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Chapter 1089 - Quan Jue, Why Are You So Angry?

Chapter 1089: Quan Jue, Why Are You So Angry?

Quan Jue turned around and saw the two of them.

Han Ziyao didn’t expect Quan Jue to see him. He immediately felt a little awkward. “Mr. Quan Jue, why are you standing here?”

Quan Jue was expressionless. His tone was so cold that it could freeze the air. “I should be the one asking CEO Han this. You made me wait for two hours, but in the end, you agreed to collaborate with the Quan Corporation. What do you mean by that?”

“Quan Jue, why are you so angry? A man has to be magnanimous if he wants to achieve great things. Besides, I’m your father. It’s equivalent to asking me to work with him if CEO Han wants to discuss a collaboration with you. There’s no need for us to split hairs. You don’t have to be angry that your project is now in my hands. At most, I’ll give you some bits of it.” Quan Jingzhou spoke nice-sounding words, but his eyes were filled with mockery.

Han Ziyao didn’t want to offend anyone. He smiled gently at Quan Jue to smooth things over. “Mr. Quan Jue, your father has indeed suggested a better collaboration. This incident is my fault, I didn’t arrange things properly. We can still work together next time…”

“There won’t be a next time.” Quan Jue’s tone was as cold as ice as he interrupted him. “CEO Han, you’ve offended Feng Ting. I hope you can live a long life.”

Han Ziyao couldn’t help shivering. He was filled with shock as he looked at Quan Jue.

Han Ziyao didn’t know what was wrong with him. He knew that Quan Jue’s company was nothing compared to the Quan Corporation. That was why he chose Quan Jingzhou without hesitation after the latter reached out to him.

He clearly believed that he had done nothing wrong, but for some reason, his heart suddenly trembled and he felt… regretful when he met Quan Jue’s cold gaze.

Quan Jue didn’t look at them again. He left after retracting his gaze.

Quan Jingzhou placed his hands behind his back and stared at his back. He finally felt like he had gotten a win.

Since Quan Jue could snatch his business, he could also snatch his business!

The LB Corporation was doing a smart robot project. It was progressing smoothly and had bright prospects. The LB Corporation had taken a fancy to Quan Jue’s company’s programming ability and wanted to cooperate with them. That was why they had agreed to meet today.

Quan Jingzhou had also set his eyes on this profitable project, which was why he chose to intercept it. He deliberately came over today to discuss the collaboration with Han Ziyao before Quan Jue.

The Quan Corporation was too important. In addition, they agreed to give 70% of the profits to Han Ziyao. The Quan Corporation would only take 30%.

Han Ziyao couldn’t resist such beneficial terms. In the end, he chose Quan Jingzhou.

Quan Jingzhou was not surprised by this outcome. He firmly believed that Quan Jue’s previous series of victories was only due to luck.

Quan Jue could forget about doing any business the moment Quan Jingzhou got serious!

Han Ziyao knew very well that he had offended Quan Jue. He looked at Quan Jingzhou in order to ease his discomfort. “Mr. Quan, this matter with Quan Jue shouldn’t affect our cooperation, right?”

“I’ve embarrassed myself in front of CEO Han. This son of mine is still young and has too much drive. He still needs tempering. CEO Han, you don’t have to mind him. I can promise you there won’t be any problems with the cooperation between our companies as long as I’m around. Everything will be done according to the contract we just signed.” Quan Jingzhou smiled reassuringly.

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