Lord of the Oasis

Chapter 533 - Noble that Trapped in Mind Imprisonment

Chapter 533: Noble that Trapped in Mind Imprisonment

If the nobles, servants, warriors, knights, and grand knights in the hundreds of small manors in the noble district had fallen into a deep sleep because of the Mind Imprisonment spell, causing the noble district of the Eastern District to be so quiet, that would be too terrifying.

According to Kant’s understanding of the strength of the Association of Mages, even if they were all deployed, they would not be able to achieve such a degree.

Kant’s expression turned gloomy.

This was yet another incident that exceeded his expectations.

“Yes, Lord. It’s the Mind Imprisonment!” The mage from the Enfath Empire affirmed Kant’s words.

Kant’s eyes suddenly flashed, “That’s not right”!

The Spiritual Imprisonment spell was not a lock-type spiritual spell. It could be undone by other mages.

As long as one’s spiritual power exceeded the spiritual power of the mage who cast the spell, they would be able to undo the Mind Imprisonment cast by the other party.

Kant believed that after he gave the order, these mages of the Enfath Empire must have tried to undo the noble’s Mind Imprisonment after they tried to do so.

“Have you tried to undo the Mind Imprisonment of others?” Kant asked.

“Yes, Lord!” the mage from the Enfath Empire answered respectfully.

“But all of them failed!”

Kant found it hard to accept this fact. Were all the mages who used the Mind Imprisonment stronger than his mages?

Unless they were all grand mages.

Kant was not willing to accept this conclusion.

He knew that there were no great wizards in the Association of Mages in the Lionheart City.

Unlike the noble families and sects who had the ability to hide their strength, the Association of Mages, which was in a sheltered status, had no need to hide their strength, nor did they have the right to hide their strength.

No matter how much strength they had, they would definitely need to show it in the open to increase their own bargaining chips. One was to deter the sects that were extremely hostile to them, and the other was to gain more investment from the noble families.

“All of them failed? Could it be that the mages who cast spells are all grand wizards?”

Kant’s tone had a strong sense of unease.

If that was really the case, he had seriously underestimated the power of the noble, the sect, and the Association of Mages.

When the mage of the Enfath Empire heard Kant’s words, he said respectfully, “My Lord, I think you have misunderstood.”

“Although these people are all under Mind Imprisonment, the Mind Imprisonment they are under is all the work of the same mage.”

The uneasiness in Kant’s voice receded a little, “The work of the same mage?”

“He has so much spiritual power? Even a grand mage cannot perform Mind Imprisonment on hundreds of people at the same time!”

The mage of the Enfath Empire said, “Yes, Lord, you’re right.”

“However, it’s not an ordinary Mind Imprisonment spell.”

Kant asked curiously, “Why do you say that? Explain it to me in detail. I don’t have much in-depth research on spells.”

The mage of the Enfath Empire replied respectfully, “Lord, that mage is undoubtedly a grand mage!”

“The Mind Imprisonment that he cast should be a newly developed spell. In this new spell, the great mage only needs to pay a thread of his spiritual energy to complete the Mind Imprisonment.”

“In fact, this thread of his spiritual energy only serves as a guide. Those who are trapped by his Mind Imprisonment, their own spiritual maze is built with their own spiritual energy.”

Kant first let out a sigh of relief after hearing the mage’s explanation.

It turned out that it was not because the great mage had the overpower spiritual power, but because he had developed a new spell.

Kant could accept such a situation better. It was just a new spell. It was not too serious a matter.

However, if it was just a wisp of the grand mage’s spiritual power, the mage of the Enfath Empire should have the ability to crack it.

Kant did not know much about spells, but no matter what kind of power it was, as long as there were enough of the power of a lower level, it would definitely be able to suppress the power of a very small number of high-level powers.

If there were enough ants, they could even eat elephants.

With doubts in his heart, Kant asked “Then, you can’t crack the Mind Imprisonment cast by a trace of the grand mage’s spiritual power?”

The mage had obviously put in a lot of effort on this, and he quickly answered Kant’s question.

“Lord, we’ve already tried.”

“That wisp of spiritual power is easy for us to break!”

“But it’s useless to break that wisp of spiritual power, because the people who are affected by the spell, the spiritual maze that confines their spiritual power, is built by their own spiritual power.”

“Each of us carefully attacked twice, trying to crack it.”

“However, we all failed. Those 20 soldiers became mentally deranged idiots!”

Hearing such an answer, Kant didn’t say anything and only nodded.

This was a war, and a little cruelty was nothing.

He asked the last question, and the target was the Swadian Royal Knight who had reported to him at the beginning.

“How many soldiers are there in this noble’s residence? There aren’t many official knights, how many grand knights are there?”

The Swadian Royal Knight replied without hesitation, “Lord, there are 300 soldiers in this noble’s residence. These soldiers are elites, half of them are official knights, and the other half are elite knight attendants. The difference between them and official knights isn’t too huge.”

“In addition, there are 30 grand knights. Including this noble, there are 31 of them.”

Kant glanced at the fat noble who was in a deep sleep and revealed a dirty smile. He then ordered the Sarleon Lion Knight,

“Send him back!”

Kant wasn’t too surprised that there were 300 elite soldiers in this small manor.

He was surprised that there were 30 grand knights among them.

After all, this was only a small manor in Lionheart City.

Although the power that followed this noble was definitely an elite power, his more powerful power should be guarding his castle and manor.

That was the foundation of this noble, and also the reason why he could enjoy himself in Lionheart City.

“Thirty grand knights!” Kant frowned and pondered for a moment, then dispelled the shock in his heart.

In fact, he understood that this was nothing at all.

A grand knight, if he was willing to make some sacrifices, could guide five official knights to become grand knights.

Of course, this required a lot of precious resources.

However, for a powerful noble with a deep background, these weren’t obstacles.

Based on the strength of this noble, there might be no less than 2,000 grand knights in this small manor.

There might even be over 10,000 knights.

Such a force was enough to fight Kant’s army head-on.

The outcome might be 50-50.

However, such a huge force was currently sleeping quietly.

Looking at the East Main Road, the unknown tranquility ahead was like the mouth of a silent giant beast, waiting for Kant to walk into the trap.

Kant summoned Baheshtur to his front, “Baheshtur, you saw the situation just now.”

“Now, tell me, should we continue moving forward or retreat?”

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