…

We understand the logic, but…

We are just going to fetch Aunt-Master’s reincarnation back to the mountain. Why did they cause such a huge commotion?

On the surface, there was a Golden Immortal, three Heaven Immortals, a Perfected Immortal, an Essence Immortal on the surface, a Turbid Immortal, and a disciple in the Dao Requital realm.

They were Exalted Wang Qing, Jiang Lin’er, Jiu Yiyi, Jiu Jiu, Youqin Xuanya, Li Changshou, Qi Yuan, and Little Ling’e.

Naturally, Li Changshou, who was called out by Jiang Lin’er, was the paper effigy that had been waiting in the mountain.

If the paper effigy that Li Changshou had brought out to protect his master and junior sister was included, it would be more than enough to attack a small immortal sect…

The matter today had a certain karma with Li Changshou, who had been causing explosions near the Immortal Du Sect.

He tried the limits of the paper effigy’s mystical abilities, causing spiritual explosions to occur continuously. The shock waves would create a mountain-protecting array formation every few days, causing Exalted Wang Qing and Jiang Lin’er to be unable to calm down and enter seclusion.

Hence, when Jiang Lin’er had nothing to do, she would go to the Little Qiong Peak to give pointers to her disciples and grand-disciples. She created an entertainment life outside of cultivation, together with Youqin Xuanya, Jiu Jiu, and Ling’e. She kept using her slender fingers to polish the exquisite and beautiful jade cubes.

After a few rounds of mahjong, Jiu Jiu asked, “Master’s wife, when are we going to fetch that person back?”

Jiang Lin’er blinked and said, “Why don’t we do it another day?” Then, she called out the fairies and old Daoists on the Little Qiong Peak, leaving Xiong Lingli to guard the spiritual beast enclosure in the sect.

At the same time, Jiang Lin’er also overwrote the plan that she had made previously. She asked Qi Yuan to face that matter directly so that he could have a sense of participation.

At that moment, there were two completely different auras on the two white clouds heading south…

On the white cloud in front of him, Exalted Wang Qing stood with his hands behind his back. Behind him was Qi Yuan, who looked nervous, and Li Changshou, who was deep in thought.

On the larger white cloud at the back, there was a lot of laughter.

The “standard fairy”, Jiu Yiyi, rode a cloud in front of him. On the surface, the vicious Little Grandmaster, Aunt-Master Jiu Jiu, who was known for her evil deeds, Lan Ling’e who did not know how strong her brother was, and the aloof Youqin Xuanya were playing cards and playing with each other, but in reality, they were discussing the subsequent arrangements…

Ling’e cast the Wind Speech Incantation and sent a voice transmission. “Will it be too much of an impact for Master if he goes to meet her directly?”

“There’s nothing we can do about that. It’s better to deal with the pain as soon as possible.” Jiu Jiu snorted. “Now that things have come to this, we have to be decisive!”

Jiang Lin’er nodded. “Yes! You’re right since you’re older!”

Youqin Xuanya pondered quietly for a while and said softly, “Aunt-Grandmaster, in my opinion, we should inform Uncle-Master Qi Yuan first while we’re on the way, lest something goes wrong.” Jiang Lin’er pondered for a while and discussed with the others for a while. Finally, she decided on a supreme technique to comfort Qi Yuan!

It was to let Changshou go.

Li Changshou was rendered speechless. After hearing the voice transmission from his Grandmaster, Li Changshou turned to look at his grandmaster, Aunt-Master, and Junior Sister, who were all waving their fists behind him. Li Changshou could only place his hand on his forehead and think carefully. After a while, Li Changshou gave Jiang Lin’er a few instructions via voice transmission. Jiang Lin’er immediately nodded and answered. She smiled at Exalted Wang Qing and shouted, “Hubby, come over and guide Xuanya and Ling’e in their cultivation techniques.”


