Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2112 – Say Sorry, Alright?

Chapter 2112 – Say Sorry, Alright?

The Sword Domain suddenly appeared when Yang Ye’s attack descended, and then countless rays of sword energy suddenly surged forward with Yang Ye at the center. Every single one of them seemed material under the effects of the Sword Domain. The most terrifying part was that Yang Ye had released almost 10,000 rays of sword energy at this moment.

Actually, this was the Invincible Sword Formation, but it was a modified version of the original!

While it had been strong in the past, it wasn’t that strong against Sages. So, Yang Ye had modified it earlier. Actually, he hadn’t modified its core, and he’d merely modified the amount of sword energy released from it!

When quantity arrived at a certain level, it could overcome quality!

Countless rays of sword energy surged forward, and they instantly enveloped the afterimages.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The sound of space being sliced open resounded incessantly.

The experts of the Weapon Path had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

They hadn’t expected Yang Ye to be so strong that even a Sage couldn’t defeat him.

There was quite a huge gap between those at the Sage Realm and those below it. It was a gap that could rarely be resolved by using external sources of strength. While they’d heard that Yang Ye could fight Sages, they’d merely heard of it, and now they’d witnessed it for themselves.

Han Xian had an extremely gloomy expression on his face, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Suddenly, the sword energy in the distance turned ethereal, and then a ray of cold light flashed before their eyes.


A rumbling explosion resounded, and then two figures were blasted flying in opposite directions.

It was Yang Ye and the old man.

Who lost?

Everyone was looking at those two figures.

Yang Ye crawled up from the ground. There were dense cracks covering his entire body, and blood was seeping out incessantly from them. Besides that, the huge white dragon behind him was quite ethereal now.

Primordial Violet Energy was ceaselessly healing Yang Ye’s body. He hadn’t collapsed yet.

As for the old man on the other side, he seemed extremely weak as well. His body was covered in injuries. At this moment, the old man didn’t seem like a Sage, he seemed like an old man who was at the end of his life.

The old man closed his eyes slowly. A short while passed before he gazed at Yang Ye, “I didn’t expect you to be…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye leaped up and instantly arrived before the old man. At the same time, Elysium slammed down while a black sword suddenly appeared behind the old man and swept towards his nape.

The battle wasn’t over!

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly. He hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually continue attacking. After all, Yang Ye was covered in injuries! Is he made out of steel?

The old man didn’t have the time to think more about it. His legs spun against the ground, and he instantly transformed into an afterimage that vanished on the spot. This time, he hadn’t chosen to go head-on against Yang Ye. Because his entire body was covered in injuries too. Moreover, Yang Ye’s strength combined with Elysium was something he couldn’t really endure anymore.

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t stop and charged at the old man.

He was exchanging injury for injury, and he was ready to give up his life to kill the old man!

As for the old man, he’d realized Yang Ye’s intentions now, so he didn’t choose to dodge. Because he was very well aware that he would only be putting himself in a passive state by running, and it would render him incapable of fighting back. So, the old man had chosen to fight!

Fight to the bloody end!

More and more blood was flowing from Yang Ye, and his eyes gradually grew blood red.

Slaughter intent!

The slaughter intent Yang Ye emanated was growing stronger and stronger. It wasn’t just his slaughter intent, even his sword intent was growing stronger. Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that Elysium was actually starting to turn scarlet red. Yang Ye hadn’t sensed the minute changes in Elysium, but the old man had.

Yang Ye was growing stronger and stronger!


Suddenly, Yang Ye and the old man slammed against each other, and the force of their collision blasted them backwards immediately. However, as soon as he was pushed back, Yang Ye ignored the surging energy within him and charged at the old man again. Because he was very well aware that if he stopped now, he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting!


He could only fight now!

Fight to the end!


However, as soon as they collided, they split apart again. At this moment, both of them were extremely weak, and it depended on who could persist longer.

The other experts of the Weapon Path exchanged glances, and there was undisguised shock in their eyes.

They were extremely shocked!

The strength Yang Ye revealed had far surpassed their expectations. Earlier, they were merely surprised that Yang Ye could fight a Sage. Yet now, they were shocked. Yang Ye wasn’t just able to fight a Sage, he possessed the strength of a Sage and may even be able to kill a Sage.

The battle was still continuing.


