Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1903

Chapter 1903: 1903

“How is that possible?!”

Seeing the two Fate Princes be instantly slain by two ordinary Dragonblood warriors, everyone was stunned .

Those were Fate Princes, the strongest geniuses of Heavenly Fate Island . They had all seen one of the Fate Princes attack Bao Buping and Chang Hao, easily crushing them . If Long Chen hadn’t returned, the two of them would have been dead .

If Long Chen could slay one of the Fate Princes instantly, then that was acceptable . After all, that was Long Chen, someone surrounded by a cloud of legend and fame . He was a monster that couldn’t be judged according to common sense .

However, those were just two Dragonblood warriors . Although they were squad leaders, they still couldn’t be stronger than Chang Hao and Bao Buping .

Yet, the two of them had killed the two Fate Princes like chopping a melon . The experts who had witnessed it were unable to comprehend what had just happened .

“Fate Princes? More like scammers,” sneered one of the Dragonblood warriors . Flinging off the blood on his sword, he put his shoe back on and charged back to join the rest of the Dragonblood Legion . The two of them acted like they had just done some insignificant thing .

Seeing the shocked expressions, they were very pleased inside . This was what Long Chen had taught them . When fighting Heavenly Fate Island’s experts, they shouldn’t use normal moves . It would be best if they just did something random that even they didn’t know why they were doing so . As a result, the Heavenly Fate Island’s disciples wouldn’t be able to calculate anything .

Long Chen had already figured out the power of Heavenly Fate Island’s disciples . Their terrifying strength lay mostly in that strange ruler of theirs that could calculate an opponent’s moves .

However, moves that it hadn’t seen before couldn’t be calculated . The disciples using the ruler were used to relying on it, so when fighting normal experts, no matter how complicated their techniques, they could accurately predict how to counter them . However, if you were just a blank piece of paper, there was nothing to calculate because there was no question .

So Long Chen had told his people to just randomly hack around to the point that even they didn’t know the goal of their own moves . As a result, they had instantly slain the two Fate Princes .

In truth, Long Chen had long since been looking for the two Fate Princes, but the two of them were rather crafty, and he had been unable to pinpoint them .

He had intentionally spoken to Huo Lieyun to bait him into spiritually communicating with them . Although he was unable to eavesdrop on their conversation, he was able to sense the fluctuations .

He himself wasn’t able to pinpoint their location, but there was a powerful soul cultivator amongst them . Meng Qi had locked onto their location, and Long Chen had sent two of the squad leaders to stealthily approach them before attacking .

Seeing the two Fate Princes be slain, Long Chen smiled . Looking at the gloomy Huo Lieyun, he lightly said, “Alright, if my calculations are correct, now your connection to the outside world has been severed . Don’t you think it’s time for you to bring out your full power? If you don’t, all these people will be killed . If only a portion die, the large powers will feel hatred for the Martial Heaven Alliance . But if they all die, that hatred will extend to Pill Valley as well . ”

Long Chen’s words were like poison arrows piercing Huo Lieyun’s heart . He was infuriated . In front of Long Chen, it felt like all his plans were laid bare . He looked like an idiot .

He was starting to feel uneasy . If he was continued to be led by the nose, he would be utterly defeated .

Just at this moment, a flash of sword-light tore through the void . A figure exploded, his blood raining down .

Yue Zifeng sheathed his sword . The divine emissary of the Bloodkill Hall had managed to endure this long . He had used up all his techniques and movements arts but had been unable to escape his fate of being slain .

Now, the four Fate Princes of Heavenly Fate Island and the three divine emissaries of the Bloodkill Hall were all dead . Furthermore, Yue Zifeng wasn’t injured at all . It didn’t seem like he had used up much energy slaying that divine emissary either .

“Do you need help?” asked Yue Zifeng .

“No . Go help Liu Ruyan . ” Long Chen shook his head . Liu Ruyan was having great difficulty handling True Immortal Jiaoqi . His divine item was too powerful .

Yue Zifeng nodded . Without another word, he floated over to Liu Ruyan’s battlefield . His sword once more came out of its sheath, slashing toward True Immortal Jiaoqi .

The instant Yue Zifeng’s sword came out of its sheath, True Immortal Jiaoqi felt a chill all over his body . In the face of a terrifying sword cultivator, he didn’t dare to be careless . His qilin halberd unleashed a blaze of divine light as he fought against the two of them .

With Yue Zifeng joining in, Liu Ruyan had it much easier . The two of them joined hands, forcing the furious True Immortal Jiaoqi back over and over again . Yue Zifeng’s attacks were very threatening, causing True Immortal Jiaoqi to be at a disadvantage .

Currently, the Dragonblood Legion was leading the Martial Heaven Alliance’s charge against the coalition army . With every moment, a genius died, dyeing the ground red with their blood .

