The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 613 - The King Realm

Chapter 613 The King Realm

What on earth was going on?

Li Mu began the hard work of “digging up graves”.

Two hours later, he finally found some of the earlier posts and figured out the cause of the matter.

“Sh*t, it’s the Tianyi Palace again.”

Li Mu gnashed his teeth with rancor.

He never thought that he would be discredited like this.

That day, when the disciples of the Tianyi Palace slaughtered the innocent shop owners and cultivators on the South Street, Li Mu was puzzled over their motive. At that time, he just thought that the disciples of the Tianyi Palace were too brutal, especially that Mu Shun, who was simply devoid of humanity. But Li Mu never knew that this horde of b*stards would actually play such a sordid trick.

It was no wonder that before his death, Mu Shun claimed that he could help Li Mu prove his innocence if Li Mu spared him.

“So that’s what it is.”

Li Mu rubbed his nose.

“Had I known this, I wouldn’t have killed Mu Shun.”

As long as that guy stepped forward to confess his crimes, the truth would be revealed at once.

Unfortunately, at that time, Li Mu was utterly unaware of this.

If Mu Shun knew the reason why Li Mu killed him so decisively, he would probably spit a mouthful of blood that sprayed dozens of meters afar. He really should not have been killed so soon!

Nevertheless, Li Mu still had the footage recorded by the Water Mirror Technique at hand, which could prove his innocence, so he was not flustered at all.

But Li Mu did not intend to release the footage any time sooner.

If he hurriedly went to explain himself as soon as others scolded him, he would lose face.

Li Mu felt that the cultivators on the Immortal Net were just like the “keyboard warriors” on Earth. The only thing they were good at was making nasty comments online while they hid behind the Immortal Net and kept their real identities in confidence. Just because their real identities were safely conceived, they could unscrupulously make any spiteful remarks. But if they faced Li Mu in the flesh, how many of them would really dare to lash out at him?

In addition to the posts of curses on the forum, many people also sent private messages to Li Mu to insult him. Some were even bold enough to challenge Li Mu to a fight. Perhaps a couple of those people really intended to punish the evil, but the majority of them only meant to pay lip service to it, who then also posted the nasty messages they had sent to Li Mu onto the forum just to flaunt.

Li Mu’s user center had received about 10,000 private messages.

Having read hundreds of the messages, he became so angry that his teeth ached.

Thus, he considered it for moments and posted a post on the forum of the Big Events in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

“I’m back. And I’ve got something to say.”

This was the title of the post.

“Young Master, he’s turned up. He’s really turned up.”

In the Blood Sea, Bloody-moon Evil Master suddenly jumped up and sprinted to report the news to Saint of Blood Sea.


“Li Mu. He’s showed up on the Immortal Net again.”

Saint of Blood Sea immediately stood up. “Can’t believe he actually dared to show up. What did he say? Show me!”

He immediately logged into the Immortal Net.

“It’s him. It’s really him!”

Almost in an instant, the entire forum of the “Big Events in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region” was in an uproar.

Many people quickly noted that the user’s name—Being Forced to Keep a Pig—finally reappeared.

All of a sudden, the forum seethed with excitement.

Because someone had already confirmed that the user called Being Forced to Keep a Pig was none other than Li Mu the Wild Broadsword.

In the past few days, the cultivators had cursed Li Mu a million times on the Immortal Net, denouncing him both in speaking and writing. They repeatedly demanded Li Mu to show his face and give an explanation to all the cultivators in the Star Region. They employed all kinds of methods trying to force Li Mu to come out of hiding.

But none of that worked.

Moreover, many people were also aware that Li Mu the Wild Broadsword was being hunted by the Tianyi Palace, the interstellar bounty hunter, and the cultivators from all kinds of sect. As the saying goes, a rat crossing the street is chased by all. Li Mu was now hated by the public. Therefore, those people were more unscrupulous to hit him when he was down.

In the past few days, they had used all kinds of malicious words to insult Li Mu, hoping to make him show up.

Now, Li Mu, who was supposed to be on the run and unable to look after himself, actually came out to address to the public.

The news soon bandied about.

Then, many cultivators saw the latest post that had been uploaded by the “Being Forced to Keep a Pig”.

“I’m back. And I’ve got something to say.”

The title of the post was just conventional. It sounded that Li Mu was going to make some explanations.

Could it be that the mad killer was finally ready to openly apologize to the public due to the pressure of public condemnation?

When many people saw this title, they sneered at once.

“How naive!”

“Does he really think that he could be forgiven by making an apology after all the horrible things he has done?”

“He wishes!”

Then, without thinking, they clicked open the post to see what Li Mu, who had become a rat crossing the street, was going to say.

But soon, the cultivators found something that drove them crazy.

They had to pay a fee to read the post.

Everyone was surprised to see that a payment was required to access this post.

They must pay 20 copper-colored fairy crystals if they wanted to read the content of the post.


“The d*mn price has risen again.”

“How shameless he is!”

“At this point, he still wanted more money. Could it be that he died of poverty in his previous life?”

Even so, the curiosity of the cultivators couldn’t be stifled.

For that reason, despite the anger that gave them a toothache and their many curses, many cultivators eventually paid 20 copper-colored fairy crystals to access the post.

But the moment the content popped out, the cultivators almost died of anger.

Because there was only one sentence in the post—

“Those who’ve called me names, I’ve memorized the name of every one of you. Just you wait.”

That was all.

“This… this is it?”

The cultivators who had paid the fee were completely stunned when they finished reading the post.

They thought it would be a long confession Li Mu made with bitter tears of remorse, or a stubborn statement denying the facts. But what the heck was this sentence? Why did it sound like the trash talk a kid would say before picking up a fight?

