Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1098 - As Expected Of Your Son

Chapter 1098: As Expected Of Your Son


Not long after Lu Heting hung up on Li Qisheng, Lu Hang came over to report, “Mr. Lu, Mr. Gu Xifeng wants to see you.”

“Let him in.” Lu Heting pondered for a moment and agreed.

Gu Xifeng was quickly brought upstairs by Lu Hang.

Sitting in front of Lu Heting, Gu Xifeng looked a little serious and said, “I came over to apologize to you, Su Bei, and Gun Gun.”

As soon as he found out about this, Gu Xifeng rushed back.

However, he only came to see Lu Heting this time.

Lu Heting raised his eyebrows and looked at him. He did have a grudge against Gu Xifeng about Gun Gun.

It was Gu Xifeng who caused Gun Gun to leave Su Bei’s side and caused so many misunderstandings over the years.

Lu Heting’s voice was calm. “I accept your apology, but the person you should apologize to is Su Bei.”

“I wanted to go over and apologize to Su Bei, but when I was about to look for her, I backed out.” Gu Xifeng laughed dryly. “I’m very happy for Su Bei that she’s able to find her child. But I made a mistake. I know that Su Bei can’t bear to blame me. If I apologize, she’ll definitely forgive me. But if she forgives me, she’ll feel quite bad herself… So, I should just forget it. Instead of making her feel bad, it’s better for me to feel bad alone.”

“You’re right. Su Bei does feel terrible,” Lu Heting said calmly. “However, she’s not as petty as you think. She’ll continue to feel terrible, but she’s very open-minded. It’s the best reward for her to get Gun Gun back. She won’t pursue the rest.”

It was rare for the two men to talk so much to each other. They both had their own understanding of Su Bei.

Gu Xifeng smiled. “Then I’ll apologize to them when I go to see Gun Gun next time.”

With that, he stood up, nodded his head, and left.

Just as Lu Heting had said, Su Bei long forgot about the mistakes Gu Xifeng made. She was already very grateful for being able to reunite with Gun Gun.

The process wasn’t important. The results were.

She had always been like that.

When Gu Xifeng came to see her, she was playing with Gun Gun at the amusement park.

Da Bao followed them. Clearly, he was only interested in rock climbing. Other rides that were too gentle did not interest him.

“Little Third Brother!” Su Bei greeted Gu Xifeng when she saw him.

Gu Xifeng was full of apologies, but when he saw her, he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. She had already put things behind her. The past was in the past, yet he kept remembering it. This was the predicament of a gentleman.

“Is Gun Gun alright?” Gu Xifeng did not apologize and only asked this.

“He’s doing very well. Gun Gun, come over here! This is Uncle Gu!”

This was the first time Gu Xifeng had seen the little guy. His round face was extremely cute, and when he smiled, he looked cute. He had two small dimples.

Gungun called out obediently, “Uncle Gu.”

Gu Xifeng’s heart melted as he said in a low voice, “Su Bei, he looks like the first time I saw you. As expected of your son.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Yes, this is my son!”

Gun Gun was extremely happy. He had always wanted to be Bei Bei’s cute son. Every time he heard Su Bei say this, he would feel proud from the bottom of his heart. He wished he could pat his chest and tell others that he was Bei Bei’s cute son!

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