God of Fishing

Chapter 1958 - Attack the Enemies with the Stench

Chapter 1958: Attack the Enemies with the Stench

Perhaps in the Yin-Yang World, Han Fei’s mission was to destroy sea demons and protect the human race.

However, in the Raging Sea, the so-called enemies and friends were just relative. Perhaps he and the Hundred Demon Race were still enemies, but under the current circumstances, they might join forces.

In the Yin-Yang World, Tang Yan and the others looked at each other. The battle outside had already involved the Sky Opening realm? How strong was the combat power?

Hearing Han Fei’s shout, a brawny white-haired old man suddenly appeared above the sea. The old man looked at Han Fei. “Boy, your method is to ally with sea demons?”

Han Fei shouted, “Senior, are you just watching the three Sky Openers of the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces attack me? Is this your so-called fairness?”


A big octopus tentacle tore through the void and appeared on the battlefield.

“Taiyuan! Han Fei is right! Bei Luochen and the others are really shameless. As Sky Openers, they’re bullying a Sea Establishment Realm junior. In this case, why do you have to maintain the so-called fairness here?”

Old Man Taiyuan snorted. “It seems that you are going to stand on Han Fei’s side today, right? Fine. Four against four. Now it’s fair , isn’t it?”

On the other side, an old man who looked very much like a human came with a spear in his hand. He said in a deep voice, “It’s indeed been a long time since the last Sky Opening realm war. As for the Sea Establishment realm war, it’s none of our business.”

The big octopus of the Hundred Demon Clan also said, “The Sea Establishers of our race, just watch the human race’s internal strife.”

Han Fei was relieved. That’s right! If he were a member of the hundred demon race or an undersea human, he would also create opportunities for the human race to kill each other.

Not only that, he would even send Sea Establishers to ambush some human Sea Establishers.

It was just that there was no need for an ambush today.

It just so happened that in Han Fei’s current state, it was obvious that he couldn’t take the crystal-ball small world. This crystal ball was too heavy. If he pulled it with the golden light jumping technique, even his palm would shatter. Even if he used all his strength, he could at most move the crystal ball. If he wanted to take it away, the success rate was minimal.

At this moment, Huo Bulie and the nine kings had arrived at the same time. Even Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. It would be fine if he was to only deal with one person, but ten Sea Establishers had come at the same time. Besides, none of these people looked weak. It was extremely difficult to kill them instantly.

But Han Fei had the Invincible Heart. How would he be afraid?

Seeing that the kings were approaching, Han Fei made up his mind and a golden light flashed between his eyebrows. “Invincible Eye, open.”


Han Fei’s momentum soared again. In an instant, he flipped his hand, and two strange powers were grabbed in his hand. The Immortal Qi and the Fiendish energy instantly intertwined and were released.

Immediately, Huo Bulie’s pupils were constricted, and he shouted, “All kings, help me. Try your best to resist this blow.”

As the master of the Golden Crow World, Huo Bulie instantly judged the power of Han Fei’s blow, so he immediately changed from attack to defense.

He shouted, “Golden Crow Sun, Fire Sun Divine Wheel, suppress.”

A dazzling flame divine disc extended from the sea, like a miniature planet materializing.

At the same time, one Sea Establishment power after another blocked in front of Huo Bulie, forming a nine-level king barrier.

The attack of the Immortal Fiend Saber was like the power of an immortal. Although it was extremely powerful, it was just an attack after all. Breaking the defense of ten kings in a row was still a little difficult.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Shattering eight barriers in a row, the power of the Immortal Fiend Saber didn’t really break through the ninth level of the Sea Establishment Realm protective power. But even so, these kings were all shocked. This guy had such ferocious power. How long had it been since he became a king? He actually wanted to fight ten kings alone?

More importantly, he almost did it.

“Tweet ~”

In the sun-like fire disc, a fire bird flew out, and the flames of the world rushed to Han Fei in an instant. This was an attack, and the bird form was just a form.


The only thing Han Fei had time to do was to fuse with Little Fatty. Although Little Fatty hadn’t reached the level of a Half-King yet, its ability was very strong and could block 90% of the attacks. In addition, he had fused with Little Fatty’s body and should be able to block king-level attacks several times.

Of course, that being said, Han Fei had already put on his battle suit. The battle suit he was wearing was forged from the Divine Demon Vine Grass Leaf and the Ancient Mystic Turtle Shell Armor he bought in the Martial Emperor City. In terms of quality, it was comparable to a mid-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.

In this way, Han Fei’s defense power could be said to have reached an astonishing height.

