Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2318 – Too Weak!

Chapter 2318 – Too Weak!

It didn’t take long for countless demons to surround Eternal Village.

The entire village was tightly surrounded!

The middle aged man stood there with his sword at the village’s entrance.

He glanced at the surroundings, and his gaze paused momentarily on Auntie Vege, Wang Erya’s grandfather, and Nine Hells Emperor. But it didn’t take long for his gaze to fall on Yang Ye, and a wisp of surprise flashed through his eyes. He walked slowly over to Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, everyone here had noticed his presence.

Bai Zhixian gazed vigilantly at the middle aged man.

Auntie Vege and the others did the same too!

They were very vigilant toward this sword cultivator who’d suddenly appeared here.

The middle aged man sized up Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Madness intent… Interesting.”

Bai Zhixian asked softly, “Senior, you know him?”

The middle aged man nodded slightly, “I do.”

Bai Zhixian was about to speak when the middle aged man suddenly spoke softly, “Once he wakes up, tell him not to forget about our agreement!”

He started walking slowly in the rear mountains’ direction.

But it didn’t take long for him to stop because numerous demons stood in his path! At this moment, all of them were staring at him.

The middle aged man looked up at Nine Hells Emperor, “All of you are too weak. I’m not interested in all of you, so move aside, alright?”

Too weak!

Everyone had quite weird expressions on their faces when they heard this.

Too weak! Nine Hells Emperor and the other demons were too weak?

Has he gone mad?

“Hahaha!” Nine Hells Emperor roared with laughter in the sky. A short while passed before a black shadow descended before the middle aged man, “Human, you’re saying I’m too weak?”

The middle aged man nodded, “I have no intent to insult. But all of you are really weak.”

“We’re really weak!” Nine Hells Emperor started laughing from rage, “Then what do you consider as being strong?”

The middle aged man shot a glance at the sky, “That one barely passes.”

Auntie Vege and the others stared at the middle aged man as they wondered who he was. Because he’d actually been able to sense that existence and locate that existence!

Nine Hells Emperor suddenly asked slightly solemnly, “Who are you?”

The middle aged man shook his head slightly and started walking forward. Right when he arrived around 30m away from Nine Hells Emperor, a wave of powerful aura swept out from Nine Hells Emperor and pressed down upon him.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed.

The light vanished and the middle aged man was behind Nine Hells Emperor.

Everyone was stunned, and it didn’t take long for Auntie Vege’s pupils to become constricted. There was astonishment in her eyes.


Everyone watched with shock in their eyes as a blood head descended to the ground. It was a hideous head, and it was Nine Hells Emperor’s head!

“Impossible!” Meanwhile, the head suddenly spoke while disbelief filled its eyes.

An instant later, Nine Hells Emperor’s body suddenly took the head and transformed into a ray of dark light that vanished into the sky. Meanwhile, the middle aged man had arrived before the demons, and they retreated madly.

Even Nine Hells Emperor had lost his head, let alone them?

So, they’d immediately retreated.

Right when he was about to leave the village, the middle aged man suddenly stopped and looked toward the right. A young girl eating a tanghulu was standing there.

When she noticed his gaze, she hurriedly hid the tanghulu behind her back and looked at him with vigilance!

The middle aged man sized up the young girl, “A very good bloodline. Unfortunately, you’re too young.”

He vanished into the distance once he finished speaking.

Auntie Vege and the others seemed like they were petrified.

One attack!

He’d taken Nine Hells Emperor’s head with one attack and made all the demons retreat!

It made them wonder if he was a peerless expert from the Primal Era!

A long time passed before Auntie Vege recovered from her shock and gazed at Bai Zhixian, “Do you know him?”

Bai Zhixian shook her head, “But he knows Yang Ye. There may be some kind of link between them.”

“This kid is a sword cultivator too!” Meanwhile, the slovenly old man said, “Is he that fellow’s successor?”

The others frowned slightly because that was very likely!

Yang Ye was a sword cultivator, and so was the middle aged man. Moreover, they clearly knew each other!

“Wait!” Meanwhile Auntie Vege shook her head slightly, “His Sword Dao is completely different from this kid. Moreover, if he really was this kid’s master, then why didn’t he take this kid with him?”

“Just forget it!” Meanwhile, Wang Erya’s grandfather suddenly said, “The important matter at hand is to make this kid cultivate. He doesn’t have much time left.”

Auntie Vege nodded slightly and gazed at Butcher, “If you still haven’t taught him something, do it quick!”

As she spoke, she gazed at Bai Zhixian, “Come with me!”

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment and followed her. However, Yang Ye followed her too. Butcher’s face darkened, and he had no choice but to follow them too. It was impossible to make Yang Ye cultivate normally without Bai Zhixian!

