Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3642: Crown Prince

Chapter 3642: Crown Prince

They scoured through several more large stores only to fail regarding Li Qiye’s search. Yang Ling became hungry in the meantime.

“Young Master, let’s eat something first, I can’t walk anymore.” She complained.

“That’s fine.” Li Qiye wasn’t in a hurry to buy materials. This was just a leisure stroll to him.

Her eyes lit up as she smiled: “I know a vegetarian place, it’s super hot right now, always busy even on regular days and we need to have reservation too. But it’s okay, I know someone there…” She started swallowing her saliva after thinking about the food.

“Seems like helping me buy materials is just an excuse, you’re just here to eat.” Li Qiye saw her gluttonous appearance and said.

“No, absolutely not, I’m clearly here to help you.” Yang Ling turned red and denied it with haste.

“I see, let’s go then.” Li Qiye chuckled and nodded.

Yang Ling cheered and then grabbed his hand to pull him forward. This girl was clearly familiar with this place and had a food plan laid out.

The restaurant turned out to be a pavilion temple, clearly famous evident from the guests waiting in line.

Yang Ling did know someone here. They walked inside and met the chubby manager. She smiled and said: “Uncle Qin, I’m here again. Is there any available seat? I brought the young master to try some food.”

“You ran out of the academy again?” The manager stared at Yang Ling with doting eyes, clearly unable to say no to her. He seemed to be a senior.

“No, we’re here on official business.” She said.

He gossiped with the two and prepared an elegant corner near the window with a great view. One could see everything going on below. It was quiet as well; they wouldn’t be bothered here.

“Hehe, see, I told you I knew someone here.” Yang Ling gloated after sitting down.

Li Qiye smiled and started looking around the place.

A while later, the food ordered by Yang Ling arrived one by one. She stopped talking and started eating, no longer looking like a noble lady from Duality and more like a hungry ghost. She opened her mouth wide and chowed down.

“Yo-ung M-aster, e-at.” She spoke with her mouth filled with food and her cheeks puffed out.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye had a taste and nodded approvingly. He only sampled the dishes without eating too much.

His eyes then fell on a guest not far from there, seemingly a woman with a table all to herself.

She covered herself from top to bottom with a black robe. It was impossible to see her figure - fat or thin. However, from the exposed section of the veiled hat, her hair was white - looking pulchritudinous and enchanting.

The ground behind her randomly flashed with a faint light. She purposely hid this phenomenon but this wasn’t enough to hide from Li Qiye’s eyes.

Her table was covered with different dishes but she only had a few bites. It seemed that she wasn’t in the mood for eating.

She occasionally looked outside, perhaps worrying about something. The lower half of her face was covered by a veil but a discerning soul could notice a frown.

“Young Master?” Yang Ling stopped eating and noticed Li Qiye’s gaze.

She became curious and took a look too. Of course, she didn’t think Li Qiye was stealing glances or had a crush on this girl. After all, he was completely aloof even when hanging around a top beauty like Chi Xiaoyue.

The girl’s secretive clothing style also perplexed Yang Ling. However, people from all over the world came to Wish Ward. This wasn’t especially strange.

The girl seemed to have noticed the gazes and became alerted. She stood up, paid the bill, and left in a hurry.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t mind. He went back to eating.

“Young Master, there’s a problem with that girl?” Yang Ling finally swallowed her food and asked. Something extraordinary must be going on to warrant Li Qiye’s interest.

“No, just thinking about a few things.” Li Qiye smiled: “After all, seeing a member of that race is quite rare. What a coincidence.”

“What race is she from?” Yang Ling had no idea because it was impossible to see her figure, let alone noticing anything else.

Li Qiye didn’t answer. Of course, he only found this strange, not actually caring too much.

Yang Ling was smart and didn’t pursue the matter. She went back to start a battle with the food again.

A while later, someone came over and slightly bowed towards Li Qiye: “You must be Senior Brother Li.”

Yang Ling who was immersed in a culinary experience was surprised to hear someone else. She looked up and saw a scholarly youth standing by their table.

He wore an embroidered robe that wasn’t overly flashy. The craftsmanship was excellent and exquisite, adding to his noble aura.

“Your Highness.” Yang Ling got up and bowed after seeing his face.

“Relax when we’re outside.” He smiled and shook his head.

“Yes.” Li Qiye had no reaction and kept on eating his food.

“Brother, may I sit down?” The youth asked politely.

Li Qiye nodded and the youth sat down.

“Young Master, he is the crown prince of Vajra.” Yang Ling quietly told Li Qiye to change the latter’s attitude.

Yang Ling’s reaction was warranted. This youth was going to inherit the throne and become the ruler of Vajra.

Her father was only a marquis; his status was far higher than hers.

“Mmm.” Li Qiye casually responded, still didn’t give a damn.

Yang Ling couldn’t do anything about it because Li Qiye treated everyone in this manner.

“I’ve heard of your magnificent feat at Myriad Beast Mountains.” The smiling crown prince didn’t seem to mind.

“I wouldn’t call killing 100,000 soldiers of your dynasty a magnificent feat.” Li Qiye glanced at him and smirked.

Yang Ling’s heart skipped a beat. The senior defender’s army was naturally a part of Vajra. Now, this was definitely the wrong way to start a conversation with its crown prince.

The prince’s smile became a little awkward. He shook his head and said: “I’m not involved with the military, the Grand Commander and Minister of War are responsible for that.”

This was a good response since he absolved of any responsibility with this issue. He wasn’t here to talk about it nor to capture Li Qiye.

“What is it?” Li Qiye smiled at him.

This might have been a coincidental meeting but the crown prince certainly had a reason for introducing himself.

“I’ll get straight to business then.” He cupped his fist and asked: “Brother, may I take a look at the blade hanging by your waist?”

Yang Ling couldn’t help taking a look. She recalled that Li Qiye used it to chop firewood.

“Why not?” Li Qiye casually tossed it at the prince.

The latter became startled and caught it. He held it with both hands; his expression became one of respect to Yang Ling’s astonishment.

“Yes, it is a divine blade indeed.” He eventually nodded and praised.

He withdrew his gaze and asked Li Qiye: “Brother, could you tell me how the blade fell into your possession?”

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