Martial World

Chapter 0 - Magic Cube

Chapter 0 – Magic Cube

In the vast and limitless expanse of mist and snow, endless ice shards swirled in the wind and collided in a violent maelstrom. Subzero temperatures chilled one’s bones to a freezing cold temperature, as if it would turn even one’s very soul into nothing but ice.

Here was the Snowfall Realm, within the myriad dimensions of the Realm of the Gods. It was a bleak and hopeless land of endless, blinding white tundra. From one year to the next, there was nothing but desolate snow, and the bitter cold.

Within these bleak fields of ice, the wind picked up, and dozens of ice shards whistled through the air, revolving and condensing in a vast eddy. Within this current, a shimmering mercurial veil bloomed into existence, and in the next second, a woman in a sapphire blue dress emerged.

The woman’s aura was like that of a regal queen. Her raven-black hair flowed like a river of the purest ink. Every inch of her body exuded an aura of holiness. In this desolate wasteland, it was as if the most beautiful pure ice lotus had fully bloomed. The only flaw on her otherwise perfect features was a thin stream of bright red blood that dripped down from the corners of her red lips.

That mercurial veil began to fade, and the woman spat out a mouthful of blood – it was as if this beautiful ice lotus was wilting.

“Big sister!”

A girl’s voice resounded clearly in the crisp air, and a shining white light flew from the woman’s body and condensed into the shape of a frantic young girl. “Sister, are you alright?”

“Do not worry.” The blue-clothed woman beckoned with her hand. She had already suffered a grievous wound, and had forcefully shattered the barriers of space and time in order to pass through the limitless void and the infinite night to arrive at a different dimension within the Realm of the Gods. This had caused her previously serious injuries to compound even further.

“Where is this?” The sapphire blue-clothed woman asked.

The young girl pulled out a jade slip and probed it with her divine sense. “Sister, we’ve arrived at the Snowfall Realm.”

“…Snowfall?” The sapphire blue-clothed female said with a trace of shock, before she sighed. “Of the three thousand worlds within the Realm of the Gods, I’ve travelled through the infinite void to countless lands. I fled, but to think that I would end up in the one place that I didn’t wish to go….”

She laughed bitterly. “My name is Mo Eversnow… snowfall, snowfall… here, I too will fall…”

“Big sister, we…” The young girl began, but the air trembled, and a massive amount of energy poured into the air. In the next moment, space began to be ripped open, as if it was being torn asunder by a pair of cruel hands, and a black clothed man walked out from the void.

The young girl saw this man, and her complexion greatly changed as her words fell silent.

The black-clothed man had an outstanding appearance that was incomparably handsome. Only, both his pupils were a vivid blood-red, which lent him a somewhat savage appearance. He looked at Mo Eversnow and lightly smiled, “Saintess, Your Highness, we meet again.”

Mo Eversnow was eminently calm and resolute. Although she’d expected her enemies to be pursuing her, she hadn’t expected them to catch up so quickly.

The man continued, “Saintess, Your Highness, I apologize for the events having come this far. It’s truly regrettable that your Verdant Feather Holy Lands was destroyed. As for that, I had no choice, as I was helplessly forced to do so. For existences such as you and I, with our cultivations, there’s nothing in this world that is beyond our reach; the only thing that you and I desire is to reach the pinnacle of power, and to be eternal existences. I would like to request Saintess to kindly hand over the Divine Magic Cube. We can cultivate together, and study the secrets of the Magic Cube until the end of time. How about it?”

Mo Eversnow began to revolve the supernatural divine power within herself. She coldly said, “Cease your meaningless words. Tian Mingzi, you may have destroyed my Verdant Feather Holy Lands, but if you want to kill me, then you’ll have to pay the blood price.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll have to give it a try.” The man called Tian Mingzi seemed disinterested. He casually waved his right hand, and an ancient pagoda appeared in his palm. This was the catastrophic spirit treasure, the God Sealing Pagoda. It was capable of sealing gods and binding demons, as well as being a vessel that could hold tens of thousands of warriors. Just half a month ago, this man had used this God Sealing Pagoda to transport over 10,000 powerhouses from the Realm of the Gods, and had suddenly appeared within the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, leading to its ultimate destruction.

