Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 1025 - Shocking Change, Little Packrat Is in Danger!

Chapter 1025: Shocking Change, Little Packrat Is in Danger!

Beauty surgery was different from the previous emergency surgeries. It took time to verify the results.

For example, in the previous group competition, the ghost doctor had revealed his plastic surgery skills. He had been too eager to achieve rapid results. In the end, his plastic surgery failed, and his patient became disfigured. The ugly woman became even uglier.

The three teams standing on the stage were all capable people. They naturally wouldn’t take such a risk.

Therefore, all three teams submitted applications to the judges to extend the duration of the competition.

It would take at least 24 hours to see the effects of the treatment!

After a brief discussion among the judges, they announced that in order not to keep the audience waiting, the competition would be split into two sessions.

In the first half, the three teams would introduce the uniqueness of their beauty techniques one by one. At the same time, they would canvass for votes from the audience.

Then, there was a night off.

Tomorrow, the audience would once again enter the venue to witness the results of the competition!

Although the competition that could have ended on the same day had been changed to two days, when they thought about how they could enter the venue twice for a high price of 200,000 yuan per ticket to cover the cost, the audience no longer found it so difficult to accept.

Soon, the three teams walked from behind the scenes to the stage. They stood near the rostrum and greeted the audience.

The little packrat could no longer sit still. He strode excitedly to the chair and stood up. “Big Sister Qiqi, I am here!”

The little packrat had always been good-looking. Now that he had stood up in such a high-profile manner, he immediately attracted many probing gazes.

Helpless, Gong Jue put on his sunglasses to prevent himself from being recognized.

On stage, Gu Qiqi immediately heard the little packrat’s call. She smiled and waved at him.

Fortunately, Bai Lang’s speech was more humorous and creative. Soon, everyone’s attention was drawn to him. Hence, not many people probed further into Gong Jue and his son’s identities.

Bai Lang raised the microphone and swept his hair coquettishly. He spoke loudly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for paying attention to our Bai family team. Originally, our team could have gotten first place without having to compete. Why? It’s obvious that our team’s main surgeon is Young Master Ye! He’s the best-looking person in the entire capital! Isn’t it more convincing for the best-looking person to carry out beauty treatments?”

“However, although Young Master Ye was busy today and couldn’t attend the ceremony, he was constantly thinking about the girls. He specially made an exclusive limited edition VVVIP mask for you!”

“It’s true. There are only 1,000 pieces of this mask in the world. It’s definitely more expensive than your tickets today. As for its medicinal effects, it can turn the faces of all the patients in our operating theater into fairies. All of you are little fairies to begin with. Are you afraid that it won’t be effective? Can’t you become even more fairy-like?”

“So, fairies, be good. Go home and try it tonight. Come back tomorrow morning to show the effect, okay?”

“Are you asking if Young Master Ye is coming tomorrow? Oh, I’m so sad! Can’t I, the second most handsome man in the capital, satisfy you?”

“What? You’re saying that Master Jue is the second most handsome man in the capital? Are you really not afraid that Master Jue will hit your butt?”

Gu Qiqi’s lips twitched speechlessly. She had prepared a box of facial masks for Bai Lang, but she didn’t expect Bai Lang to be so smart. He actually used them to canvass for votes!

She had to admit that Bai Lang’s publicity was simply amazing.

Immediately, the facial masks in his hand became a hot commodity. The scene was so lively that it was about to go out of control.

Just as everyone was fighting over the masks…

Suddenly, Gu Qiqi smelled something unusual.

Metal, cold, and smoky!

Her divine sense was sensitive. She immediately looked around!

At a 45-degree angle to the right, at the location of the S Nation delegation, a faint silver light flashed.

Taking advantage of the chaos in the audience, she darted towards the little packrat!

A silent bullet!

This thought flashed through her mind, but it was already too late.

The audience seats were curved.

She was standing right in the path of the bullets!

Without thinking, she instinctively took a step forward and met the bullet head-on!

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