The coalition army’s morale fell repeatedly, and they were completely routed . They were fleeing miserably in the face of the Dragonblood warriors, but they were unable to escape through the death formation .

Quite a few experts had tried to attack Xia Chen who was floating in the sky . Xia Chen was the core of this formation, and if he was killed, the formation would crumble .

Unfortunately for them, they were thinking too simply . How could Xia Chen expose himself to danger? When anyone approached him, black qi would swirl around him . He would be fine, but anyone who attacked him would be slain by that black qi .

Xia Chen was connected to this formation . Attacking him was equivalent to attacking the formation .

The experts of the coalition army were in despair . They couldn’t beat their opponents, and they couldn’t run . There was only one conclusion for them . They would all be killed .

The coalition army still had over seven hundred thousand people, while the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side had less than three hundred thousand . However, their morale was high, and the Dragonblood warriors were slaughter machines . Although the coalition army outnumbered them two to one, their numbers were rapidly dwindling .

Long Chen looked at the dark-faced Huo Lieyun . Long Chen looked as if he had all the time in the world, but Huo Lieyun on the other side was anxious . He had a difficult decision to make . Seeing these experts being constantly cut down, his thoughts were a bit chaotic .

“Are you calculating how important these people’s lives are? Or are the lives of the Dragonblood warriors and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples more important?” Long Chen smiled at him .

The two Fate Princes had been slain, and although Meng Qi hadn’t been able to do a soulsearch through their soul fragments, she had managed to piece together some fragmentary memories and sent them to Long Chen .

Long Chen was now sure that reinforcements were coming for the other side . Although he didn’t know what kind of reinforcements they were, they had to be powerful .

Unfortunately, now they were in an awkward moment . Huo Lieyun and the others definitely had more trump cards but still didn’t want to expose them . Perhaps it was because they thought that their trump cards were so powerful that if they used them, they would even break the barrier, allowing people to flee . Then they would be unable to slaughter them all like they wanted to .

Long Chen’s appetite was big, but the other side’s appetite was also great . Both sides wanted to completely eliminate each other and gain the greatest profit .

Pill Valley didn’t care about these people’s lives, but they had to take care of other people’s feelings . Huo Lieyun was currently weighing the pros and cons, but he hadn’t made his final decision yet .

Long Chen wasn’t in a rush and didn’t urge Huo Lieyun on . But occasionally, he would say a few words to disturb Huo Lieyun’s mental state .

This was like a game, or perhaps a gamble . It was a contest of the Martial Heaven Alliance against the other large powers of the world . Who won and who lost would influence the entire continent’s state . No one could be careless .

However, Long Chen was different . He didn’t care . No matter what scheme they had, he would receive it . If you wanted to fight, he would fight . If you wanted to wait, he could wait too . In any case, he couldn’t be bothered to try outscheming them . With just one head, how was he supposed to outscheme all the wily old foxes that had come up with this plan? All he needed to do was wait for Huo Lieyun’s trump cards .

“Huo Lieyun, what are you waiting for?! Do you want everyone to die?!” True Immortal Jiaoqi roared . He was infuriated .

It had only been an incense stick’s worth of time, but the coalition army had lost two hundred thousand people . The Dragonblood warriors’ killing power was too terrifying .

Right now, the ones surviving were the elites of the various large powers . The weak ones had long since been slain . The ones who were still able to endure were the true experts .

Battle was like a whetstone . It was like waves washing out the weak . However, now the battle was no longer a whetstone . Instead, it was simply grinding them into nothingness .

Their people’s confidence had been shattered . They had become lambs for the slaughter and were completely broken by the terrifying power of the Dragonblood Legion .

As for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples, they were filled with reverence and worship for the Dragonblood warriors . They were a group of selfless, undefeatable battle gods . They had actually abandoned their own chance to comprehend life and death to protect them, giving them that opportunity .

That kind of heroism made them incomparably grateful . To be fighting alongside them, they felt their blood surging . They had forgotten their fear of death and had forgotten themselves . They were only thinking of following the Dragonblood warriors and annihilating their enemies for their fallen brothers and sisters .

One side was broken, while the other side’s morale was soaring . The coalition army’s numbers continued to drop . In fact, under the pressure of death, some of them were unable to create any kind of defensive might . They simply despaired . The casualties continued to rise .

Seeing his people being slain one by one, True Immortal Jiaoqi roared . However, Huo Lieyun was still conflicted .

“Fuck, I don’t care . I’m going to slaughter you all!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s manifestation suddenly exploded . The qilin image inside erupted, and a terrifying roar resounded throughout heaven and earth . A violent pressure crashed down from the heavens, causing the formation to shudder .

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