The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 682 - She Interrupted. White Cutie-pie, Smack Her

Chapter 682: She Interrupted. White Cutie-pie, Smack Her

“Grandpa, we want to withdraw from the regiment!”

There was a momentary silence in the air. Then almost at the same time, Xiao Xiao and the other three people spoke at once, speaking very firmly!

The commander just looked grim and raised his eyes to look at them seriously. “Have you thought carefully?”

The four people nodded gravely. Although they were very reluctant, they had to be so at this time. They were able to live because of Feng Tianlan. Now that she was in danger from having provoked Bailan Alliance, they could not forsake their benefactor and be ingrates, even if going up against Bailan Alliance meant courting death.

But they could not implicate the United Mercenary Regiment, so they could only withdraw from the regiment and follow Feng Tianlan with their personal freedom. They would kill each wave of assassins as they arrived. They would continue to slay until they could not move anymore and do their best to protect her…

Because she was their benefactor and also a friend. She also became family when she joined the United Mercenary Regiment!

Therefore, no matter what kind of forces they faced, they would not abandon her and let her be alone!

“What?” Feng Tianlan looked at them in disbelief. Were they not the United Mercenary Regiment? How could they withdraw from the regiment?

The commander touched White Cutie-pie, stood up, and said, “I, an old man, will accompany you. Since I’m old, it’s time to abdicate.”

“Grandpa!” Several people suddenly cried out.

Feng Tianlan thought for a moment and then looked at them a little strange as she said, “Don’t tell me you’re thinking of withdrawing from the regiment because of me?”

She had just said that Bailan Alliance was the one hunting her down. They had made such a decision less than a quarter of an hour. Did they choose to withdraw from the regiment and sever the relationship because they wanted to help her and were afraid of implicating the United Mercenary Regiment?

“I, an old man, have been the commander for decades. I’m tired, so I quit.”

“It’s actually too chaotic. I want some peace and quiet.”

“I’ve slept with everyone in the regiment, so I want to go out and sleep with other people.”

“My…bed is not big enough. It’s hard to sleep.”

“There are too few books, not enough to read.”

Feng Tianlan looked at the few people with their heads bowed. Their voices were choked with emotion and reluctance. Moreover, these were not really good enough reasons.

“I haven’t finished speaking yet…”

Xiao Xiao cried as she went toward Feng Tianlan to take her in her arms and said, “Tianlan, take me along.”

Feng Tianlan was tightly embraced, and her face was buried in a ball of softness. She suddenly felt frustrated. Could they not listen and let her finish speaking?

“Lan’er, I can still warm your bed,” said Mei’er as she held onto Feng Tianlan’s arm. Her big protruding chest instantly pressed down.

The corners of Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched. Was this discrimination due to the fact that she was younger than they were?

Da Da looked at Azurite and dared not make a move, lest he suffers a beating.

Yang Zhengfei glared at Feng Tianlan, his love rival. “Let go of my Xiao Xiao. Let it be me!”

Feng Tianlan spoke in a muffled voice. “Can you hear me out first?”

Azurite came forward to pull Mei’er away and then pushed Xiao Xiao away. Next, she guarded in front of Feng Tianlan and stared at them, saying, “Don’t touch my family’s Miss. Miss belongs to His Highness.”

His Highness’s love rivals no longer distinguished between men and women. She must help His Highness watch over more closely!

Feng Tianlan took a deep breath and looked at the few people who wanted to speak up. She looked serious and spoke in a cold voice. “Finish listening to what I have to say first. Don’t overthink it. It’s not that serious.”

Xiao Xiao and the others sat down and did not speak. They looked at her like students listening in a class and waited for her to speak.

“People tried to kill me in the name of Bailan Alliance, wanting to frame Bailan Alliance…”

Xiao Xiao interrupted Feng Tianlan’s words in doubt and asked, “What’s going on with that?”

“She interrupted. White Cutie-pie, smack her.”

White Cutie-pie gave a meowing cry, raised its pink paw, and gently smacked Xiao Xiao’s head. “Meow!” Listen up!

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