God Emperor

Chapter 2136 - Like a God, Like a Demon

Chapter 2136: Like a God, Like a Demon

Yan Wushen, a name that made the Celestial Court and Infernal Court afraid of, was the symbol of invincibility below the Supreme Saint.

No one had expected that Yan Wushen would appear in Luoshui at this time. Was it a coincidence, or was he here for Zhang Ruochen?

What an evil aura. It can even corrode the awakened sacred land into a death waste. Just how many creatures has he killed?

Rumour has it, Yan Wushen is either good or evil. Once he falls into the evil side, he will go on a killing spree. Even if the cultivators of the Infernal Court provoke him, he will kill them regardless.

The extremely dark Yama Qi that Yan Wushen cultivates is getting more and more terrifying. It’s best to retreat a little further. If one can’t resist it and got infected, one will only die in a hysterical frenzy.

The cultivators from the Celestial Court and the Infernal Court have no choice but to retreat. They fear the incomparably evil Yan Wushen.

Yan Wushen stood on the black soil and water. He wore black armor that was as black as ink. His black hair fluttered in the wind, and the evil aura emanating from his body grew stronger and stronger. He was like a demonic god with heinous sins, looking down on heaven and earth.

In Yan Wushen’s hand was a man. He was dripping with blood and had a big hole in his chest. No one could tell if he was still alive.

Seeing this man, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes darkened, and said. “Jiang Yunchong.”

He recognized this man, the mysterious Tianjue Pavilion Master, Jiang Yunchong. He was also the first Re-Awakener in Kunlun Realm.

Back then, Mr. Godcliff wanted to attack the Eastern Region Holy City. Thanks to Jiang Yunchong, he was able to stop him. Later, he joined hands with Murong Yefeng to heavily injure Mr. Godcliff.

Jiang Yunchong was very powerful. He could fight against Mr. Godcliff, who was an Array Master. At that time, he hadn’t fully recovered his strength.

Zhang Ruochen hadn’t expected to meet Jiang Yunchong again in such a situation.

He could see that although Jiang Yunchong was seriously injured, he was still alive.

Yan Wushen gazed at Zhang Ruochen, he said, “When I heard that you killed Son of Darkness, I knew that there was finally a Saint King who was qualified to die at my hands. So, I came to the Eastern Region to look for you, the State Prince of the Eastern Region.

“I went to the Eastern Region Holy City first, but unfortunately, I didn’t find any traces of you. What’s more disappointing is that there aren’t any decent powerhouses in the Eastern Region Holy City. Only he can barely make it to the top.

“Looking at your expression just now, you should know him… hmm… how about this, I’ll give you a chance to prove your strength. If you can beat me, I’ll let him go. If you lose, I’ll hand him over to Mara. You know why. Scion of Time and Space, you won’t let me down too much, right?”

Zhang Ruochen had heard about Yan Wushen’s recent evil deeds. He had massacred hundreds of millions of humans in the Central Region. Now that he had forced his way into the Eastern Region Holy City, there would probably be rivers of blood there.

After taking the Seal of Flames from Chen Yuhua, Zhang Ruochen became the State Prince of the Eastern Region. Yan Wushen’s massacre in the Eastern Region Holy City was undoubtedly a huge provocation to him.

Since Yan Wushen had appeared here, it means that the array of the Eastern Region Holy City could not hold him back. Just how powerful was he?

Zhang Ruochen suppressed the anger in his heart and tried his best to remain calm and said, “Yan Wushen, if you want to fight, I’ll fight with you. Since the Eastern Region of Kunlun Realm is my territory, whoever dares to act recklessly here has to pay the price.”

“Good. You have personality. I like it.” Yan Wushen nodded.

Nether Demon held the shrunken Hadean Furnace with one hand and said, “Yan Wushen, this is between the Nether Clan and Zhang Ruochen. You don’t have to interfere.”

Yan Wushen said indifferently, “I don’t need your permission to do anything. Besides, don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough?”

Nether Buddha frowned slightly and said. “Yan Wushen, we don’t mind if you want to kill the others, but Zhang Ruochen is our target. You can’t touch him.”

The pride of the Nether Clan had to be saved by the Netherkin powerhouses. Besides, both Nether Demon and Nether Buddha had absolute confidence in their strength. They could crush Zhang Ruochen.


The aura from Yan Wushen’s body suddenly emanated. The extremely dark Yama Qi surged. Behind him, an extremely evil phantom of a demon appeared.

