Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2499 Hoodwinking Into Challenging

Ellia panned her gaze as her voice resounded throughout the central area.

Many people narrowed their eyes at these words, but similarly, many others were also starstruck over the different kinds of beauties who appeared in front of them.

Behind the white-robed, black-haired fairy, there was a fiery crimson-robed beauty with eyes like a phoenix, a blue-robed, pale-skinned beauty with black hair, and a crimson-black-haired beauty who also possessed a veil that was velvet in color.

Their very immortal presence attracted countless eyes as well as invoked their natures. For all four of them to be at Level One Immortal Stage, it was obvious they were all newly joined or had risen up the ladder from the mortal realm disciple roster.

They imagined that senior sister Ellia would go ahead and recruit them.

However, as they analyzed who the other three were, they failed to find even a hint of them in the rankings of the mortal realm disciples, making them frown.

Were all of them newcomers?

Ellia lightly glanced at the True Disciple Rankings - Immortal, at this moment as she wondered if any new disciples had entered this roster, but it seemed like they didn't. Just as she inwardly sighed in relief, a firm voice echoed out.

"Heaven Immortal Ellia, may I be bold enough to accept the challenge given out by you?"

Ellia turned to look at a thin brown-robed man with black hair. He seemed average with his looks, yet possessed a sharp countenance that made him seem like a veteran. However, she could quickly see through his peculiarity, but that didn't change her perception of him as she smiled.


"Of course. But from the emblem you wear over your arm, it seems like you are a true disciple wanting to battle a core disciple. Am I right?"


The brown-robed man's expression receded as he didn't expect that it would be mentioned in pleasantries.

"Shameless fellow."

"Broke piece of shit."

"Despite being a true disciple, you dare to bully a core disciple!?"

"Fletcher, you're a disgrace to the Towering Earthstone Pillar Spirit Tribe! No wonder you were ranked last until three new true disciples entered our sect."

Quickly, the others used this chance to condemn him to get him to stand down, causing more and more irritation to swell in his heart.

"Shut up! Whether or not I can battle those core disciples will be decided by the one who issued the challenge!"

Fletcher waved his hand, looking at them with killing intent brewing in his eyes.

His gaze quickly shut the others up, but they didn't lower their heads, still looking at him full of disdain.

On the other hand, Ellia wasn't lying when she said that they had to face her fellow sisters, who were core disciples. With three recommendations of words from herself and Davis, she was able to get Shirley, Natalya, and Schleya to become core disciples in the recruitment department easily.

After that, she brought them here, and here she was, wanting to make them become true disciples, as Davis requested of her.

When Fletcher was mentioned, Ellia's memory re-imagined the rankings, and she did indeed see Fletcher at the last fourth place, right on top of Davis, or rather Feng Chu. Learning what their opponent's overall strength could be, she couldn't help but smile more.

'This couldn't be any more perfect...'

Ellia thought before she spoke up amidst the tension, "But as I said, you can still accept the challenge I made to you all. It doesn't matter whether you are an inner disciple or a true disciple."

"What? So we outer disciples are still left to pick up the rice grains from the floor…?"

Ellia almost giggled at someone making a random yet amusing comment, but she continued, "However, to make it somewhat fair, the priority to challenge three of my fellow sisters would be given to the strongest core disciples and the weakest true disciples, like you..."

She stretched her hand and gestured at Fletcher.

"…" Her words made his expression turn cold.

"For someone in the last ranking, you say too much."

"Are you going to accept my challenge or not?"

Ellia started looking elsewhere as though searching for someone else to accept her challenge.

"Before that, let us see if you really have the ingredients you say you have and will award us if we win. Otherwise, this is just a scam like many others with hands full of time try like fools and get themselves killed later on."

"Oh? Are you threatening me?"

"Of course not." Fletcher's expression turned into a suggestive smile, "I would be a fool to be threatening to kill a beauty like you."


Ellia only returned a smile as her eyes squinted. She didn't respond. Instead, she reached out with her two hands as two jade containers appeared in each of her hands. They opened the next moment as a burst of mellow and spicy fragrance filled the air, turning the atmosphere into an alternating breeze of a refreshing yet scorching wave.

"That… those are indeed the Velvet Sunflower Dew and the Violet Sea Pearl…!"

"Yes, I recognize them. I only need these two to be able to commission an alchemist to make me a Heaven Immortal Vessel Pill! Fu—! Why didn't I step forward but instead wait for someone else to take the initiative to accept the challenge!?"

"Go away! Even if you had them, you would still want them for their value that could be exchanged for more contribution points!"

Everyone's gazes were fiery over the two jade containers. They could see the pink dew on the velvet sunflower. It was the fire essence that clung to the flower and would disappear when taken away. It had a strong connection to the sunflower, which radiated terrifying flame energy.

As for the Violet Sea Pearl, it appeared like a deep sea pearl and gave off a violet luster that made them feel auspicious. If one digested the pearl, it was said that they would be able to cultivate from the thick heaven and earth energy scattered in the water, giving them an immense boost in cultivation.

However, such energy only benefited water-attributed cultivators.

Ellia took back the two jade containers into her spatial ring before turning to look at a crimson-robed woman and sent a soul transmission.

"Schleya, you don't mind if we start with you, right?"

"No, it's perfect, as I get to use the element of surprise. Besides…"

Schleya lightly shook her head as she took a step forward. However, she stopped as her head swiveled back.

"He will pay for insulting you."

The corner of Schleya's crimson eyes flashed with murderous light before she turned around and walked forwards with firm yet elegant steps. She left an astonished Ellia before she smiled and understood what exactly she was protecting.

Suddenly, she could hear a giggle from beside her, causing her to notice Shirley.

"Ellia, I almost didn't recognize you. When you faced me for the first time, I can still remember that you were cowering in front of me. To be able to remain calm in front of that kind of provocation, I admire you."

"Oh, that Ellia is long dead- uh, maybe not, but to be able to shake my calmness and will that was nurtured by my elder sister, it is not easy. Why? Because I had a more difficult time digesting elder sister's insults that this isn't anything compared to that."


Shirley was smiling, but her expression quickly turned awkward as she heard Ellia's latter part of the sentence.

"Hehe~ I'm just kidding."

Seeing Shirley's crimson eyes waver, Ellia couldn't help but almost burst out laughing. Her gaze then moved and fell on the two of them, who came into a stare-down.

"Young Miss, if you stare at me like that, I might develop some thoughts over you."

Fletcher's lips curved into a derisive smile, causing Schleya to open her mouth.

"Try me." Her voice was indifferent.

"If you insist."

However, Fletcher's smile became more profound as he gestured to the battle arena.

Schleya closed one of her eyes, "If I get to defeat you, would I become a true disciple?"

"Of course. Although this isn't a promotion battle, it could be considered one since this battle is occurring on top of the proving grounds. There are also many witnesses, so neither of us will be able to go back on our words."

Hearing Fletcher's gloating response as though he had the cat in the bag, Schleya's lips slightly curved, "Good."

She took a step forward and flew into the martial stage, appearing in the limelight as the other three battle stages were empty in expectation of the current battle that awarded treasures.

Fletcher also arrived.

At that moment, everyone's gaze fell on the two of them getting battle-ready as they took out their weapons, neither of them holding anything back!

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