The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 584 - Instant Kill (1)

Chapter 584: Instant Kill (1)

“Xiao Huan, don’t think that just because you’ve grown up and your wings have hardened, you can speak to your elders like this!” Matriarch Mu’s sharp gaze was hinting at something.

“I have grown up and my wings have hardened!” Mu Huan told her directly that she was being tough.

Not only did Matriarch Mu not get angry at her, but she even smiled and said, “I know you like to throw a tantrum.”

Mu Huan narrowed her eyes. There must be something wrong with her grandma!

Could it be that there were backup copies of the things that she had burned? At the thought of this possibility, her eyes darkened. However, even if she was exposed, she would never let Bo Junyan give her grandma 10% of the shares!

“Grandma, I’m not afraid of a showdown! You’d better know your place!” she threatened.

If it collapsed, so be it. If it was completely destroyed, then everyone would be destroyed together!

Some bottom lines could be crossed, but others could definitely not be!

Naturally, someone like Bo Junyan could hear the mutual threat in their tone.

He also thought that the only thing that could make them threaten each other was the little secret between her and her grandma that Mu Huan didn’t want him to investigate.

Bo Junyan had always been lenient with Mu Huan’s policies. If she didn’t want him to know, even if he wanted to know, he wouldn’t investigate. He would wait until she trusted him enough to tell him. Hence, even if he could tell, he didn’t ask further.

He reached out to pull Mu Huan into his embrace and conveniently took out her phone from her pocket. “Be good and play games.”

Mu Huan: “…!!”

At such a serious moment, he wanted her to be obedient and play games! Was he coaxing her like a three-year-old?!

Matriarch Mu could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

Mu Dongsheng: “…”

His daughter was so doted on!

After coming in from outside, Mu Kexin, who had been sitting in a corner of the dining room without making a sound, was so jealous that her eyes turned red!

All along, she had felt that if she had not left, she would have been the one to marry Bo Junyan. Now, Mu Huan was the one who had everything!

She knew that in some ways, she wasn’t as outstanding as Mu Huan. But even if she wasn’t so pampered, because of Bo Junyan’s father, she would still be a stable Mrs. Bao and not like this!

Although she was Long Feiting’s girlfriend on the surface, he did not treat her as his girlfriend at all. He made her suffer the jealousy of those girls for nothing, and he even insulted her in private, but she did not get any benefits!

“Hubby…” Mu Huan was about to say something.

“Be good.” Bo Junyan lowered his head and kissed her.

Mu Huan: “…!!”

Be good, my ass! Can’t you use any other words?! Do you dare?!

However, privately, Mu Huan, who had always given Bo Junyan face, had to give him face in front of outsiders. If he asked her to be obedient and watch him, she would sit obediently in his embrace.

Before Bo Junyan could say anything…

Matriarch Mu said, “Junyan, since you dote on Xiao Huan so much, you must want your in-laws to like Xiao Huan and have a harmonious family.”

She knew that Bo Junyan would look for her first to discuss this matter. He wanted the two of them to have a good chat when they met the Bo family’s parents. He wanted the Bo couple to like Mu Huan and not look down on her just because her family had asked for too much.

And this was one of her bargaining chips.


“If so, we should reach a consensus. Actually, I’m doing this for the sake of Xiao Huan. Since ancient times, the maternal family has always been the most powerful backing for a married daughter.”

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