Instantly, the sky and earth changed color. The void exploded and thunder filled the sky. It was as if the heavens were angry and wanted to punish the world.

Yan Wushen slowly rose into the air. Looking down at Nether Demon and Nether Buddha, he said in a cold voice, “Do you two want to fight me first?”


Nether Demon raised his eyebrows and he was about to flare up.

At the critical moment, Nether Buddha reached out and pulled him back, he said telepathically, “Don’t mess with Yan Wushen. If you mess with him, he’ll do anything. Since he wants to deal with Zhang Ruochen, let him do it! We’ll wait and see. As long as Zhang Ruochen was rid of for good.”

Thinking of this person’s style, he wasn’t easy to mess with. Nether Demon’s eyes narrowed. He thought for a while and finally calmed down.

Nether Demon snorted and didn’t say anything else.

“So overbearing. It seems the rumors are true. Once Yan Wushen falls into evil, he’ll be completely unrestrained. Whoever messes with him will be the unfortunate ones.”

Many of the cultivators on the scene couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Their fear of Yan Wushen grew.

At this moment, Yan Wushen swept his gaze across the area. With a wave of his sleeve, he sent all the cultivators in the distance flying. Huge waves rose in Luoshui. Even the Azure Dragon, Moyin, and Great Prince Mara were unable to withstand it. They fell into the depths of Luoshui along with the waves.

Boom! Boom!

Some cultivators with weaker cultivations exploded and turned into a blood mist, including those from the Infernal Court.

“Those who aren’t qualified to stay here, you’d better get lost. I’m fighting with Zhang Ruochen, and a bunch of ants dares to spy on me?”

Yan Wushen’s cold voice rang out.

Hearing this, all the cultivators were shocked and they didn’t dare to stay any longer. They all ran away as fast as they could. Even Nether demon and Nether Buddha retreated far away.

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze locked at Yan Wushen.

Zhang Ruochen had heard of the name—Yan Wushen—a long time ago. He had also heard many legends about it. Now that he finally met the real person and was about to fight him, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“The strongest cultivator below the Supreme Saint of the Infernal Court. Let me see if you are really invincible, Yan Wushen,” Zhang Ruochen said proudly.

In a battle of the same level, Zhang Ruochen was not afraid of anyone. Even Yan Wushen, who had countless legends, was no exception.

Yan Wushen said, “Many people have the same thoughts as you. But they all died at my hands, and you will be one of them.”

There had never been anyone who could defeat him before, and there would never be anyone who could defeat him in the future. No matter who he faced, his belief in invincibility would not waver.

Zhang Ruochen did not say anything more. He tried his best to adjust his condition to the best.

He did not dare to be careless in the face of an opponent like Yan Wushen. He had to give it his all.

Yan Wushen waved his hand and put away Jiang Yunchong. Then, he casually pointed a finger out.

The space was like a flat mirror on the surface of a lake. Ripples were set off at the tip of his finger. Wherever the ripples passed, the geography of the surrounding mountains changed dramatically. Mountain ridges rose from the ground and wrapped Zhang Ruochen layer by layer.

Looking down from the sky, the land within a radius of 10,000 miles seemed to have turned into a picture. The mountain ridges that rose from the picture corresponded to the spatial ripples in front of Yan Wushen.

“He raised his hand to draw heaven and earth and changed it with his fingers. Yan Wushen’s attainments in the Path of Dimension have reached such a level.”

Zhang Ruochen moved. He mobilized the Precepts of Dimension in his body and released powerful dimensional power. It formed a mysterious wave and resonated with the entire space.

There was no big movement, but the mountains quickly disintegrated and turned into dust, scattering in the air.

“Not bad.”

Yan Wushen smiled wickedly and raised his right finger forward.

Instantly, the ground beneath his feet began to churn. It rose thousands of feet. Flowers, trees, mountains, hills, rivers… They all rose into the sky above the clouds and rolled toward Zhang Ruochen.

As if heaven and earth were being reversed!

All the cultivators who stood in the distance and looked at the battlefield trembled. Even a Supreme Saint couldn’t display such a technique.

Besides the cultivators, even the Emissaries Vigilant from the outer realm looked at each other in shock.

Zhang Ruochen spread out his five fingers and pressed them toward the sky. He uttered a word, “Break.”

