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Chapter 1951 - Why can’t you use mammals as a reference?

Chapter 1951: Why can’t you use mammals as a reference?

Could the Indestructible Lord have let go of his obsession and entered the post-nut clarity phase after provoking the enemy?

I hate these people who start things but don’t push through and finish them!

Since you’ve provoked the other party, then just fight them to the death! Why are you cowering after provoking them?!

As long as you don’t leave me behind in a pinch, our boat of friendship can still sail for a few more meters.

When Song Shuhang reacquired control over the Indestructible Lord’s obsession, the figure on the opposite side, whose face had been covered by flames, turned around and walked over.

The flames that had been spewed out by the Indestructible Lord carried a wisp of its power, which made it so that they would not burn out without having burned their target to ashes. However, although the inextinguishable fire had covered the body of the other party, it did not seem to hurt them in the slightest.

The figure allowed the inextinguishable flame to burn on its face as it turned around, standing opposite Song Shuhang.

The figure in the flames said, “Hehehe, Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar.”

From the tone, the figure in the flames seemed familiar with Shuhang.

Song Shuhang looked at the flaming man.

After looking carefully, he discovered that, beneath the flames, the other party’s body was like mercury. The surface of their body was like flowing water, barely able to maintain a human shape.

With such an obvious feature, Song Shuhang was easily able to guess who the other party was.

Song Shuhang said, “Fat Ball.”

However, this mercury man was obviously not the true body of the fat ball.

Song Shuhang sensed the aura of the bone of eternity coming from the body of this mercury man. Clearly, this was a new clone created by the fat ball to house the bone of eternity.

Skylark’s old body, which the fat ball had been using before, had been recovered by Song Shuhang after the fat ball was tricked by him and Senior White Two, and it was still hidden in his Inner World.

Fat Ball said calmly, “Looking at you, it seems you have obtained a powerful source of energy. Are you thinking of helping that blue-haired lady snatch the bone of eternity from my hands?”

Actually, I was dragged by the Indestructible Lord’s obsession all the way here, and it wasn’t even me who spewed flames onto your face just now! However, you definitely wouldn’t believe me even if I told you,?Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In the end, he did not explain himself and remained silent.

Anyway, no matter what he said, the fat ball wouldn’t believe him.

At the same time, he quickly called Senior White Two—[Senior White! I’ve encountered the fat ball!]

“You don’t know anything about real power,” said Fat Ball calmly. “You’re like an ant that has gained the power of a chicken and believes itself to be invincible. But you’re still something I can easily pinch to death, just like a bug.”

Song Shuhang: “...”

These ancient big shots really do like to use wrong examples. Whenever they want to pinch me to death, they always relate me to a bug.

Do I even resemble a bug? Why can’t you just use a mammal as a reference?

Is White not with this guy this time??During his conversation with Song Shuhang, the fat ball had been carefully checking the surroundings.

It had learned its lessons from its recent encounters. As such, when it met Song Shuhang this time, it immediately thought of White.

It felt that White and Song Shuhang were constantly working together to make it fall into a trap.

Or could White be doing something to my main body like before??The fat ball still remembered the lair it had inhabited for tens of thousands of years. It got distracted for a moment, and the whole thing was taken away by White... It was an extremely painful memory.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was still trying to contact Senior White Two.

After all, this was a moment of life or death.

But for some reason, Senior White Two was not replying.

As he thought back to his relatively miserable luck today, he began wondering if today was the day he was going to die.

[Ding~ Your ‘#@§*’ close friend, White Rabbit, has remotely transferred you a bit of energy along with the message: Quiet down and don’t ruin the plans of your teammate! Didn’t I tell you long ago that I’m constantly watching the fat ball? I’m lurking close by right now, so don’t expose me. We’ll definitely be able to make the fat ball fall into our trap. Just pretend that I don’t exist and do whatever you want. Fight the Fat Ball with all your might!]

Song Shuhang’s heart calmed down.

One’s state of mind could affect their performance. The calmer their state of mind, the better their performance would be, and the easier it would be for them to perform beyond their standard.

Song Shuhang looked at the fat ball calmly, grabbed the black Scarlet Heaven Sword, and assumed an attacking posture. “Where’s Senior Skylark?”

“Are you talking about that blue-haired lady? She’s already died once in my hands,” said Fat Ball. “It’s your turn now, annoying little insect.”

“I’m not only an annoying insect but one that bites as well,” replied Song Shuhang sternly. After he said that, a pitch-black flame blazed on the black Scarlet Heaven Sword.

“Hehehe.” The figure of the fat ball turned around and faced the void.

In the next moment, a throne made of steel appeared behind it out of thin air, supporting its body.

Below the throne, a platform, similarly made of steel, rose up along with loud rumbling, allowing the fat ball to look down at Song Shuhang.

“If you want to bite me, then I’ll give you a chance.” Fat Ball stretched out its hand and waved it.

Under the steel throne, a demonic pattern emerged.

Evil demons of the Netherworld emerged from the pattern one after the other. Each of these evil demons was very powerful; they were elites carefully selected by the Fat Ball.

If these evil demons of the Netherworld were to take action, they would be able to destroy an entire world.

This was an army made with the purpose of annihilating worlds.

The fat ball sat on the steel throne, clasped its hands, and taunted Song Shuhang. “Now, come and bite me.”

As soon as its voice faded, nearly a hundred spatial passages opened up beside it.

Then, nearly a hundred strange-looking heads brushed past the army of evil demons, rushing straight for the fat ball.

These heads screamed fiercely, and there were tentacles growing from where their necks should have been. They charged toward the fat ball without any regard for their life, opening their mouths and repeatedly making biting motions. The strange-looking heads were none other than figments of the demonic will of the Indestructible Lord. These were the same demonic heads that had been subdued by Dharma King Creation’s singing.

However, these heads had not been summoned by Song Shuhang.

The fat ball snorted softly.

Before the demonic heads could even get close to it, they were caught by a layer of evil energy of the Netherworld and dragged into a huge vortex of evil energy.

Like moths drawn to a flame, the demonic heads came pouring out in batches and rushed towards the fat ball. However, they were inevitably swept up by the turbulent sea of evil energy and gobbled up.

“The slumbering Indestructible Lord, huh? So is that what you’re relying on this time?” said Fat Ball slowly. Then, it snapped its fingers.

Behind it, the evil energy of the Netherworld condensed into two giant swords that plunged into the spatial channels opened up by the demonic will of the Indestructible Lord, reaching the other end, and slashing at the sleeping body of the Indestructible Lord!

The Indestructible Lord was born in the primordial era, and it had been sleeping ever since then. Its body was the size of a huge planet.

Compared with its huge body, the two giant swords of evil energy were tiny.

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