Martial God Asura

Chapter 5181: Chu Feng’s Plan

Chapter 5181: Chu Feng’s Plan

“It’s your master, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“You know my master?” young master Wolf asked with a frown.

“Know your master? You can say that we’re acquainted. Rest assured, I won’t harm you,” Chu Feng replied.

“You would have released me if you’re really acquainted with my master. What are you up to calling my master here?” young master Wolf asked.

“You need not know what I’m up to. You ought to thank your master. If I hadn't recognized him, I would have killed you no matter how powerful your master is,” Chu Feng replied.

“Killed me? Do you think that my protective formation is just for decoration? You wouldn’t be able to kill me even if you wanted to. Admit it, you can’t do anything about my protective formation!” young master Wolf spoke with confidence.

Chu Feng could tell that his confidence was faked.

In truth, young master Wolf was terrified of him after witnessing his cruelty, but he wanted to know whether Chu Feng was truly capable of breaching the protective barrier or not. His arrogance was merely an act to probe Chu Feng.

Seeing through young master Wolf’s act, Chu Feng sneered, “Is that what you think? Even your master wouldn’t dare to speak to me in such a manner. A mere Purple Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist is nothing more than an ant before me. Do you honestly think that I can’t breach that measly protective barrier of yours? I could kill you right now, and your master wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

“Alright, alright! I believe you! Are you… enemies with my master?”

Young master Wolf panicked. It was not just because of Chu Feng’s threat but also the fact that he had accurately pointed out that Lord Tiger was a Purple Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist.

Considering that very few people in the world were aware of this matter, it was sufficient evidence to prove that Chu Feng was indeed acquainted with his master.

“That’s more like it. Don’t bother putting on that bravado before me; I don’t buy it. Even your master wouldn’t dare to raise its voice if it was the one standing before me right now,” Chu Feng said coldly.

“I believe you, I believe you!”

Young master Wolf nodded vehemently, completely casting away his arrogance. He had no choice but to believe Chu Feng’s words after what he had done. Chu Feng clearly knew that his master was a Purple Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, but he still chose to call his master over.

This could only mean that he was stronger than his master.

That made Chu Feng look even more enigmatic to him, and it terrified him.

“You don’t need to be that afraid. I am old acquaintances with your master. I’m only calling it here because I have things to discuss with it. As long as you obediently heed my words, I won’t hurt you,” Chu Feng said.

Young master Wolf quickly nodded in response.

“I’ll be obedient, so please don’t hurt me!” young master Wolf replied in terror.

Following that, Chu Feng questioned young master Wolf about his relationship with Old Cat. He was trying to check if Old Cat was truly concerned about young master Wolf or that it was simply exploiting the latter.

According to young master Wolf, his father was good friends with Old Cat. Several years back, his father encountered a powerful enemy. Old Cat happened to stumble upon their battle and save his father, but unfortunately, his father was so severely injured that he eventually passed away.

In view of that, Old Cat chose to take young master Wolf in as its disciple.

However, it was worth noting that young master Wolf had already proven himself to be a prodigy by that point. Much of his accomplishments stemmed not from Old Cat’s guidance but from his own talent and his father’s nurturing.

Chu Feng personally thought that Old Cat wasn’t the type to be loyal. He couldn’t tell if Old Cat was really protecting young master Wolf on behalf of his deceased friend or that he was simply exploiting young master Wolf.

Young master Wolf didn’t know the truth either.

Next, he forced young master Wolf to cooperate with him in breaching the protective formation. Of course, he wasn’t so foolish as to outright tell young master Wolf that he was going to breach the protective formation. Rather, he knocked young master Wolf out and manipulated his subconscious mind to do his bidding.

This was easier said than done, but the difficulty was significantly lowered due to young master Wolf’s fear of him. That allowed him to manipulate young master Wolf with much greater ease.

He tried breaching the protective formation, but it was to no avail. He was unable to do it even with young master Wolf cooperating with him.

Ultimately, he was just too weak.

Part of the reason could also be attributed to his incomplete comprehension of the legacy left behind by Yue Ling’s ancestors. If he could fully grasp it, he would surely have been able to breach it.

The problem was that Old Cat was arriving in three days’ time. It was impossible for him to grasp the legacy within such a short period of time.

Left with no choice, he could only change his strategy. He hid young master Wolf up and constructed a sealing formation around him, binding the latter and severing his connection with Old Cat. Then, he constructed a powerful teleportation formation and embedded it in himself.

His plan was simple.

Old Cat was unaware that the Asura King had been sealed. As long as he put on a brave front and held young master Wolf hostage, it was unlikely that Old Cat would dare to make a move on him.

If Old Cat realized that something was amiss, he would immediately invoke the teleportation formation and make his escape.

There was also the possibility of Old Cat turning tail and fleeing as soon as it realized that Chu Feng was here. Eventually, it all boiled down to how much Old Cat valued young master Wolf.

It took him two days to complete his preparations. Since he had nothing else to do, he decided to look through the Cosmos Sacks he had swiped from the Nine Levels Pavilion’s sectmaster and the others.

In there, he found a spirit formation key that was linked to the ancient remnant before him. That piqued his interest. He decided to head in to check out what Exalted Stones looked like.

Moments later, Chu Feng’s eyes widened in surprise.

He had only just entered the ancient remnant and hadn’t seen any Exalted Stones yet, but he could already sense something resonating with his soul, drawing him in.

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