I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

2123 Chapter 2123: If anything were to happen

2123 Chapter 2123: If anything were to happen

“Lu Yan!”

Ron hurriedly chased after her, but after turning a corner, he couldn’t even see Lu Yan’s shadow.

He looked embarrassed. “Why are you running so fast…”

Gu Yan knew that Francie had an important speech this afternoon, and after this speech, the results of the election would be decided.

If the other party wanted to make a move, now was their last chance!

Gu Yan immediately took out her phone and dialed Ryan’s number. Ryan was Francie’s confidential secretary and Francie trusted him very much. However, Ryan’s call was still not connected.

Perhaps they had already entered the venue.

This speech was set up on a podium in an open park. Not counting the people under the podium, there were actually many other places that might have dangerous factors.

Gu Yan called a few people in a row because the people she was familiar with were all Francie’s confidants. They must be on stage now.

Their phones must have been muted!

Oh, and Qi Hao!

When Qi Hao’s phone rang, he was at the edge of the venue. When he saw a string of strange numbers, he immediately hung up and did not care.

In the next moment, a message popped up.

I Am Lu Yan, pick up the phone.

These few simple words made Qi Hao realize that the other party was very anxious. Moreover, there was a hint of an order that could not be refused.

However, he did not feel disgusted at all. It was as if he saw Gu Yan, who had a very strong aura back then, with a burning gaze and a very confident look.

Qi Hao quickly said something to his colleague next to him, then turned around and walked out. He found a quiet place and anxiously called back.

The moment he heard Lu Yan’s voice, Qi Hao remembered that he had seen her follow a man into a car. The Joy in his heart faded a little.

Originally, Gu Yan was going to come with her for today’s speech, but Francie saw that she had been working too hard recently, so she gave her a break and let her have a good rest.

At that time, Francie said confidently, “When I announce my inauguration, you must be there.”.

Gu Yan knew that in her previous life, Francie had succeeded, but in this life… No, in this life, Francie would also succeed!

Gu Yan said to Qi hao on the phone, “Has the speech started?”

“It starts in ten minutes.”Qi Hao’s tone was still a little bland. He was still very upset about seeing Lu Yan leave with the man.

Gu Yan did not delay and said quickly, “Someone is going to attack Mr. Francie. Go and give the phone to Ryan or Francie now. When the time comes, tell him it’s Lu Yan’s phone. It’s urgent!”

Hearing that there was an attack, Qi Hao also became nervous. He temporarily forgot about other things and asked nervously and doubtfully, “Really? How did you know?”

“The situation is urgent. I don’t have time to tell you. Go and find someone immediately… if something happens, neither of us can afford it!”

Qi Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

It had been a long time since someone spoke to him in such a tone. The blurry figure in his memory actually became more solid. For some reason, he suddenly felt that what Lu Yan said was true.

Someone was really going to attack Lord Francis!

Qi Hao immediately turned around and ran into the venue. Because it was about to start, the area near the stage had been cleared.

He could only approach because he was an internal staff member. However, when he reached the stage, a tall man in a black suit appeared in front of him and stopped him.

“Stop! Don’t go in!”The bodyguard in the suit and sunglasses said coldly.

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