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1343 Chapter 1344. His name followed his father’s surname

1343 Chapter 1344. His name followed his father’s surname

“Daddy, can you move in with Mommy and Me?”

Xiang Yi glanced at his son and smiled. “I will, but… I can’t right now.”


“Because Mommy is still angry with me.”

“Why would mommy be angry with Daddy?”The little guy tilted his head and asked seriously.

“Because…”looking at the innocent face in front of him, Xiang Yi was silent for a while before he said, “Daddy didn’t take good care of you and Mommy, so she got angry.”

“Oh! So that’s how it is!”

“Then are you willing to help me?”He held his son in his arms, and for the first time, the father and son established their little secret!

“I’m willing! As long as I’m not separated from Daddy and Mommy, I will definitely help daddy!”The little guy patted his chest and promised confidently!

“That’s good. This is an agreement between US men, so we can’t tell your Mommy.”

“OK!”Xiang Jinghan smiled brightly and couldn’t help but make an OK gesture. He really liked this agreement between men.

The father and son got along well and chatted happily.

pa(nd)a novel At this time, the doorbell rang.

“Is mommy coming? !”

“I think so.”

“I’ll go open the door!”The Little Guy was about to slide down the sofa to open the door, but Xiang Yi pulled him back.

After pulling his son back, Xiang Yi made a shushing gesture to him. “We won’t open the door. Let’s see if she can come in.”

Xiang Jinghan’s eyes lit up as he listened, as if he was playing a game. He said excitedly, “Okay!”

Outside the door, Shi Nuannuan rang the doorbell several times, but no one came to open the door.

She frowned slightly, and then looked down at the address in her hand.

It had been three years, and she had never come to this apartment again.

When no one came to open the door, Shi Nuannuan couldn’t help but raise her hand and press it again.

Ding Dong!

After waiting for half a minute, there was still no movement.

Strange, she was clearly talking about this place.

“Xiang Jinghan!”She simply raised her hand and knocked on the wooden door, shouting her son’s name inside.

In the living room, her voice could be vaguely heard, but it was very small.

“It’s really Mommy!”Hearing her voice, the little guy was very excited!

“Let’s not make a sound.”


“Xiang Jinghan, are you inside! ?”Shi Nuannuan couldn’t help but shout again, because she wasn’t sure if there was anyone inside.

Because it had already been three years.

As if he suddenly remembered something, Xiang Jinghan raised his head and looked at his daddy in front of him. “Daddy, is Xiang Jinghan my name?”

“Yes.”The corners of his lips curved up slightly. He liked the name of his son very much.

Three years ago, she mistakenly thought that he was going to marry Helian Manli. How did she spend that period of time?

He was very glad that she let Xiang Jinghan come to this world safely. He was very glad that the mother and son were safe for the past three years.

Even though she was angry, hateful, and sorrowful, she still gave birth to his son. She didn’t even change his surname.

“Then my surname is Xiang, right?”Xiang Jinghan raised his head and recalled the last time he asked what his surname was.

At that time, he didn’t know that he had another name, Xiang Jinghan, and ‘Xiang’was his surname.

It turned out that he also had a surname and a daddy, just like other children.

“Of course, because Daddy also has a surname, Xiang.”

“I like this surname!”

His lips curled up, and his eyes were filled with the doting and love for his son.

Outside, Shi Nuannuan was still puzzled and wanted to leave, but she could not rest assured about her son!

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