Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608: Master Bing’s new plan

If Lin Yi didn’t defend with all his strength, he’d probably be crippled if he concentrated all his strength in his palm!

Plus, this guy’s practitioner’s Arts were pretty much the same as Chentian ‘s-they were both physical skills, high in attack but low in defense. He thought that Lin Yi would be seriously injured, but he didn’t expect Lin Yi to reveal his strength in an instant-Mystic late phase peak!

F * ck, isn’t this a scam? If brother stick were to fight with a stage one spiritual master, he would still win, but if he were to fight with a higher stage, wouldn’t that be courting death? No matter how powerful he was, there was a difference of one level, so it was useless! He didn’t have the ability to fight above his level!

This was the same logic as playing online games. Your level was there, and it was basically difficult to kill an opponent of a higher level than you! Of course, there were exceptions. For example, the skills that you cultivated were more powerful than others, or your equipment was better than others.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, would be the type of player with good skills and equipment in the game, not to mention the Jade. How could anyone else play with him?

And so, with a sad expression on his face, the stick guy was sent flying by Lin Yi, landing on the bowling alley ten meters away! However, at this moment, someone threw a bowling ball at the head of the extremely weak rod, causing him to faint.

“Mystic late phase peak … How’s that possible!” The two men looked at Lin Yi in shock, not knowing how he became a Mystic late phase peak,””You were hiding your strength?”

“What do you think?” Lin Yi couldn’t be bothered to answer the purple and yellow-haired men’s questions.

On the other hand, the purple-haired and yellow-haired men were thinking that Lin Yi might have really been hiding his strength! If Lin Yi could hide it the first time, he could hide it the second time, but what about the third time? Could it be that Mystic late phase peak wasn’t Lin Yi’s true strength?

The purple-haired and yellow-haired men were shocked at the thought. But then again, any higher and they would be Earth Class, a hidden house. They couldn’t appear in the common world as they pleased with the Arbitration Council! Thus, they were at ease.

“You’d better think clearly about going against our hidden you family!” The yellow-haired man didn’t have the guts to stay any longer after making the threat. Even the stick bro wasn’t Lin Yi’s match, so what could they do? So, he was convinced by young master you and hurriedly prepared to leave. As for the purple-haired guy, he went to carry brother stick and the few of them disappeared from the entertainment center.

During this time, young master you didn’t say a word. His heart was full of hatred, but he couldn’t vent it out! He knew the difference in strength between a spiritual master and a physical master, especially with the rod bro injured. He was no match for Lin Yi.

Lin Yi didn’t think too much about making enemies with the Hidden House you anymore. Since the hatred was already formed, there was no way to resolve it. He’d just take it one step at a time.

“Yaoyao, are you okay? They didn’t do anything to you, right?” Lin Yi asked as he looked at the tired Mengyao.

“It’s fine … Thank you … But there won’t be any trouble, right?” The young miss had also seen that those people’s identities were not simple, so she had only been perfunctory before and did not get angry directly.

“Oh, what are you thanking me for? Wasn’t I originally your hired thug?” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Aren’t we friends now?” Mengyao asked.

Lin Yi blinked before nodding.”Yeah, we’re friends, so there’s no need to thank me.”

“Alright,” he said. Mengyao said, a little happy at Lin Yi’s words.

Because of young master you and brother stick’s matter, the three people who were already a little dispirited didn’t have the idea of continuing to play. They went directly out of the activity room and prepared to go back to their rooms to rest.

Lin Yi didn’t really share a room with Mengyao and Yushu, as it would be inconvenient and people would gossip about him. Shu didn’t mind, but Lin Yi went to Xiaobo’s room, worried that he’d cause a scandal for the Miss.

The Miss was expressionless as she watched Lin Yi leave …


Inside floating clouds, Yaowang, uncle Zhu, boss Zhu, Qibing, and Cihua were all gathered together, discussing something.

“Lin Yi’s at a class reunion. If I’m not wrong, they’ll be going mountain climbing tomorrow morning. It’s an activity that people choose to go to a resort for the next morning.” Cihua said. He was in the entertainment industry himself, so he was very familiar with the industry.

“Then we’ll make our move tomorrow morning!” Boss Zhu nodded but looked at Yaowang worriedly,”Yaowang, are you serious? An ordinary venomous snake will become a venomous snake after consuming this five-step strength-scattering powder, but it won’t be poisoned to death?”

“I’ve been studying medicine for so long, why Would I Lie to You?” “Plus, we’re all master Bing’s men. This isn’t just revenge for Zhu ‘er, it’s also revenge for master Bing!” Yaowang said.

“That’s good!” Boss Zhu nodded and said,”those who are poisoned by this poison will lose their true Qi. Is there no cure?” I heard that Lin Yi’s a miracle doctor too, what if he can cure the poison?”

“Of course there’s a cure, but even if Lin Yi’s medical skills are good, how can he make an antidote in that remote town? By the time he gets back to Songshan and finds the cure, his Qi would’ve been gone and he’d be a normal person. There’d be no point in getting the cure!” Yaowang said.

“Oh? This poison is ineffective against ordinary people?” Elder Zhu asked.

“No, it’ll only hurt a little. The wound will swell for a few days, but it won’t cause too much damage. That’s why ordinary snakes don’t suffer from any effects after taking it.” Yaowang explained.

“Good! I’ll find a chance tomorrow to poison Lin Yi and turn him into a normal person. It’ll be too easy for us to deal with him then!” Old Zhu nodded.

“Big brother, but that Lin Yi seems to be able to recover his strength, right? Last time, I heard that his meridians were also destroyed and he became a cripple. In the end, his meridians recovered and he regained his strength!” Uncle Zhu reminded.

“If your meridians are damaged, you can naturally recover with the meridian opening pill! If his meridians were recovered, wouldn’t his strength be restored? However, this five step strength-scattering elixir dispels all the true Qi in one’s body, turning one into an ordinary person. It’s different!” “Second brother Zhu, you’re an example,” Yaowang explained.

Uncle Zhu thought about it, it was indeed the case, and he relaxed.

“Then it’s decided. Tomorrow I’ll think of a way to get the snake that ate the five step strength scattering powder to bite Lin Yi.” “When Lin Yi’s Qi is gone, he’ll be a Tiger without teeth! You can step on him however you want!” Old Zhu said viciously.

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