Suddenly, Yang Ye suffered a direct punch to the chest, but his sword stabbed into the old man’s chest as well. An instant later, they split apart again, but it only took a moment for Yang Ye to charge at the old man once more.

Yang Ye seemed like he refused to stop until one of them died!

It felt like no matter what kind of injuries he suffered, he would continue charging forward while he remained alive!

Actually, it was a competition of who was the most ruthless.

Just like a fight between ordinary people. The ruthless side would always come out on top.

At this moment, the old man was quite exhausted. Not just quite, he was tremendously exhausted. Yang Ye had Primordial Violet Energy to keep him sustained, but the old man didn’t. Of course, his cultivation was much higher than Yang Ye. So, when compared in this way, Yang Ye’s advantage wasn’t an advantage anymore. At this moment, the battle was at its true peak.

If the experts of the Weapon Path weren’t here to fortify the space around them, the space in a huge area would have been obliterated by now.

Two hours later.


A loud explosion resounded, and then both Yang Ye and the other man were blasted away. They were blasted extremely far away and slammed into the ground.

Who won?

Everyone here had the same question in their mind.

Both Yang Ye and the old man were standing still. Obviously, they were truly exhausted at this point.

Yang Ye’s eyes were shut tight. At this moment, he felt like his entire body didn’t belong to him anymore. Besides that, he sensed something boiling within him. At this moment, his blood was boiling throughout his body.

He felt like sleeping!

But he couldn’t!

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and they were blood red. It was like an ocean of blood was within his eye sockets. Around three breaths of time passed before Yang Ye suddenly moved his right hand. He placed it against the ground and started to move.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “He’s getting up!”

Yang Ye pushed against the ground and stood up slowly. Meanwhile, the old man was still lying on the ground. While he wasn’t dead, he hadn’t lost consciousness as well. But he couldn’t stand back up.

Yang Ye walked slowly in the old man’s direction while everyone here watched from the side. It was quite a long distance, and based on Yang Ye’s current state, it was extremely far. However, he was still walking!

Meanwhile, the experts of the Weapon Path didn’t interfere.

They couldn’t either!

It was the rules!

While it wasn’t a written rule, it was an unspoken rule that had to be abided by. If the Weapon Path broke it, then they would definitely be ridiculed by the other paths.

It was about the honor of the Weapon Path!

Yang Ye was getting closer and closer to the old man.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in an absolutely sorry state. His left hand couldn’t move at all, and the bones within it had been shattered into countless pieces. Moreover, he was even limping slightly. He was truly in quite a terrible state!

However, he’d stood up before that Sage.

Just that was extraordinary!

The experts of the Weapon Path had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. Obviously, the Weapon Path had lost this battle. Even if that Sage from the Weapon Path stood up now, the Weapon Path had still lost.

The Weapon Path had sent a Sage to spar with Yang Ye, and just that was actually no different than bullying Yang Ye. Most importantly, they’d even failed to bully him.

At this moment, Yang Ye was less than 300m away from the Sage on the ground.

The experts of the Weapon Path didn’t do anything, nor could they do anything.

There were rules that really couldn’t be broken. At the very least, the Weapon Path refused to be the first to break it.

Han Xian’s expression was extremely gloomy. His thoughts were unlike the rest. He was thinking about Yang Ye’s mental state after this battle. Before this, Sages had been an obstacle in Yang Ye’s heart, and it was something he hadn’t been able to overcome. Yet now, Yang Ye had overcome it.

As far as sword cultivators were concerned, they were most terrifying when there was no obstacle in their hearts.

He could already foresee that if Yang Ye survived, it would be impossible for Sages to kill him anymore. At the very least, it would be impossible for just one or two Sages to kill Yang Ye.

Finally, Yang Ye arrived before the old man. The old man was still lying on the ground, but he was looking at Yang Ye.

The old man’s bones and meridians had been shattered during the battle with Yang Ye.

Now, even an ordinary cultivator could kill him with absolute ease.

The old man had truly fought to his limits!

Similarly, if he survived this battle, he would gain a huge breakthrough as well!

Everyone watched as Yang Ye raised his sword and placed it against the old man’s forehead. Right when everyone thought Yang Ye would kill the old man, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Han Xian, “Old Dog Han, how about we do this? Just apologize to me and admit your mistakes, and I’ll spare this Sage of the Weapon Path, alright?”

Han Xian’s face instantly turned extremely unsightly.

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