Only the slovenly old man and Wang Erya’s grandfather remained here.

“Old man, this is a little unusual!” The slovenly old man suddenly said, “It’s really unusual for such an expert to appear in the outside world!”

The other old man nodded slightly, “It’s very unusual indeed!”

He walked over to Wang Erya, and then took her hand before walking off into the distance.

The slovenly old man remained silent on the spot.

Deep within the rear mountains, the middle aged sword cultivator arrived at the barren lands that Yang Ye had been to, and he didn’t encounter any demons all along the way.

His path was completely clear!

It didn’t take long for him to stop, and he looked toward the right. It seemed like the space there had been forcefully dug out.

He sized up the area and spoke softly, “The Primal Era… an era of the strong!”

He looked up slowly at the sky, “What a pity.”

“What’s a pity?” Suddenly, a voice resounded.

Along with the voice, a ball of pitch black light appeared near the middle aged man.

The middle aged man withdrew his gaze, “It’s a pity that I wasn’t born in the Primal Era!”

“You weren’t born in the Primal Era?” The black ball of light suddenly chuckled, “The Primal Era was an era of the strong, and it was an era that even destiny feared. The emperors, desolate gods, and immortals of that time were countless! Every one of them was extraordinary. Since you say that you wish to have been born during the Primal Era, I really would like to know on what basis you think that you can compete with the geniuses of that era?”

“Compete?” The middle aged man shook his head, “I don’t seek to compete! All I seek is defeat.”


The surroundings fell silent.

Eternal Village. A stone house.

Butcher gazed at the sabers before him in silence.

A long time passed before he gazed at Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian, “You found this in that battlefield?”

Bai Zhixian nodded.

Butcher pointed at the huge blood red saber, “It’s called Invincible. During my time, it was ranked at the 10th position on the Divine Weapon Rankings. It’s used with big sweeping swings that renders its user invincible within its reach!”

Invincible within its reach!

Bai Zhixian was shocked, “Is it that formidable?”

Butcher nodded, “Of course, the precondition is that you can swing it. Even I can’t swing it at will right now.” He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Needless to say, this kid is really blessed. It has clearly lost its spirit, and so it’s no different than a dead object. Thus, those vengeful spirits of his were able to seize this opportunity to become its spirit. In other words, this saber can be considered to have acknowledged him as its master!”

Bai Zhixian spoke softly, “But he still can’t swing it!”

Butcher replied softly, “Don’t worry, with the help of those vengeful spirits, he definitely can. I’ll use the rest of our time to make him capable of swinging it!”

As he spoke, he gazed at the 2nd saber, and a wisp of complicated emotions appeared in his eyes.

A short while passed before he spoke softly again, “Hidden Blade. It’s a blade that’s hidden, soundless, and one with the world, yet it's like a thunderclap or erupting volcano when it does attack. It’s even more terrifying than Invincible because when you do notice its presence, you’re mostly dead. All those years ago, that saber cultivator almost killed an ancestor of my Primal Saber Sect with this saber, the same ancestor who used Invincible!”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I didn’t expect both of them to fall into this kid’s hands.”

Bai Zhixian said, “Senior, is Invincible not as strong as Hidden Blade?”

Butcher shook his head slightly, “It is stronger, but Hidden Blade excels in being light and concealed. When fighting someone at close quarters, it’s a very terrifying weapon when swung without making a sound! Simply speaking, an attack to the face is easier to deal with than a shot from the shadows!”

As he spoke, he tapped Invincible with his finger, and it went over to Yang Ye. Yang Ye instinctively grabbed it, but as soon as he did, his entire body couldn’t help but sink.

It was too, too heavy!

Butcher said, “From now on, you will carry it, no matter what you’re doing.”

He gazed at Bai Zhixian and continued, “You watch him. He has to carry it on his back 14 hours a day, and besides when he is cultivating, he has to run 100 rounds around the rear mountains’ outer circle every day without stopping at all!”

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment and asked, “Will this method of cultivating work?”

It could be considered a very basic method of cultivating, and it was something that only new cultivators would use.

Butcher replied softly, “It’s useful to him. His body must get used to it. Otherwise, even if he’s able to barely use it in the future, he’ll injure his body every time he does. If he gets used to it now, it won’t just be beneficial to him in the future, it’ll be beneficial to his arms and body too.”

Bai Zhixian nodded, and then she made Yang Ye carry it on his back.

As soon as he did that, the ground beneath his feet started to crack open! Moreover, his body instantly became tense too!

Just like that, Yang Ye carried the huge saber on his back and entered the rear mountains every day at dawn. In the beginning, it was clearly strenuous for him, but as he persisted day by day, his body gradually grew accustomed to it.

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