Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 3: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (3)

Chapter 3: Yun Family's Eldest Miss (3)

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"This is your attitude towards your grandfather?"


Yun Luofeng laughed before saying, "When you were guarding the border, did you ever care about me, your granddaughter? When I suffered from humiliation, who stood up for me? When someone schemed against me, and I hoped for someone to stand out and protect me, where were you?"

If General Yun Luo did not guard the border, would the former Yun Luofeng live such a miserable life? Or even be framed and ruined?

Therefore, she held resentment in her heart towards this grandfather who left home when she was four and never came back afterward.

It was due to the resentment of this body’s former owner that she would speak like this to the old man.

However, once Yun Luofeng finished saying this, she felt her whole body relax as if something broke free. She knew that it was because she spoke what this body's original owner wanted to say, causing the last remaining trace of regret in this body to disappear.

The young girl's accusing voice made the furious Yun Luo calm down. His aged body laid weak and limp in the chair with a bitter smile on his face.

He knew that he owed his granddaughter a lot for all these years.

Particularly her words just now, they were like a heavy stick ruthlessly hitting his heart, making it unbearably tight. In the end, all he could do was heavily sigh.

Since ancient times, it was difficult for devotion and filial duty to coexist—the same with loyalty and family. For his loyalty towards His Majesty, he set aside his granddaughter, who was only four years old, and went to the border. He was gone for a whole ten years, just what kind of life did she live for the last ten years as someone who couldn't cultivate?

But, once he returned, he disregarded what was right and wrong, and rebuked his granddaughter for those rumors.

"Feng'er…" Yun Luo lifted his calloused hand and shakily extended them toward Yun Luofeng before weakly putting it down in the end. "Grandfather wronged you and also wronged the entire Yun Clan. Your parents sacrificed themselves for the country, but Grandfather didn't take good care of you."

At that moment, the originally high-spirited General Yun Luo seemed to have aged a few years.

Before, he was this angry because he was disappointed in her! But he appeared to have forgotten that she was left parentless at three, and he himself left home when she was four. Nobody had disciplined her since she was young, so how could she possibly meet his expectations?

He could still vaguely remember when he had to leave back then, how the four-year-old Xiao Luofeng pulled on his clothes, begging him to not leave.

In the end, for the safety of the citizens of Long Yuan Kingdom, he heartlessly left her.

"If there’s nothing else, then I’m going back to rest," Yun Luofeng sleepily blinked her eyes and languidly spoke.

Seeing the indifference on the young girl’s face, there was a touch of guilt deep in Yun Luo’s eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but all the words felt stuck in his throat, so he could not voice out a single sound.

"Go then."

Finally, he lightly sighed and weakly dismissed her with his hand. These two words seemed to have exhausted all his strength, and he collapsed back with his eyes closed.

At this time, General Yun Luo no longer seemed to be as vigorous as he was on the battlefield. He appeared incredibly frail, as though he had his candle blown out by the wind. It was almost unbearable for Yun Luofeng, but, in the end, she said nothing and turned around to leave the study room.

It wasn't until the white figure disappeared that Yun Luo reopened his eyes. With a bitter look on his face, he stared at the empty space in the study room and asked, "Qingya, was I really wrong?"

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