Goosebumps appeared all over Li Changshou’s arms. The Golden Immortal expert of the Immortal Du Sect, who had been standing with his hands behind his back and had the demeanor of an expert, Exalted Wang Qing, turned around and smiled when he heard that. He tapped his toes lightly and floated towards the cloud behind him.

Exalted Wang Qing smiled and said, “Lin Lin, mind yourself. We’re in front of so many disciples. Don’t let them tease you.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

For some reason, a torch burning with True Samadhi Flames appeared in his hand.

Exalted Wang Qing flew to the cloud behind him. Qi Yuan was obviously relieved. When the cloud behind them surpassed Qi Yuan and Li Changshou, Jiang Lin’er shouted proudly, “Hurry up. We’ll wait for you at the edge of the mortal world!”

Li Changshou thought, What kind of words are those?

After Exalted Wang Qing and Jiang Lin’er flew away, Qi Yuan finally relaxed and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

“Ah.” Qi Yuan sighed and said, “Master is going to the mortal world to play, and he still has to create such a huge commotion.” Li Changshou chuckled in his heart. Half of the reason for such a huge battle is you, Master…

Then, Li Changshou looked at his master, who had brought him into the sect and led him into the Dao. He felt a little bitter.

It was rare for things in the world to be perfected. When his master’s Dao base had the possibility of being perfected, Li Changshou’s cultivation level was low and his abilities were low. Apart from the Immortal-Melting Pill, he could not think of any other strategy that could help his master survive the Heavenly Tribulation.

Now, he had already cultivated the Dao Fruit of Longevity and obtained the Dao of Alchemy from the Grand Pure One. He could even obtain the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill and the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.

However, his master had already become a Turbid Immortal…

When he first met the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du, Li Changshou had already asked about that. The Great Daoist Master Xuan Du had given him a clear answer— Turbid Immortals walked the Dao of Earth Immortals. They were not injured, sick, or possessed and engrossed. There was no need to save them, nor was there a solution to save them.

It was probably Master’s good fortune. “Master.” Li Changshou pointed at the cloud. A short table and two chairs appeared. He naturally did not know the mystical ability of condensing clouds to create things. He was just taking things from storage Dharma treasures.

Li Changshou took out another wine pot and smiled. “A little?”

“Hey.” Qi Yuan frowned and said, “Your Grandmaster and Grand Aunt-Master are right in front. Why are you drinking!?!”

“Master.” Li Changshou looked worried. He said in a low voice, “I’m depressed. I don’t know who to tell my worries to…”

The old Daoist priest, Qi Yuan, said seriously, “Cultivation is the most taboo when one’s mind is not clear. Come and sit down. I’ll accompany you to drink some wine. Just tell me the grievances in your heart. Don’t worry. I will definitely keep it a secret for you. I will not tell anyone else.”

On the cloud in front, a few small ears perked up.

Qi Yuan even used his slightly turbid immortal power to set up an immortal power barrier around him. He pulled his eldest disciple to his seat seriously. Li Changshou and his master sat down and drank wine. In the beginning, he had fabricated some negative thoughts about cultivation. However, gradually, his words were directed to the events of the past…

When his master was slightly drunk and his emotions had been invoked, Li Changshou suddenly sent a voice transmission.

“Master, Daoist Kuai Si died in the Thunder Tribulation Array. I killed him.”

Qi Yuan was stunned for a moment. When he regained his senses, his hands trembled and he glared at Li Changshou. “You, Changshou, what nonsense are you spouting!?! You can’t spout nonsense! Did you really… really do it?” “Yes.” Li Changshou’s expression was solemn as he continued to send another voice transmission. “I have ascended after the Immortal Ascension Tribulation. My strength is not weaker than that of a Perfected Immortal. Before the internal sect competition, I used the paper effigy technique to follow Daoist Kuai Si to the border of the North Continent. I used some methods to kill him in the desolate mountains. His soul was destroyed, leaving no traces behind. Master, don’t worry. No one can find out that it was me!”

