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Chapter 1145: "Create A World War For Their Cub"

Chapter 1145: "Create A World War For Their Cub"

[This lord heard that the blood clan's blood could injure dead spirits and can influence other races' blood.] 

The Godfather's face was a bit unnatural when he said the last point. 

After all, he heard from some of his non-human races that the blood clan was really terrifying because their blood could influence other races. 

If the two blood mixes together, it could create a new ability or a new effect, and it could also give some negative buff to the victim. 

People said that the blood clan could control their slaves using this method. 

No wonder the blood clan was so hated...simply because they were a part of the demon race but because they weren't truly a demon, they weren't sealed inside the abyss. 

The blood clan was like a free demon that could threaten other races because their abilities were too strange and they were too powerful, even with their small number. 

It was said that the dead blood clan could revive if they had enough of their own blood remaining and some sacrifices. 

Ainsley didn't know the terrifying thing about the blood clan and only focused on what the Godfather said about using this unknown blood. 

Since she could use the unknown blood, even if she were sorry for whoever owned the blood inside the crystal, she would have to use it! 

Ainsley Immediately asked the Godfather to pry open the crystal before possessing Ainsley's body. 

Thus, while Keane was going down his own small corridor with full anxiety, the audience watched Ainsley pry open several crystals! 

It was not like the challengers couldn't damage these crystals, but no one thought of damaging the crystals just to hunt spirits, right? 

The spirits lived deep underground, and it was still a specific journey away from the little corridor. 

Thus, even when Ainsley made some noises as she pried open the crystals to take the blood inside, no spirits heard the commotion. 

Once the Godfather pried enough crystals full of condensed blood, the spirit immediately went to possess Ainsley's body while the baby activated her shaman ability. 

Within no time, Ainsley's appearance changed to the Godfather's version and with a flick of her fingers, all the blood inside the damaged crystals slowly flew towards her. 

At the same time when the blood moved from its original place, to a place far away from the spirit cave and maybe far away from the human continent... 

An old man who still had black hair suddenly opened his eyes. 

His crimson pupils immediately shone in the dark surrounding as the man struggled to open his mouth out of extreme excitement. 

"The blood crystal...t-the stored blood– someone moved them!" 

The elder appeared to be alone in the dark space but after his voice fell, countless crimson pupils suddenly shone in the dark. 

"We have another blood clan's survivor!" 

"Damn. Quick. Feel the location. Where is this survivor?!" 

Countless good-looking men and women suddenly emerged from the dark space and rushed to the old man who was sitting on a stone throne. 

The old man had wrinkles all over his face but he was still strangely handsome and charming for an old man. 

That pair of crimson pupils truly resembled Jake's crimson pupils but the old man's pupils were a shade darker and redder than Jake's.

The old man listened to the people's whisper around him, and he was also trembling hard, almost falling from his throne. 

"Calm down, everyone." The old man cleared his throat and swept his gaze at the crowd around him. 

At that moment, the crowd immediately quietened, letting the old man continue his speech. 

The old man nodded in satisfaction and continued his speech. 

"This is another blood clan's member survivor, and I know all of you are impatient to see them, but we have to be patient." 

The old man slowly closed his eyes and used his ability to detect the location of the blood left inside the crystal. 

Yes. The blood clan's members deliberately put the blood inside the crust so that if there was any survivor in their clan, they could know right away. 

The old man exhausted a lot of energy just to detect the blood location. 

Cold sweat started to drip down his forehead, and his whole face became even paler than before. 

However, everyone around him was patient and no one urged him anymore. 

They held their breath as they watched the old man visibly getting weaker and weaker...

Until the old man suddenly opened his eyes. 

"I found it. It's inside the Spirit Cave at Gasha Country." 

The clan members instantly went into an uproar. 

"How could this be? The Gasha Country! Isn't that the stinky celestials'  henchman?" 

"That whole country hated our blood clan members. Can there be a survivor there?" 

"But the survivor moved and controlled the blood we left behind...it must be real!" 

"If it's real, shouldn't we hurry and save that survivor? How can they survive any longer in such a country?" 

The surrounding blood clan's members immediately started to get anxious. 

The older ones walked back and forth while the younger ones started to bite their fingernails. 

That almost never welcomed any survivor in the past decades, and now they got one...but this one was in danger! 

The blood clan's members had always cherished their people like a momma hen cherishing their chicks. 

The blood clan was known to be overprotective of their own clan members, especially their cubs. 

If they knew that the one who controlled the leftover blood was a toddler, they would have gone insane and might impulsively declare war on the entire country. 

They are willing to start another world war for a single blood clan's cub! 

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