Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1836 - Huo Ze and Xia Tang (40)

Chapter 1836: Huo Ze and Xia Tang (40)

Xia Cha waited until two in the afternoon before finally seeing Principal Wu returning to school.

Seeing Xia Cha waiting at the door, Principal Wu frowned.

Xia Cha stepped forward and bowed to Principal Wu. “Sir, I’m Wenfeng County’s junior high school graduate, Xia Cha. We talked on the phone.”

Principal Wu naturally knew Xia Cha. Not only did she have the best results in Wenfeng County, but she was also the top scholar in Yan City. Her results were the highest among the graduates in the past ten years.

Such a smart girl was rare.

Principal Wu had seen her photo before. The little girl also had a face that could be remembered at a glance.

It was the hot period of summer vacation. Xia Cha waited for the whole morning, her forehead covered with thin beads of sweat.

Principal Wu sighed. “Come to my office.”

Xia Cha followed Principal Wu to his office.

Principal Wu poured a glass of water for Xia Cha and pointed to the sofa. “Sit!”

After Xia Cha sat down, she took a sip of water and looked at Principal Wu with her slender phoenix eyes. She really wanted to know why she hadn’t gotten an acceptance letter.

Principal Wu took out his phone and played two videos.

One was Xia Cha singing on the JP stage while the other was her removing her makeup.

Xia Cha’s face turned pale when she saw the two videos.

Although she was singing on the big stage, it was pure and simple. It was just pure singing, but that kind of place was after all filled with debauchery, giving people a bad first impression.

“Principal Wu, did someone report that my private life is bad?”

Principal Wu looked at Xia Cha, who had a cold expression on her face. He had to admit that this girl was very smart.

“Student Xia, after our school’s director watched the video, he decided not to accept you after a meeting. Your results are very good, but our school values the thoughts and morals of every student.”

“I’m sorry.”

Xia Cha closed her eyes as a chill ran down her spine.

“Principal Wu, although I sang on JP’s big stage, I did it for the sake of our family’s livelihood. Other than singing, I definitely didn’t do anything bad.” Xia Cha raised her hand and swore, “If I can get the boss of JP’s big stage to testify for me, will there still be room for negotiation?”

Principal Wu frowned. “Student Xia, not only do our school leaders know about this matter, but it was also posted on the school forum. Many students from No.1 High School know about it.”

“They’re unanimously against you entering the school gates.”

Xia Cha’s heart tightened.

Ever since she woke up from the car accident, she had been able to face any difficulties calmly.

This was the only time she was really panicking.

Without her studies, no matter how well she managed her family’s villa, she would only be a junior high graduate.

“Principal Wu, please give me a chance. I… I’ll go find Sixth Master now…”

Without waiting for Principal Wu to say anything, Xia Cha quickly ran out.

Xia Cha hailed a taxi and headed to the JP stage.

In the three months leading up to the middle school examination, she had disregarded Sixth Master’s insistence and resigned from her job on the big stage.

It had been a while since she last came here.

After alighting from the taxi, Xia Cha was surprised to see that the door was locked and sealed.

What was going on?

Xia Cha asked the owner of the tobacco and liquor store next door and found out that there had been a murder on the big stage two months ago. Sixth Master ran away, and the big stage couldn’t be run anymore. It went bankrupt and was sealed.

Sixth Master had run away, and the staff on the big stage had also dispersed. When Xia Cha was singing here, she did not contact anyone else at all. She also did not know the address of those staff. Now, it was impossible for anyone to testify for her.

Xia Cha walked to the side of the road and stood under the scorching sun. Her vision turned dark.

Xia Cha walked up to the entrance of No.1 High School again.

She never thought that the high school she had always dreamed of would become nothing but an illusion.

Xia Cha lowered her eyes. Her nose was sore and her eyes were wet.

Xia Cha bit her lip and left in a low mood.

After walking for a long time, a honking sound suddenly came from behind.

Xia Cha thought she was in the way of the car behind her, so she moved to the side.

But then, she heard another honk.

Xia Cha looked back and saw a black car beside her.

The car window rolled down and a handsome face that seemed to have been created by the gods appeared in her sight.

Xia Cha and the man looked at each other for a few seconds before she quickly looked away.

The man let out an indecent laugh. “Little Haitang, why are you crying?”

“Don’t call me Little Haitang. I’m not Little Haitang anymore.”

She was somewhat agitated and out of control.

Thinking of the two videos that Principal Wu showed her, Xia Cha could guess that someone had deliberately caused her to be expelled.

She could think of no one else who would be able to see her perform on the JP stage and even have a grudge with her.

Could it be this Young Master Huo who always liked to make her angry…

Xia Cha immediately rejected this idea.

Young Master Huo had not contacted her for almost a year. There was really no need for him to do something so sinister!

“Get in the car. I’ll take you back.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Young Master Huo. I’ll take the bus back myself.”

Huo Heng pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. He rolled up the window and ordered Jian Ming to drive.

After the car drove for some distance, Jian Ming saw that Huo Heng was still looking out of the window. He asked in confusion, “Young Master, Miss Xia looks quite pitiful. Why don’t you help her?”

Huo Heng retracted his gaze from the window and narrowed his eyes slightly. “I helped her. What I want is not a word of thanks.”

Jian Ming didn’t quite understand what Huo Heng meant. “Then what does Young Master want?”

“Book her in advance.”

Jian Ming was speechless. Why did he feel that his young master was smiling like a black-bellied and dangerous big bad wolf?

The Xia family’s old residence.

Xia Zi knocked on Xia Furong’s door. After a long while, Xia Furong opened the door.

Xia Furong’s face was like peach blossoms, and there was a shy smile at the corner of her eyes. One look and you could tell that she was a little woman who had fallen into a deep hole.

“Furong, are you in a relationship?”

Xia Furong pulled Xia Zi into the room. “Lower your voice. I don’t want my parents to know yet.”

Xia Zi widened her eyes. “Wow, Sister Furong, you’re really in love! Who is he? Is he handsome?”

Xia Furong snorted proudly. “How can the boyfriend I found not be handsome? Not only is he handsome, but he’s also rich.”

Xia Zi put her hands on her cheeks and looked envious. “Wow, Sister Furong, you’re so awesome. I admire you so much. By the way, do you know how it’s going with Xia Cha’s high school admission?”

Xia Furong’s lips curled up but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Don’t worry, she won’t be able to get in. Xia Xing might get in, but she won’t. In the future, the two sisters will definitely develop hostility toward each other.”

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