Tian Mingzi threw the God Sealing Pagoda into the air. Golden light sparkled outwards, and 10,000 powerhouses appeared in the world of snow. The entire sky was completely covered with ominous shadows.

Over 10,000 people stood in the void, casually staring with indifference at the two women that were isolated and helpless within the endless expanse of ice.

Mo Eversnow saw this, and the corners up her lips panned upwards in a condescending sneer. She had been waiting for this moment.

Netherworld Holy Land, Primordial Universe Holy Lands, Ancient Laguna Palace, Crimson Blood Demon Island… since you plotted together to destroy my Verdant Feather Holy Lands, then today, even at the cost of my own soul, I’ll bury you all here!

Tian Mingzi said, “Mo Eversnow, I respect you, and admire your strength and talent that defies the will of the heavens. But now you’ve been seriously wounded. In the face of these 10,000 powerhouses from the Realm of the Gods, you’ve no chance of winning. I will leave you one path: surrender the Divine Crystal Magic Cube here, and I will let you and your sister leave alive."

Mo Eversnow ignored him. Her mind stirred, and a one inch gray cube slowly appeared in her hand. The gray cube was entirely covered with black inscriptions. This was the object that had caused such turmoil throughout the entire Realm of the Gods — the Divine Crystal Magic Cube.

Mo Eversnow poured all of her supernatural divine power into the Divine Crystal Magic Cube. Although she’d been in possession of the Divine Crystal Magic Cube for less than a year, she’d still been able to perceive some of the esoteric secrets contained within. Perhaps the legends were true, and this was a crystallized soul left behind by a fabled True God that had fallen from the heavens. It had the terrifying power to crush the soul of any existence. However, with Mo Eversnow’s strength, she was still unable to control this power. If she tried to, even her own soul would be devoured by this Divine Crystal Magic Cube.

“Yue’er, don’t resist.”

“Big sister?” The young girl didn’t know what Mo Eversnow was planning on doing, but at this moment, her entire body became covered in a layer of light. This light broke through the void, and sent her away.

First, Mo Eversnow had to send off her little sister. This was because once the forbidden power of the Magic Cube was unleashed, every single soul around would be sucked in and shattered apart. This was also the reason that she hadn’t used this forbidden power within the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

“Haha, you want to send off your little sister? How could I let you do as you please?” Tian Mingzi’s hands twisted together, forming countless seals that would freeze the void within a 10 mile radius. But at this moment, his expression changed. A terrifying power seemed to be condensing within the Divine Crystal Magic Cube in Mo Eversnow's palm, causing him to feel a soul-trembling fear from the core of his very being.

This is…..

Tian Mingzi’s heart raced, and his seal-forming patterns changed. He sensed a life or death crisis heading towards him.

Heaven Earth Yuan Qi went wild in that instant. A massive vortex of energy appeared above the Divine Crystal Magic Cube.

“With my soul as a guide, let me borrow the power of a True Divinity! Soul Extinction!”

Mo Eversnow calmly and coldly spoke these words. In the next moment, her body was transformed into dazzling specks of starlight. Her soul and consciousness were turned into streams of light that were completely absorbed into the Divine Crystal Magic Cube.

Seeing this, Tian Mingzi’s expression changed. Without any hesitation, he hastily ripped open the space around himself, attempting to escape. But at this moment, the terrifying energies within the Divine Crystal Magic Cube erupted outwards.

It was as if a star itself had exploded, and all of the space around was like a thin slip of paper that was being torn apart. The 10,000 powerhouses of the Realm of the Gods had just arrived in this snowy world, only to come face to face with a life or death crisis. Those that had the ability to pass through worlds tried to escape through the endless void. But it was too late. All of the surrounding space was instantly dismantled, and the resulting massive storm sucked them all in like scraps of paper. Their bodies were turned into dust that vanished, and their souls were shattered into fragments within that storm before being absorbed into the Magic Cube.

An enormous swath of space of the Snowfall Realm had been twisted into an utter dead zone. This zone was flooded with space storms that were capable of destroying anything and everything.

As for the Divine Crystal Magic Cube, it swallowed all of the soul fragments, before it was sucked into these space storms and thrown into the endless void……

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