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Chapter 721 - Volume 9 – Chapter 95: World Fragment(Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 95: World Fragment(Part 2)

Windchaser didn’t think that his words would have any effect. Unexpectedly, the samurai turned pale and trembled at this time. He said in horror, “No… I will tell you!”

Eh, are the people here afraid to be bald?

“Where is this place?” Windchaser was too lazy to dawdle on that, so he asked directly.

“Mountain Famen.”

“Mountain Famen. Ok, thank you, uncle.”

“It’s an honor for letting me help you, Sir Samurai!”

That sounds right. Which of those samurai is not ruthless and evil? Who won’t vent their anger after being offended? Such an approachable samurai is rare. Furthermore, we’re in this rural area.

He is probably a wandering samurai or descendants of samurai who has not yet found his benefice. Thinking about it, the farmer quietly raised his head and found that the young warrior had disappeared. The farmer couldn’t help but wonder.

But he didn’t know that the samurai in his mouth was still watching him silently at this time just above the sky.

Mo Xiaofei touched the haircut that could make him despair and floated freely in the sky. He watched the uncle gradually move away and frowned, “So, I have transmigrated. The legendary soul transmigration. Worse still, I even transmigrated to the Pen Immortal movie world?”

He had superpowers. His teacher was the True Dragon of Divine Land. Plus, he had encountered many demon beasts and even a more mysterious club owner. Mo Xiaofei was able to accept peculiar events.

“Hmm…Although my body has changed, my abilities don’t seem to be affected at all.” Mo Xiaofei continued to rub his chin, “It used to take a toll on my physical body when I exert superpowers. Though, I have no worries about this later on. If I use it excessively, I still found it a little bit unbearable. I don’t feel that here. Is it because this body is stronger than mine? This reason doesn’t…”

Mo Xiaofei was still short of knowledge for his extraordinary abilities. He also didn’t know how shocking it was that he could slap two high-level Wolf Warriors to the ground quickly with a human body.

“I wonder where the class president is now.”

The class president was just an ordinary girl. Mo Xiaofei was anxious because of the potential danger she would encounter in this weird and mysterious world. But at this time, he had no clue how to find her.

“Wait, if this is the Pen Immortal’s movie world and if the class president is also dragged into it, she might go to that village.”

This was probably also the benefit of the psychic power – the enhancement of intuition.

“I’m at Mountain Famen. Then, the village should not be far away. Class president, I’m coming!”

Boss Luo naturally was not the red-coated Father Christmas that the maid said, and she was not the assistant Snow Maiden. But, they quietly sent gifts to the previous customers during Christmas Eve.

But, why am I sending out the gifts in the end?

Dazhe silently followed behind the boss and the maid. For example, in the jail just now, he sneaked in quietly by himself and put the gift box on the death row inmate’s bed. As for the boss and the maid, these two were strolling outside.

“Sister Tu’s family is abroad, so let’s wait until later. We should send out gifts to those that are still in the city first. Next, we are heading to…”

The boss was discussing the route of gifting with the maid. Of course, there was no need to have such troubles. With his thought, he could send out even thousands of gifts simultaneously, with those gifts appearing right in front of the previous customers.

Just that sending it in person seemed more sincere. Businessmen should be customer-oriented.


The boss stopped on the street and looked towards the door of a nearby movie theater. You Ye looked over at the same time. Her neat eyebrows moved slightly. She naturally noticed what her master had discovered.

Luo Qiu thought for a while, suddenly smiled, and walked directly into the cinema. The maid and Dazhe followed all the way. Finally, Boss Luo stopped in front of one of the theater’s halls. He pushed the door and went in.

The employees in charge of checking the ticket at the entrance were unaware of it.

In the dark projection hall, all the audience did not make a sound. At this time, there was only the projection on the screen and the sound from the speaker. This was not so strange. If there was no climax throughout the film that stirred up viewers’ feelings, the movie had failed to draw the viewer’s attention.

“Strange. Why do these people feel a bit abnormal?”

Dazhe looked at the viewers on the seats. He found that all the viewers were in a daze as if they lost their souls. They were quiet not because of paying full focus on the movie, but they seemed to have no consciousness.

“They’re fine.” Luo Qiu said calmly at this time, “They’re just being sucked into the movie temporarily. When the movie is over, it will naturally return to normal. It will only feel like watching a thrilling movie. However, their memory will be a little fuzzy.”

“In there?” Dazhe was taken aback before subconsciously looking at the movie on the screen, “Boss, you’re saying they are in the movie?”

The maid whispered, “To be precise, it is the illusory world in the movie. En, master, I didn’t expect us to encounter a world fragment here. I don’t know who it will be, borrowing this world fragment to make up such a feast.”

“Feast?” Luo Qiu smiled slightly, “If this movie can continue to be shown in major theaters across the country, it would be accurate to describe it as a feast.”

Illusory world and a world fragment.

Dazhe looked at the boss on the left and the maid on the right. He didn’t know what was happening.

“Let’s go in.” Boss Luo now walked down the stairs in the theater hall and walked towards the screen. “It just so happens that I need to give our customer a gift. There is more than one customer in there too.”

Boss Luo’s body seemed to have crossed that layer of projection and finally “submerged” into the screen.

The maid followed right behind. When she was about to walk in, she suddenly looked back, “Come in. The channel opened by the master is about to be closed.”

Dazhe hurried to catch up.

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