The old Daoist priest Qi Yuan lowered his voice and sent a voice transmission, “The truth can’t be concealed. You’ve already done it. Why can’t anyone find out that it’s you? This matter… I will take the blame for you! Remember, you have nothing to do with Kuai Si’s death. I did it!”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

“Master, that’s not the main point. If anyone asks about Daoist Kuai Si’s matter, I have a solution to it. Master, don’t worry.”


“Really! I will not joke about the lives of the three of us.”

Qi Yuan said worriedly, “I’m already useless. You and Ling’e can’t make any mistakes… Why are you so muddle-headed? What happened to your usual timidness?”

“I’m being steady. Yes, steady…” “Master.” Li Changshou cleared his throat and deliberated over his words. He opened his mouth a few times and muttered to himself. He did not know what to say next.

He had a glib tongue and he could deceive mighty experts. He could also say some sweet words to ancient spirits.

However, at that moment, Li Changshou really did not know how to deal with it.

He was afraid that his master would be agitated, but he was also afraid that his master’s Dao heart would tremble. Thus, he let out a burp…

Warm Master’s heart?

Forget it. Since things have come to this, there is no other way!

If not, he would seal his master’s cultivation level later. When his master calmed down, he would slowly undo the seal.

Li Changshou took out a bronze mirror from his sleeve.

Although he had yet to cultivate the technique of the Cloud Mirror, he could use the paper effigy technique. What the paper effigy saw was what he saw. It would not be difficult for him to project what he saw onto the bronze mirror.

Li Changshou looked at the mirror for a while before handing it to Qi Yuan.

Clouds appeared in the mirror, followed by a hazy scene that seemed amazing.

He saw a young girl walking past the garden in the mirror. She carried a short sword and walked to the shade of a tree in the corner. She gently posed and pondered carefully.

She had a beautiful face. She was thirteen or fourteen years old, and she was already slender and elegant. Due to the fact that she had been planted with an immortal seed previously and was not tainted by the mortal world, she was emitting a lively and beautiful aura from inside out at that moment.

A maidservant at the side brought tea over. The young girl picked up the teapot and drank two mouthfuls. Then, she carefully deduced the sword moves and was quite engrossed.

At first glance, Qi Yuan’s body trembled.

When he looked at the young girl again, Qi Yuan’s eyes widened and he frowned. He could not help but stand up and wished he could bury his head in the bronze mirror.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Master, we will arrive in that place in a few hours. We will be able to see her directly and take her under the Immortal Du Sect’s wing.”


The old Daoist priest, Qi Yuan, said in a trembling voice. Then, tears flowed down his face. For a moment, he felt lost and suddenly understood.

“How would I dare to use that to deceive you?” Li Changshou smiled and said.

Qi Yuan sighed softly and held the bronze mirror in his hand. He looked at it and observed it carefully. His gaze gradually revealed… some benevolent affection.


Benevolent affection?

Li Changshou was serious and responsible. To be safe, he asked, “Master, you… understand?”

“Sigh, you’ve already made it so obvious. How can I not understand?”

Qi Yuan sighed and held the bronze mirror in his hand. He smiled bitterly and muttered, “Senior Sister, was this also arranged by you…”

Li Changshou could not help but tilt his head. What the hell?

Qi Yuan continued to mutter, “Don’t worry, Senior Sister. I will definitely do my best to teach her and make her become an immortal like Changshou. Senior Sister, your daughter is my daughter. I, Qi Yuan, will definitely treat her like my own daughter and treat the same way as I treat Changshou and Ling’e!”

On the cloud in front, Jiang Lin’er and Jiu Jiu could not help but laugh. Li Changshou sighed and said, “Master… this is Uncle-Master Wan Jiangyu’s reincarnation.”

Qi Yuan was stunned. Li Changshou quickly told his master about Wan Jiangyu’s death and her reincarnation.