His five fingers seemed to have turned into a Realm of Palm Strike, emitting dazzling saint ray. His fingerprints and palm prints were like mountains and rivers. The Realm of Palm Strike collided with the land of the Eastern Region in the sky. An earth-shaking sound burst out, and the entire territory of the Eastern Region trembled slightly.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the ground and looked up.

The land of thousands of miles shattered. Countless mountains, rivers, rocks, and scorched earth fell. The entire world seemed to be destroyed.

“Good, good. I’m glad that I have come to the Eastern Region to kill you.”

Yan Wushen laughed loudly. He put his hands together and rubbed them together.

The mountains, rivers, plants, mud, and rocks that fell in the air were quickly gathered together by an invisible Power of Dimension. With a rub from Yan Wushen’s hands, the gathered things transformed into a floating planet with a diameter of thousands of miles and rolled slowly.

The planet created by Yan Wushen using the land of thousands of miles in the Eastern Region made a humming sound every time it rolled. The surface of the planet was accompanied by the light of thunder and lightning. It condensed into clouds, rainbows, and rain. It was as if a new world had formed.

Naturally, Zhang Ruochen did not want to be outdone. He stared at the outer realm. His gaze fell on an asteroid hovering near Kunlun Realm.

He grabbed it through the Power of Dimension.

The asteroid, which was millions of miles high in the sky of Kunlun Realm, fell rapidly. It passed through the atmosphere and burned like a blazing sun. It collided with the planet formed by Yan Wushen.


The two planets collided. The area around Luoshui and Royal Mountain turned dark. Countless firestones shot out in all directions like meteors.

Yan Wushen and Zhang Ruochen stood on this destructive battlefield. One was like a demon and the other was like a god.

At this moment, Yan Wushen’s eyes finally became serious. He began to face his opponent in front of him.


Zhang Ruochen made the first move and gathered robust dimensional power at his fingertip and pointed out. An invisible dimensional power disregarded the dimensional barrier and arrived before Yan Wushen in an instant.


Suddenly, the space where Yan Wushen at was distorted violently. It collapsed and compressed crazily as if it was going to be compressed into a thin piece of paper.

Yan Wushen’s eyes were indifferent. He waved his finger lightly, and more violent ripples appeared in the space. Like a breeze, they disintegrated Zhang Ruochen’s power bits by bits.

In the next moment, Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen moved at the same time. Both of them executed dimensional techniques. Their speed was faster than anyone could imagine. It was hard to see clearly.


The spaces shattered one after another and filling the atmosphere with destructive power. The scene was extremely terrifying.

It truly was a peak-level battle. Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen were both Masters of Space. It was unknown who was better based on their attainment.


Zhang Ruochen revealed himself and retreated quickly.

“Still a little lacking.”

Yan Wushen whispered and attacked again.

Zhang Ruochen flipped his hand and took out the Secret Tome of Time and Space to increase the power of his space techniques.

He had cultivated 680,000 Precepts of Dimension, which was already a lot. Few people in the Saint King realm could achieve it.

But Yan Wushen had cultivated more Precepts of Dimension than him, at least 800,000. It wasn’t that Yan Wushen was more talented than him, but that he had cultivated for a munch longer time and accumulated more.

If Zhang Ruochen had more time, he was fully confident that he could cultivate more than 800,000 Precepts of Dimension.

The only way to make up for the gap now was to use the Secret Tome of Time and Space.

Yan Wushen discharged the extremely dark Yama Qi. It quickly condensed and formed 999 shadow clones. Each clone was extremely sturdy and gave off a powerful aura. It was comparable to a Saint King with high cultivation.

“The Thousand Yama Shadows is a forbidden technique of the Yama Clan. One has to cultivate it to the Supreme Saint realm to have a chance of succeeding. Yan Wushen is indeed terrifying.”

Luo Sha looked surprised.

Even though these shadow clones were formed from the extremely dark Yama Qi, they all possessed extremely terrifying powers. When they were combined, even a Neverwither Supreme Saint would have to step back.

Yan Wushen and his 999 shadow clones formed the same seal.

A thousand arcane seals overlapped and formed an ancient mottled stone bridge. It was thousands of miles long and stretched across the void.

On the bridge, there were three words carved from an unknown ancient era.

“The Bridge of Vaitarna.”

A demonic voice sounded and reverberated in void space.

Vaguely, countless soul shadows appeared on the mottled stone bridge. They were all extremely ferocious. They struggled desperately to break free.

