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Chapter 21 Inscription Apprentice Symbol?.

Chapter 21 ‘Inscription Apprentice’ Symbol?.

Tie Feng had not expected Muyi to react in such a big fashion. He said, “Yes, it was 100 gold taels. The city squares storekeeper said that it was an apprentice who made it…”

“Apprentice?! Like hell!” Muyi was surprised, but thought this was impossible for an apprentice inscriptionist. It should be that the storekeeper made an error. But who would be so stupid and wasteful to just throw away gold like this. It really was a miscarriage of justice to take something of a great inscription master that was worth several thousand gold taels and to sell it like some common cabbage.

“Lead me to this place!”

“Yes, sir.”

Then, Mister Muyi took Qin Xingxuan along with him, and under Tie Feng’s directions, they rode a horse drawn carriage straight to the city square.

The horse drawn carriage of the Qin estate might not be known by everyone in Sky Fortune City, but most recognized the four snow white horses that drew it. As they passed the streets, pedestrians stopped to watch them, and stood aside as the carriage drove past; this was the respect given to Marshal Qin.

The bright summer afternoon brought several hints of laziness with it; it made a person’s whole body weak and languid and not wanting to move. In the city square’s trading center, the fat storekeeper that had received Lin Ming before, was sitting in a rocking chair at the entrance. He lay down with a leafy fan covering his face, and was in the midst of falling asleep.

Today’s business was a bit slow, so the fat man was considering closing a bit earlier this afternoon. But at this moment, he heard a clear hoof beat that woke him up.

He opened his eyes uncomfortably, and was thinking of reprimanding these people. Did they not know that horses were not allowed in the city square?

However, as turned towards the sound, he saw immediately noticed the four snow white horses, each the highest breed of thoroughbreds, and also the golden shield symbol. He nearly almost rolled out of his chair.

“It’s the Martial Quarters horse drawn carriage!”

The fat storekeeper hurried to stand. Why would the Martial Quarters come to the city square?

He was wondering about this, but then was astonished as this carriage swiftly came to a halt in front of his own entrance. My god…what is this…the master of the carriage was coming into his own shop?

When the carriages curtain was lifted, the fat storekeeper saw an old man and a beautiful young girl step out. His rolls began to tremble. Mister Muyi! Miss Qin! How did these two famous figures of Sky Fortune City, these living Buddha’s, decide to come to his little temple?

“This is it?” Qin Xingxuan asked Tie Feng. When she had heard that the inscription symbol was on sale, she was also filled with excitement. Qin Xingxuan had an enormous interest in inscription since childhood, and after seeing Tie Feng and Li Qi fight, she yearned to learn that inscription technique!

“It is here.” Tie Feng said as he led them to the front. Together with Qin Xingxuan and Muyi, they entered the store.

The fat storekeeper had a body like a meatball, but he still stood as straight as he could as if his back was against the wall. He didn’t even dare breathe the same air as these two distinguished guests.

“Storekeeper, yesterday I bought an inscription symbol, do you remember?”

Tie Feng was at the fifth level of body transformation. He also resembled a walking steel golem; his whole body was covered with scars like he came from some faraway and dangerous battlefield. Naturally he left a deep impression on the storekeeper. The storekeeper nodded. “I remember, it was an apprentice’s inscription symbol, 100 gold taels…”

The fat storekeeper was afraid. Was there some problem with the apprentice’s inscription symbol? If it had any problems and these people came looking to account for it, then there was nothing he could do but lay down and die. Sh*t! He shouldn’t have let that boy rent a spot! But still, it was only an apprentice level inscription symbol, a second tier item. Why would the Martial Quarters be involved in this?

“I heard you have another one, where is it?” Muyi impatiently asked.

The fat storekeeper pointed at a shelf in the corner, where a rough yellow piece of paper was pressed behind a glass pane.

Muyi took three steps and arrived in front of the shelf. He lifted the glass and then cautiously held the symbol paper in his hand like a baby. He felt the soul force fluctuations that came from the paper, and then sucked in a breath of cold air; his eyes were filled with bewilderment!

“How is it Master?” Qin Xingxuan asked as she walked over.

“This inscription symbol….” Muyi took a few breaths to steady himself and calm down. Even he could not believe what he was saying. “In this inscription the soul force cannot surpass the third stage of body transformation; it…might even be lower!”

Qin Xingxuan felt her heart jump. She took the symbol paper and also examined it with her soul force. It really was as he had said!

When Tie Feng had said the inscription symbol was the work of an apprentice, Qin Xingxuan had not believed it was possible and assumed he had been tricked, but now she had been proven wrong…inconceivable!

She said, “Is it possible that an inscription master intentionally suppressed their true strength to the third level of body transformation, and created this symbol??

Muyi responded, “The pulse condensation period and the houtian stage have completely different qualities of soul force than someone in the lower levels of body transformation. Not only is it immeasurably difficult to suppress, but it may also cause harm to themselves. Not only is there no need or benefits to doing so, but it would also lower the quality of the inscription symbol. I truly cannot fathom the thoughts of the elder who created this.”

That fat storekeeper listened to the two discuss the symbol, and felt his brain short circuit from all the conflicting emotions. He had originally thought that the inscription symbol had some defect so they came to deal with him, but listening to these two, it seemed the inscription symbol had some significance, so they came to investigate.

This is Mister Muyi! He was one of the top three inscription masters in the entirety of Sky Fortune Kingdom! Even he was shocked by how strong this inscription symbol was.

The fat storekeeper felt a pang of regret. If he knew about this sooner, he would not have sold them at such a low price.

But…those symbol papers were sold by some shabby looking youth, how did he manage to obtain such a fierce inscription symbol?

“This storekeeper, do you remember who brought this inscription symbol in?”

“Yes yes, of course I remember,” The fat man nodded hurriedly, “A young boy of about fifteen or sixteen in ordinary clothing brought it in. I also have his address.”

As the fat man said this he quickly began flipping through his book of records. The trading center always kept a point of contact so they could deliver the sales of commission.

A fifteen to sixteen year old youth…as soon as Qin Xingxuan heard this, her mind jumped. Her first thought was that of Lin Ming, that young boy that had so thoroughly impressed her at the Zither Department. Was it him?

Body transformation third level or lower…inscription apprentice…this…was it possibly him?

Aware of these possibilities, Qin Xingxuan felt her heart tremble. If it was true, then the term ‘genius’ was insufficient to describe him; he could only be described as an once-in-a-lifetime monstrous talent!

The fat storekeeper was shaking as he rushed to find out the address. He looked at the shelf serial number and stuttered as he said. “Great…Great Clarity Pavilion. That boy lives in the Great Clarity Pavilion. That’s the address that he wrote down.”

“Great Clarity Pavilion? Let’s go.” Muyi said.

As soon as they boarded the carriage, Qin Xingxuan said with some concern, “This address was left down eight days ago. I don’t know if he is still staying at Great Clarity Pavilion, people do not usually stay there too long.”

Qin Xingxuan assumed that Lin Ming was a guest staying there. Great Clarity Pavilion was one of Sky Fortune City’s most luxurious restaurants. It had a feast hall and many guest rooms, but under ordinary circumstances it was only for temporary stays.

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