For a moment, Qi Yuan cried and laughed. He slapped himself a few more times before hugging the bronze mirror and crying…

Those reactions were all within Li Changshou’s expectations. Fortunately, his master did not seek death and insisted that he wanted to reincarnate.

He had finally passed the most troublesome stage.

The two white clouds continued to fly towards the South Continent. This time, Qi Yuan was clearly overly excited. He ran back and forth on the clouds, unable to stop for a moment.

Jiang Lin’er ordered Qi Yuan to make herself look younger.

Qi Yuan agreed and did not know what to do.

They joked around and teased each other. With a Golden Immortal and Exalted Wang Qing, it did not take long for the South Continent to be in sight.

At that moment, Li Changshou’s heart trembled for no reason. His spiritual will jumped, and he had a sudden impulse. Something seemed to have happened in his Sea God Temple.

Li Changshou pondered for a while. This time, he was not in a hurry to send his spiritual will over.

A few days ago, he had just scolded Daoist Randeng and chased him away. The Western Sect should have realized that being nice did not work and wanted to deal with him in a harsh manner.

Li Changshou had actually already calculated the strategies that he had adopted against the Western Sect. However, he could not predict what tricks the Western Sect would get up to or what measures they would take. He could only react accordingly.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I’ll cultivate for a while first and gain some insight.”

After getting Jiang Lin’er’s permission, he immediately sat cross-legged.

Under the curious gazes of Ling’e, Youqin Xuanya, and Jiu Jiu, the paper effigy closed his eyes.

Li Changshou’s eyes lit up when his spiritual will arrived in Anshui City.

In front of the Sea God Temple, twelve figures stood on the street. Their bodies were emitting a ferocious aura, and they were holding various weapons in their arms.

The first four figures each had four arms and were dressed in blood-colored armor. It was obvious that they were not to be trifled with. The eight figures behind them had two arms and two legs. They were no different from humans.

Those uninvited guests had a few obvious characteristics.

Firstly, they all exuded a murderous aura.

Secondly, the men had ferocious faces and burly figures. The women had beautiful faces and tall figures. Each of them had eyes that were of different colors.

Thirdly, their aura fluctuations were equivalent to that of a Perfected Immortal or a cultivator in the Heaven Immortal realm. Their strengths were uneven, but their Dao runes were quite identical. It seemed that they were sharing a Great Dao related to killing.

They are…


The remaining Asura in the sea of blood had been subdued by the Western Sect? The Asuras did not need to say anything. They had already frightened the mortals and caused their legs to go weak before running away. The other party had given mortals a chance to escape. Clearly, he did not want to be tainted by the negative karma of killing mortals.

The Divine Envoys of the Sea God Sect were about to rush out when Li Changshou immediately sent a voice transmission to ask them to retreat immediately. At the same time, he called for the True Dragon Guardians at the edge of the South Ocean to help.

The underground paper effigy vault opened, and paper effigies flew out.

A dragon’s roar came from the South Ocean Coast dozens of kilometers away!

However, a few sanguine figures appeared at the South Ocean and pounced towards the dragon’s roar.

Among the twelve Asuras in front of the Sea God Temple, one of them wielded a silver-white saber and slashed forward. A resplendent saber beam that was 100 feet tall bloomed and shattered the door of the Sea God Temple, leaving a deep ravine on the ground.

Another female Asura shouted in a strange tone, “Sea God, come out and die.”


He heard a cold snort. A figure walked out of the main hall of the Sea God Temple. His hair was completely white, and his figure was thin. His amiable face was filled with anger. He was Li Changshou’s old immortal paper effigy.

When the paper effigy stepped out of the front hall, dozens of paper effigies were already in position underground. Half of them had prepared miniature array formations, while the other half had prepared poisonous powder and poisonous pills.

After entering the Golden Immortal realm, Li Changshou’s strength had improved significantly.

The number of paper effigies that he could control at the same time had also increased… by several times…

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