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Chapter 1153 - Two Directions Of VR Games

Chapter 1153: Two Directions Of VR Games

Since Doubt VR was very meaningful in both cases, it was a product that could not be avoided as long as VR was mentioned. Teacher Qiao’s video title was not like a title. Instead, it made sense!

If there would be a VR game era in the future, then Doubt VR would be the prelude to this era. If there would not be a VR game era in the future, then Doubt VR would be an existence similar to “I thought it was the beginning, but I did not expect it to be the peak”. It would be very memorable even as a tombstone.

Thinking about it this way was really historical…

The only problem was Teacher Qiao exaggerating when he said that the Doubt VR glasses and Animal Island had jointly completed the basic standards of VR games?

Che Rong continued watching patiently.

“Everyone knows that the current VR games are only a relative niche game type. Without large works, most VR games would not even be as big as cell phone games, much less close to the size of 3A games.”

“At first glance, ‘Animal Island’ looks similar to other VR games. They are all casual games, so many people subconsciously think that it is not special.”

“This is obviously a misunderstanding!”

“‘Animal Island’ is not only a very outstanding and playable leisure game, but it also has a more important meaning. It has confirmed the operating standards of VR games and allowed us to see the unlimited possibilities for the future of VR games!”

“It’s equivalent to a training ground. As long as everyone is used to this method of operations, they can naturally easily get used to it in the future when they launch general VR games with 3A level!”

“Next, I will combine the game content and introduce in detail what is the operating standard of VR games.”

The latter part of the content mainly used the game graphics from Qiao Liang’s live stream. He also introduced some basic operations in “Animal Island” in detail.

For example, three different movement methods: the operation of changing bullets while hunting with the shotgun, the operation of archery, fishing, cutting trees, mining, the operation of using the steam claw to grab objects, and so on.

During the explanation process, they also combined the structure of the Doubt VR controller and introduced the five different divisions of labor between the five fingers in detail, as well as the difference between this special controller structure and the traditional VR glasses controller.

Che Rong had never played “Animal Island”. He had bought his Doubt VR glasses purely to cooperate with the smart fitness drying rack. He had not even unsealed the controller. He had kept them in order to prevent them from being lost.

However, after listening to Teacher Qiao’s explanation, he became interested in this game.

This controller actually had so much complicated gameplay?

It gave players the best gaming experience through the perfect combination of games and hardware equipment especially at the current level of technology. That was indeed surprising.

“Everyone should understand its important meaning after completely understanding the standard of this operation. Obviously, this is a standard answer. In the future, all VR games can be copied!”

“Take the first-person shooting game that is most suitable for VR theme. There were originally similar games but they were not mature.”

“For example, the operation of missing reload clips; the number of bullets displayed on the interface instead of on the firearms; the character could not move on his own but could only stand and shoot; there was no operation like picking up props…”

“However, if we want to develop a new FPS game on the VR platform now, we can follow the method of the shotgun in ‘Animal Island’!”

“Similarly, if we want to do things like fishing, mining, collecting materials, picking up props, racing, and driving, we can also find the corresponding approach in ‘Animal Island’.”

“For players, “Animal Island” is a fun leisure game. At the same time, it also shows us the unlimited possibilities of the VR future. It gives most people a comprehensive innovation in their concept of VR: It makes us realize that VR is no longer an illusory concept, but a more mature commercial game that we can already experience.”

“For game merchants, ‘Animal Island’ is equivalent to a VR game’s encyclopedia and textbook. No matter what the future VR games are, they can find the corresponding module in ‘Animal Island’. There is no need to think about the basic gameplay. They just have to follow the approach of ‘Animal Island’.”

“That’s why I said that ‘Animal Island’ has established the standards for future VR games. With its own strength, it has brought the original niche VR games, which are mainly gimmicks, to a practical stage where they can play and have rich content!”

“On the other hand, the VR version of Fitness Battle is going in another direction, which is the direction of the pure simulator.”

“In the Fitness Battle, he completely gave up the rich functions of the two controllers and used the smart fitness drying rack to play the game.”

“This obviously points out another development direction for the VR headset: to use with professional simulators.”

“Don’t belittle the simulators, everyone. This category might be a little niche but the market potential is definitely worth digging deeper. At the moment, there are relatively common racing simulators. The steering wheel, feet, positioning, and hand brake. Coupled with the three monitors and even the GL seats, the price is also not cheap.”

