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Chapter 580 - Remembered His Wife’s Graduation Date Wrongly?

Chapter 580: Remembered His Wife’s Graduation Date Wrongly?

Jiang Tingxu huffed a few times and rolled her eyes several times before turning her gaze out of the car window.


The man coughed dryly twice in amusement:

“Alright, don’t be angry anymore. I’ll bring you for fun.”

Trying to coax the child?

Jiang Tingxu’s lips move but did not say anything, but she turned her face:

“I’m not going, I have to go to work in a while.”

“It’s not even 1:00 pm yet, it’s still quite a while from getting to work, why don’t we go watch a movie?”


Forget it.

“I’m not going.”

“We go shopping?”

“Don’t you know how influential you are?”

They would probably blow up the mall before they could even start shopping, right?

Mo Boyuan was very helpless:

“Then, do you have any place you want to go?”

Jiang Tingxu thought about it carefully and realized that she didn’t want to go anywhere, she had basically never gone out shopping in the past few years, so she really didn’t have any hobbies at all.

When the man asked this question, his wife couldn’t really answer.

Ding ~

Suddenly, the phone rang with email notification.

The man obediently shut up and focused on driving.

Jiang Tingxu looked at the email that she had just received:

“There’s no need to struggle anymore. Let’s go to Peking University.”


So shall it be Peking University, it wasn’t like he hadn’t been there before.

Mo Boyuan was quite familiar with the place.

After all, he had once been a freshman in the Finance faculty of the Peking University in Yun City.

On the way, the man asked curiously,

“I remember, you should be graduating from your PhD right? Why do you still have to go?”

She rolled her eyes again, but obviously, the man was already very calm and composed.

“Heh, then you must have remembered wrongly, As of now, I’m still a student.”

Mo Boyuan silently raised his eyebrows, this shouldn’t be!

No matter how he looked at it, the girl should have graduated this year!

He shouldn’t have remembered such a big event wrongly, right?

After that, they drove all the way to Peking University, when the car drove into the school gate, the man was still puzzled:

“Honey, did I really remember wrongly?”

Seeing the man’s serious look, Jiang Tingxu couldn’t help but laugh, she finally explained:

“The year is correct indeed, I should graduate this year. However, I haven’t received my graduation certificate, I might have to wait for a few more days.”

Only then would it be considered actual graduation.


The man heaved a sigh of relief, he remembered correctly, right?

“I’m going to the laboratory to look for the professor, you help yourself.”

“Okay, I’ll go and talk to the principal, call me when you’re done.”

The current principal of Peking University was the professor who had taught Mo Boyuan when he was a freshman, they had been in contact all these years.

Jiang Tingxu was worried about what to do with this man, in the end, he found a place to go to by himself, so there was no need to worry.

“Got it.”

She got out of the car and left.

Mo Boyuan started the car and leave, the medical faculty and the finance faculty were not at the same location.

In the laboratory, Jiang Tingxu walked in and many of them greeted her.

“Junior Sister, you’re here?”

“Hello, Senior Brother.”

“Are you looking for Lao Huang?”

“No, I’m looking for Lao Qu.”

She could meet Lao Huang in the hospital at any time, there was no need for her to make this trip.

“Lao Qu seems to be in the office.”


Jiang Tingxu nodded:

“Then I’ll go to the office to look for him.”


A few minutes later, Jiang Tingxu did see him in the office:

“Professor Qu.”

“You’re here? So soon?”

He was puzzled, didn’t he just sent an email?

Jiang Tingxu’s lips twitched speechlessly:

“I just happened to be nearby, I came over after I received your email.”

Lao Qu nodded:

“Alright, sit down, let’s talk.”

After Jiang Tingxu sat down, Lao Qu took a document out from the drawer:

“This is the thesis you submitted previously, it has already passed all the reviews, next Monday, we will have a debate session in the lecture hall.”

Although she had somewhat guessed earlier, at this moment, she still felt excitement:

“Yes, professor.”

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