Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 905 - Waiting for A New Day, Or Death (12)

Chapter 905: Waiting for A New Day, Or Death (12)

Mu Xichen felt even more relieved to see her reaction. He couldn’t help feeling excited. He lowered his head and kissed her on her face twice, then drew her into his embrace.

Already an attractive couple, this intimate interaction between Li Beinian and Mu Xichen very quickly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Mu Xichen gripped Li Beinian tightly by her arms, almost lifting her off her feet. Only her toes were touching the ground.

Li Beinian rested her face on his shoulder and raised her neck slightly. She held him tightly, afraid that she would fall.

Mu Xichen seemed to sense her discomfort and relaxed his hands slightly. He leaned his face closer to her neck and whispered in her ear, “Wifey, let’s have kids.”

Let’s have kids. Let’s have our very own kids.

Mu Xichen held her in his arms, almost pinning her against the wall.

The people passing by couldn’t help taking a few more glances at the couple. Li Beinian turned red. She looked to the left and then to the right. After a token struggle, she whispered, “Be quiet. Let’s go, there are too many people here…”

“Let’s have the babies.” Mu Xichen had no intention of releasing her. He loosened his grip slightly and raised his voice, saying, “Twins. These are our twins. Let’s keep them, okay?”

Instead of lowering his voice, the man actually raised it, whether on purpose or otherwise.

The people around them couldn’t help throwing a few more glances her way. There was condemnation and inexplicable surprise in their expressions.

Li Beinian’s face started to burn. She stomped her feet angrily and grabbed his hand, pretending to turn around and walk out. She whispered, “When did I say I didn’t want them, and why are we just standing around here? Let’s go!”

Mu Xichen smiled. He looked at her flushed face and pulled her back. Reaching out to touch her face, he now said in a gentler voice, “So we’re having kids then?”

Li Beinian glared at him and said angrily, “Yes, yes, yes. What can we do now that I’m pregnant! We can’t not have them!”

Mu Xichen grinned at the girl who had turned a bright scarlet, revealing a row of white teeth.

Li Beinian was dazzled by the suddenness of the man’s broad and contented smile.

The last time she saw him smile like this was during their wedding.

Nico had placed her hand in his in front of everyone.

She felt her heart melt when she saw this smile. It seemed to be infectious as she too, broke into a smile. Then with a snort, she turned around and headed out.

Mu Xichen immediately followed behind and held her protectively in his arms. “Slow down!”

Li Beinian’s smile widened. She held his slightly rough palm and rubbed it gently, feeling the warmth from it that seemed to reach right through to her heart.

Following the doctor’s instructions, she was given some prescribed nutritional supplements for pregnant women, then the couple left the hospital together.

The reporters at the hospital entrance had been waiting for Li Beinian for some time. When they saw the couple walking out, they quietly followed them and snapped a few photos with their cameras.

Li Beinian and her husband had gone to the the OB/GYN Department together. However one were to perceive it, it was huge news!

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