“In addition, there are also more niche flight simulators.”

“At the moment, these simulators are basically used with three monitors or custom-made ring screens. The price of the ring screens is too high. Ordinary people cannot afford to play with them. The three monitors are more commonly used. However, the sides and vision of the screens are still unable to be highly realistic.”

“This immersion will definitely far exceed the screen after using the VR equipment.”

“The only problem might be that the resolution of the current racing game is not high enough. A 2K image would not be enough on the VR glasses. What’s more, it would not be able to fully utilize the resolution advantage of the VR glasses.”

“However, I believe that these problems will be resolved in the future.”

“It has been confirmed in ‘Animal Island’ that the method of moving is very popular. It would not be as out of character as teleportation, nor would it be as dizzy as ordinary horizontal movement.”

“This means that the combination of VR equipment and simulators is very promising! While I can’t guarantee that everyone won’t feel dizzy, at least the audience’s level has been greatly expanded.”

“In addition, the two VR games, ‘Animal Island’ and ‘Fitness Battle’, have another outstanding advantage: they have fully utilized their existing functions, play to their strengths, and bring gamers the best gaming experience at the current stage!”

“Due to the characteristics of the VR equipment, it is very easy to appear blurry when the resolution is insufficient. There is a clear particle sense and it will affect the game experience.”

“On the other hand, ‘Animal Island’ and ‘Fitness Battle’ deliberately avoided the realistic style of painting and used a more relaxed cartoon style. At the same time, they meticulously polished the color, making players feel comfortable and relaxed when they were in the VR world. The particle sense was obviously weakened.”

“At this point, everyone should understand the meaning of this video title.”

“These two games were not made casually. They obviously came prepared!”

“They respectively represent the two development directions of future VR games: One is to use the existing VR controller structure to develop some generalized VR games; the other is to match a special simulator and let the VR glasses be used only as a display equipment.”

“Therefore, I’m not exaggerating when I say that it establishes standards for future VR games!”

“If there’s a chance, I strongly suggest that everyone experience the Doubt VR glasses. Its various configurations are definitely the highest among the current VR glasses. The two games, ‘Animal Island’ and ‘Fitness Battle’ will definitely subvert your understanding of VR games!”

“If you’re afraid of buying VR glasses that will collect dust, you can also go to the offline shop to experience it. As far as I know, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in Jingzhou has completely popularized the VR experience area. shops like Star Bird Fitness have also bought VR glasses in large quantities for customers to experience. I think the other cities will be doing it soon.”

“You might as well go to a similar offline store and experience it. I believe it will definitely give you a completely different feeling!”

“This episode’s video will end here. I am still your Teacher Qiao. Please follow me and look forward to the VR era!”

“Goodbye, everyone!”

Che Rong’s face was filled with surprise after watching the video.

He did not expect Teacher Qiao to mention Star Bird Fitness at the end of the video. This was a pleasant surprise!

At first, Che Rong thought that the title of the video was a little exaggerated. However, after watching the video, he felt that he had been completely convinced by Teacher Qiao.

Indeed, he had no foresight!

According to Teacher Qiao, “Animal Island” was equivalent to establishing the rules of VR games. As long as players accepted this rule, it would be a matter of time before they developed other types of games in the future.

Since that was the case, the popularity of Doubt VR glasses would definitely not disappear quickly.

That was because other game manufacturers might also produce some VR games. Coupled with the new game developed by Slow Movement Studio, VR’s popularity would continue for a long time.

Star Bird Fitness would be able to obtain popularity as long as VR was popular.

What’s more, Tengda might not only have the smart fitness drying rack in the future. Perhaps it would develop other simulators? For example, treadmills with 10,000 yuan treadmills, gun simulators, or snow simulators.

Star Bird Fitness could also have many ways of working out then!

As long as he could cozy up to Boss Pei, all of these would be easily solved.

July 23rd, Monday…

Slow Movement Studio.

The employees gathered happily to celebrate the success of Doubt VR and the two VR games.

“Look, a game media is introducing our product!”

“This media has also used the words ‘unveil the VR era’, ‘fully transforming into VR games’, and ‘the future is here’. It looks like they have indeed achieved a very sensational effect this time!”

“The official platform will probably publicize the corresponding resources sooner or later.”

Everyone looked overjoyed.

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