Zhang Ruochen felt a strange power enveloping him. It wanted to pull his Saint Soul out of his body.

The mottled stone bridge moved and pressed down on Zhang Ruochen.

At the same time, the soul shadows rushed out of the stone bridge. They screamed and pounced on Zhang Ruochen crazily.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression was solemn. He held his state of mind and released the pure white Divine Purification Flame.

Driven by the Saint Qi, the Divine Purification Flame quickly turned into a sea of fire that covered hundreds of miles.

“The pure white Divine Purification Flame. This is an Emperor-level flame. Legend has it that only those who have reached the Hundred-Shackle Realm have a chance of cultivating it. How did Zhang Ruochen succeed in cultivating?”

All of a sudden, many cultivators look surprised.

The power of Emperor-level flame was extremely terrifying. As soon as the soul shadows approached, they were burned into nothingness. Nothing was left behind.

However, the mottled stone bridge couldn’t be burned. Instead, it could suppress the Divine Purification Flame.

Zhang Ruochen held the Secret Tome of Time and Space. He used all of his Precepts of Dimension to perform the second level of Dimensional Annihilation.

Hundreds and thousands of Precepts of Dimension merged into the space before him, creating violent ripples like waves.


The space within a radius of tens of thousands of meters was destroyed in an instant.

Although the mottled stone bridge was extraordinary, it was still shattered by Yan Wushen and his 999 ghostly counterparts.


A terrifying power hit Zhang Ruochen’s body, forcing him to retreat.

With a muffled groan, blood dripped from the corner of Zhang Ruochen’s mouth.

Yan Wushen’s body shook violently, and he also took a step back.

“Take another punch from me.”

1,000 Yan wushen shouted at the same time.

Then, 1,000 Yan Wushen moved together, releasing endless extremely dark Yama Qi. Behind each of them, an evil phantom of a demon condensed. Black flames burned on the surface of their bodies as if they could burn everything in the world.

After performing the Thousand Yama Shadows, Yan Wushen’s power had indeed weakened a lot.

However, when 1,000 Yan Wushen attacked at the same time, no matter what saint technique they used, the power would undoubtedly be doubled.

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze displayed ferocity. His left leg released majestic divine power and his entire body turned red. Millions of thick Precepts of God emerged, like red chains.

Let me see how powerful Yanshen’s leg can be after breaking the second seal,’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

Zhang Ruochen poured his Saint Qi into his left leg continuously. He activated vast divine force and then displayed the Nine-Heaven God’s Step. He unleashed the power of Yanshen’s leg without hesitation.

The unparalleled divine force was released. It surged in all directions.

All of a sudden, Luoshui within thousands of miles boiled and evaporated quickly.

The land melted quickly and turned into a huge lava lake.


The powerful saint techniques cast by thousands of Yan Wushen were all dissolved in an instant.

Apart from Yan Wushen’s vessel, his 999 shadow clones all fell back and suffered a strong impact.

Zhang Ruochen’s body swayed slightly. He activated a million Precepts of God in Yanshen’s leg and instantly used up all his Saint Qi.

However, in the next moment, the Golden Sun of Destruction shook and released majestic Saint Qi. It quickly flowed through Zhang Ruochen’s limbs and bones, filling his body with Saint Qi again.

The Saint Qi was compressed and stored in the Golden Sun of Destruction by Zhang Ruochen in advance, in case his Saint Qi was depleted during the battle.

The Saint Qi stored in the Golden Sun of Destruction still allows me to recover twice more. If it’s not necessary, I can’t use Yanshen’s leg at full strength once more,’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

Yanshen’s leg was powerful, but it consumed too much Saint Qi.

Although the Golden Sun of Destruction could store Saint Qi, yet there was a limit. It couldn’t be squandered.

Of course, with the Sacred Seven-star Lingzhi’s Sun Leaf, as long as the Saint Qi in his body wasn’t exhausted, he could recover quickly.

“Is Zhang Ruochen’s leg a god’s leg? How can he release such powerful divine force?”

“He can even resist the saint techniques cast by thousands of Yan Wushen. Zhang Ruochen is getting overpowered.”

“Will the history of Yan Wushen’s invincibility be changed this time?”

“Others may not be able to do it, but Zhang Ruochen is The Scion of Time and Space. He has never been defeated at the same level. Perhaps he can create a miracle and pull Yan Wushen down from the invincible altar.”

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