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei’s attack didn’t work out, and Huo Bulie’s Golden Crow Fire Bird had already arrived.


The terrifying explosion directly collapsed the space where Han Fei was, creating an endless void. But in the aftermath of the explosion, Han Fei’s battle suit was slightly tattered, blood oozed from the corner of his mouth, and Little Fatty’s phantom directly lost two tentacles.

Huo Bulie felt a chill down his spine. This person’s defense power was so terrifying and his physique was so strong. Under his powerful bombardment, Han Fei was only slightly injured. It could be seen how strong he was.

On the other side, Chen Guangjia, Xue Ran, Zhou Chen, and Black Phoenix, who were also secretly observing, looked at each other, especially Black Phoenix who looked shocked and angry.

In the end, Han Fei still had to fight these people alone?

Black Phoenix asked, “Should we help?”

Xue Ran said, “Help? Black Phoenix! Look at the level of this battle. On Huo Bulie’s side, any random person is enough to kill one of us, and he has nine such people with him. Look at us, how many of us are there?”

Chen Guangjia nodded slightly. “Xue Ran is right. The ten pirate groups sound powerful, and each of them has a king, but who really dares to fight these Heavenly Palace powerhouses?”

Zhou Chen frowned. No one knew what he was thinking. He looked at Black Phoenix and asked, “Will it work if we attack?”

Black Phoenix made up her mind. “Everyone, don’t forget how keen Han Fei’s perception is. He knows that we are nearby. At this moment, the Sky Openers are blocked, and only he is left fighting the kings. We have four kings here, but we don’t help him at all. How do you think Han Fei will deal with us if he survives?”

Chen Guangjia said, “Didn’t they say that we just need to deal with the kings of the thirteen worlds in the outer domain?”

Black Phoenix said, “Are you stupid? Which king of the thirteen worlds in the outer domain dare to attack? I bet a batch of them must have come and are hiding in the dark. If they don’t take action now, they probably won’t.”

In fact.

As Black Phoenix said, in this battle in the Wild Abyss, at least seven or eight kings had secretly come. Among them were Snow Lady and Huang Jie, as well as Hong Yue and Yan Wen.

It could be said that they were all thinking about whether to fight or not.

As for the Snow Lady and Huang Jie, they were considering whether to help or not. But if the two of them took action today, as mere Heavenly Palaces in the outer domain, once this matter ended, they would probably be crushed to death. This made it difficult for them to choose.

Although allies were allies, Han Fei had obviously not been full-fledged enough yet. If they exposed that they were his allies at this moment, they might be killed.

In the field, Han Fei was already fighting Huo Bulie and the others with great techniques. If he didn’t use a fatal move to fight the enemy, no matter how strong he was, he could only blow the enemy back but not kill them.

In particular, there were three jerks from the Soul Sealing World among them. The three of them used the God Descending Art at the same time. Each of them carried a triangular halo on his back and attacked Han Fei. One bombarded his soul, one caused an abnormality in his blood Qi, and the other attacked him head-on.

And these were only the three people from the Soul Sealing World. There were also kings from the Infinity World and the Golden Crow World. Which of them could be weak?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the kings besieged Han Fei, they bombarded the crystal ball from time to time to distract Han Fei. Once he was distracted in the Sea Establishment battle, he might give the other party a chance.

Even though Han Fei and the others were in a melee, he couldn’t defend against their bombardment on the crystal ball.

“Son of a b * tch!”

Han Fei was furious. He activated the Infinity Water and shouted, “Explode!”

In an instant, a large cloud of black smoke swept hundreds of thousands of kilometers around. Han Fei cursed, “Come on, let me smoke you to death.”



Even Huo Bulie kept vomiting. It felt like he had eaten a jar of shit. Even a king couldn’t withstand it!

This black mist was the stink that Han Fei collected in the Land of King Death. Anyway, he had eaten the Sun Suppressing Pearl that suppressed filth, but these people didn’t!

Although they were all Sea Establishers, they would definitely be affected by this stench.

It couldn’t hurt them, but it was enough to disgust them.

Therefore, at this moment, Han Fei burst out and used all his strength to stab a king closest to him with All Great Daos in One Sword.


When the Void Lines pressed down so fiercely, Han Fei let out a dragon roar that shook the sky and directly shattered this person’s soul. Even so, Han Fei pretended to shatter half of this person’s body and smashed him to the side of another king.

Seeing that this guy was thrown at him, the man instinctively wanted to help, but the moment he touched this person, Han Fei shouted again, “Explode!”

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