“So what if you’ve memorized our names?”

“Like a clay-made Bodhisattva crossing the river, you can’t even protect yourself now.”

“How dare you threaten others when you’ve already been in such a tight spot?”

The cultivators were irked and incensed again.

They felt that they had been fooled.

“This Li Mu really loves money more than his life!”

“At this time, you are still using this method to make money? But the problem is, even if you rolled in money, you wouldn’t have many days to spend it, would you?”

The Gold Sun Warlord hopped into everyone’s sight again.

“I’ll tell you frankly. I’m Jin Yuanyi, the elder of the Gold Sun Sect. What can you do to me anyway?”

In the past few days, apart from Mu Shun and some disciples of the Tianyi Palace under his command, this Gold Sun Warlord had been the one who had the most active in condemning Li Mu. He had been doing his best to curse Li Mu and fan the flames.

But now, he directly disclosed his real identity.

That was manly.

At once, cultivators began to compliment him on the forum, saying that Jin Yuanyi had quite a backbone.

There were also many people who followed suit.

“Haha, you memorized our names? Well, to make sure you get it right, I’m telling you that I’m Wei Murong, Head of the Divine Force Sect. Li Mu, you b*stard, what can you do to me?”

“I’m Feng Liusheng from the Feng Clan. Li Mu, you scumbag from the inferior realm, why should I fear that you bear a grudge against me?”

“I’m Yin Chao from the Qianyuan Sect, the number one sect on the Qianyuan Star…”

“I’m Lan Wuyu…”

“I am…”

A large of people began to leave comments below the post, deliberately using snide remarks to talk back to Li Mu.

Seeing this, Li Mu was baffled.


“What’s going on?

“When did all the cultivators in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region suddenly become so gutsy?”

Yet, what Li Mu didn’t know was that by this time, the specific news about the battle in Star Wind City had only been captured by a few people. Only those top forces had received some news through their own information channels, whereas, most of the cultivators in the universe were still kept in the dark.

In particular, on the Immortal Net, the news that Li Mu had launched a carnage had yet spread out.

Therefore, most of the “netizens” in the cultivation world did not know that Li Mu the Wild Broadsword had not only killed the four Soldier Realm elders of the Tianyi Palace but also pummeled a General Realm member of the Hellhound Clan into a jelly.

Just as Li Mu was in confusion, another unique private message came in.

On the page of the Immortal Net, an elegant middle-aged man in a white gold-rimmed robe slowly appeared.

The man smiled at Li Mu and said, “Hello, I’m the manager of the Immortal Net in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. Glad to meet you, Wild Broadsword.”

Li Mu was taken aback.

The manager of the Immortal Net in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region?

Li Mu had done some supplementary research on the background and origin of the Immortal Net before, so he knew that this entity, whose force had span across the entire universe, was actually an enormous organization and had a profound background. It was a real magnate in the universe.

If we saw Ziwei Star Zone as Earth, then, the Immortal Net was definitely one of the top ten international corporates on Earth.

In the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, the Heavenly Devil Sect was known as the number one sect.

However, compared with the Immortal Net, it was nothing. It was like comparing a drop of water with an ocean. The two simply couldn’t be compared.

If the elegant middle-aged man in front of him was really the manager of the Immortal Net in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, it meant that he was a daunting figure that the head of the Heavenly Devil Sect would not dare to mess with.

“Nice to meet you.”

Li Mu remained cautious and reserved.

Such a dignified figure could not come here for no reason.

“But what on earth could this man come to me for?”

The middle-aged man smiled gracefully and remarked, “My name is Tang Qianyan. I am honored to inform you that your combat capability has been ranked among the General Realm, and so you have become one of the most distinguished clients of our Immortal Net. We have adjusted your privilege, and your status has been promoted from a tourist to a VIP. We have also mailed you a silver plate that symbolizes your VIP status…”


“So that’s what it is.”

Li Mu was pleasantly surprised.

The service of the Immortal Net was really people-oriented.

People at different levels of cultivation could also get different kinds of privileges. This was very interesting. It was no wonder that the blank copper-colored Card Net that he bought from the black market could not access some contents of the Immortal Net. It turned out that he did not have the privilege to do that.

But this man was named Tang Qianyan. Well, this name was quite special.

Li Mu didn’t say anything. He just waited for the man to continue.

Tang Qianyan added, “Many services on the Immortal Net are only available for clients with privilege. With higher privileges, you can get all-around service from us. Even if you want Spiritual-tier weapons and armors, king-level Cultivation Methods, or want to be the disciple of a king or to ask a king to avenge you, we can get it done as long as you have sufficient privilege and wealth.”

That was remarkably astonishing.

Li Mu was startled by his words.

Spiritual-tier weapons?

To hire a king to avenge you?

This kind of service was sort of intimidating.

In the cultivation world, those in the Worm Realm were the weakest. The one above the Worm Realm was the Mortal Realm. The higher level than that was the Soldier Realm, which was topped by the General Realm. So, in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, the General Realm was already at the peak. But the one above the General Realm was the King Realm.

Cultivators were categorized into the worm, the mortal, the soldier, the general, and the king!

Those in the King Realm were also known as kings.

No one in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region had risen to the King Realm yet. The strength of a cultivator at this level was absolutely beyond everyone’s imagination. With a thought, a king could kill a general-level expert. He could change the fate of countless forces, sects, and planets in the universe. His words were as effective as the law. And he was totally capable of destroying the sun and the moon.

But the Immortal Net could assign the King Realm cultivators to serve its clients?

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