Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2736

Chapter 2736: Elder Mei

Needless to say, the subordinate had gone to get some help.

Gongsun Mu rose to his feet and said, “We can’t delay anymore. Let’s go to the Secret Essence Mine!”

All the tutors went with him.

It was like Mr. Yang had said. Because of the formation, people felt dizzy before they got close to the Secret Essence Mine. They couldn’t even stand still.

They had to stop when they were several hundred meters away.

Things had been calm when Feng Wu and the others were still outside the mine. However, the formation had been activated when they went in.

The Secret Essence Mine was surrounded by a powerful wind that could cut one’s skin open.

The area within a hundred meters of the Secret Essence Mine had become a meat grinder.

“Mr. Gongsun, what should we do?” Everyone looked at Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu’s face darkened.

They couldn’t get close to the mine, let alone enter it.

Mr. Yang volunteered. “Sir, shall I give it a go?”

Gongsun Mu didn’t answer.

Mr. Yang said solemnly, “Sir, my students are trapped inside, and they’re my responsibility. They may still be alive! I can’t just stand here and let them die!”

Gongsun Mu nodded. “Give it a go. Come back here immediately if it doesn’t feel right.”

Mr. Yang nodded.

He took a deep breath and commanded the wind, “Stop!”

Then, he charged at the Secret Essence Mine like a shooting arrow.

If the wind hadn’t been blowing, Mr. Yang could have reached the mine in a split second.

But now…

As he approached the windy zone, he covered his entire body with his spiritual essence.


He backed away before he could reach the mine.

When he returned, the others were shocked to see the state he was in.

How did that happen?

His face was covered with cuts.

So were his hands and his entire body. His clothes were in tatters.

He was covered in blood.

“Mr. Yang, are you alright?” the others asked in concern.

Mr. Yang shook his head. “The wind is too strong. I exerted all my strength, but I still couldn’t enter.”

Mr. Yang was a Spiritual King. If even he couldn’t enter…

“The only way is to stop this wind.” Mr. Duan frowned.

“How? This is a Level 8 formation, and we can’t stop it once it has been activated. If we could do that, we wouldn’t have to wait for so many years.” Mr. Yin smiled bitterly.

Gongsun Mu was a capable cultivator, but he knew very little about formations and didn’t know what to do.

“Elder Mei is here!” Gongsun Mu’s servant arrived with Elder Mei.

Elder Mei?

The name was a pleasant surprise.

Imperial College had more than these tutors and chiefs.

The school was full of culture and history, and the tutors alone wouldn’t be able to support such a complicated system.

Imperial College had 36 mysterious elders in total.

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