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Chapter 485 – What It Means To Be A Man

Chapter 485 – What It Means To Be A Man

Meixiu closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths before opening them with a resolute expression on her beautiful face.

"Yuan, I know none of this is your fault because of how the Yu Family raised you, but you're too innocent and ignorant for someone your age. You're already 18— an adult. You cannot continue living like this, especially since you'll eventually recover from your condition." Meixiu said to him in a sighing voice.

"W-What do you mean?" Yuan asked her in a nervous voice.

"You have been playing instruments since the day you entered the Yu Family, and that is all the Yu Family has ever taught you, ignoring your common sense and other important knowledge. You were also crippled at a very young age, even going into isolation, which limited your knowledge even further."

"I am trying to say that you're missing a lot of common sense."


After a moment of silence, Yuan spoke in a low voice, "Then what am I supposed to do?"

Meixiu then said, "You don't have to do anything, Yuan, because I will help you. I will give you the knowledge that the Yu Family didn't care to give you— what it means to be a man."

Meixiu then looked at his stiff rod and continued, "Let's start with this…"

Yuan's body trembled slightly when Meixiu suddenly touched his stiff area, but the way Meixiu held it felt a little different than usual.

"The condition you're in right now is called an 'erection'. It happens when your body is stimulated with excitement, and most of the time, it is sexual excitement that causes it to react in such a way."

"S-Sexual excitement? What is that?" Yuan asked, as he never really had the chance to experience it for himself because he would only focus on music almost all of the time.

Furthermore, besides Meixiu, Yu Rou, and the servants working in the Yu Family, Yuan barely had any contact with females.

"Sexual excitement is when you feel aroused," Meixiu explained to him.

"It's a natural feeling of desire you get for the opposite gender when you're interested in them— or whoever you want to embrace."

"I don't understand that feeling…" Yuan sighed.

"It's okay. You don't have to understand it now. You just need to be aware of it." Meixiu said.

And she continued, "Now, whenever one feels aroused, their body will react a certain way, and when it comes to men, the thing between their legs will react the way your body is currently reacting. Of course, there are other situations that could make your body react in such a manner, but most of the time, it's arousal."

"I see… Is that why my body is acting like this? Because I am aroused?" Yuan asked in an innocent and calm voice.

"Well… Only you can really tell…" Meixiu said.

Yuan then said, "When you touched that area, my mind would remember what Feng Feng did to me to help me relieve it, and my body started to feel warmer."

"What Feng Feng did to you…?" Meixiu raised her eyebrows.

"Well, I cannot give you any details since I promised Feng Feng that I'd keep it a secret, but she used her hands like you…" Yuan said in a slightly embarrassed voice.

"I see…" Meixiu could imagine what had happened between Feng Yuxiang and Yuan after he just said.

"Although you may not understand the feeling of arousal, your body can be naturally aroused even if you don't know it yourself, and that is most likely what is happening now."

"Then how can I get rid of this feeling?" Yuan asked.

"That feeling will naturally go away if you stop thinking about it," Meixiu said.

"The reason it didn't go away before was because of a medicine that affected your body, so it wouldn't calm down until you use the other method to calm it down."

"That method…" Yuan mumbled.

"Yes, it's most likely what Feng Feng did to help you."

Yuan swallowed nervously, and he asked, "Does it matter which method one uses?"


After a slight pause, Meixiu said, "Yes, it does."

"Although one can ignore their arousal and let it calm down naturally, that feeling doesn't actually go away very effectively and will eventually build up. And as it continues to build up, it could affect one's mind negatively and make them do things they normally wouldn't do, which is also called sexual frustration, so one should use the second method to relieve themselves once in a while."

Meixiu then looked at Yuan's rod that was in her grasp, and she continued, "Now that you have learned about arousal, you'll most likely be experiencing them more often."

"What? Is that how it works?"

"Yes, it is. Especially since you're at that age..."

"I see… Then what should I do? If I cannot keep ignoring it, I will have to relieve myself, right? That will be difficult in my condition." Yuan sighed.

Meixiu took a deep breath before speaking, "Don't worry, Yuan. I will do it for you."

"Eh? Really? Are you sure? Feng Feng acted weird afterward when she did it for me so I thought she didn't like it. I don't want you to do something you don't like..."

"Feng Feng acted weird not because she didn't like it; it was because she was embarrassed. Normally, a woman won't willingly do something like that if she didn't like the person, and nobody forced her, so she definitely didn't mind it." Meixiu said.

'Furthermore, I was trained to relieve you if you ever needed it…' Meixiu said inwardly, as she didn't dare to tell him out loud.

"I see… It's relieving to know that she didn't hate it…" Yuan released a sigh of relief.

Seeing Yuan's good-natured character, Meixiu felt something weird in her heart.

"Then let me relieve you now. You have been naked long enough. If we stay like this any further, you might catch a cold."

As she finished her sentence, Meixiu began moving her hands, stroking Yuan's stiff rod more skillfully than when Feng Yuxiang experienced it with her hands.

'This is my first time doing this on a real person…' Meixiu thought to herself as she pleased Yuan's sword with her hands.

When her mother trained her to take care of Yuan's every need, it was only on toys and mannequins, so this was her actual first experience.

A few moments into their session, Yuan's body could already feel the difference between Meixiu and Feng Yuxiang's hand techniques, and that difference was quite vast, almost like heaven and hell.

When Feng Yuxiang stroked it, it was much more forceful and fast, and she would sometimes grip onto it with too much strength. However, when Meixiu strokes it, he could feel the tenderness in her slow and gentle movements, almost like she was treating his thing like a treasure, and it was a constant feeling.

Furthermore, Meixiu would use her other hand to massage other areas while her main hand was busy relieving his sword, enhancing the effects of her already skillful techniques.

Yuan's body reached its limit in just three short minutes under Meixiu's skillful hand techniques.

Feeling the rod in her hands twitching, Meixiu said in a soothing voice, "Go ahead. Let it out and relieve yourself."

Hearing her voice, Yuan removed the blockade and released a stream of white substance from his lower body.

And right before Yuan released his stress, Meixiu placed her other hand a few inches away from his rod so that his release wouldn't go everywhere in the bathroom.

Meixiu could feel something warm and powerful shoot into her hands the next moment, and it would continue shooting into her palms for a couple more times before it stopped.

"How are you feeling?" Meixiu asked him afterward.

"Like something was relieved from my body... Thank you…" Yuan said to her.

Meixiu then washed away the white stuff on her hand and the floor with the showerhead.

Once that was done, she proceeded to rinse the soap from Yuan's body.

A few minutes later, she carried Yuan back to his room and dried his body with towels.

"Let me take a shower before we continue our talk, okay?" Meixiu then said to him.


Meixiu then returned to the bathroom to take a shower, taking much longer than she normally would for some reason.

Once she was eventually done, Meixiu returned to Yuan's room and continued to educate him about things that the Yu Family never taught him.

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