Martial World

Chapter 28 - Conspiracy

Chapter 28 Conspiracy.

Every year, at the beginning of fall and the beginning of spring, the Seven Profound Martial House would have their examination of potential recruits. This was also the most important day of those youths of Sky Fortune Kingdom who cultivated in martial arts.

To them, the Seven Profound Martial house was the final goal. If they reached it, they could become a dragon that could touch the skies with a single bound.

By entering the Seven Profound Martial House, resources were important, but it was the inheritance and legacy skill manuals that everyone obsessed over.

The inherited skill manuals had accumulated over many years and in them was the culmination of experiences that all the preceding martial art seniors had learned. Without these experiences, then if one were to try and learn martial arts themselves, it truly would be a moron talking nonsense on the streets.

But the available skill manuals were always very popular and dependable, but the true highest quality genuine goods could only be found and inherited in the sects.

This method of inheritance was strictly controlled by the sects. If they were to discover even a hint that a disciple had revealed the secrets of their skill manuals, then a light punishment would be the destruction of their cultivation. A heavy punishment would result in instant execution.

It was very difficult to inherit skill manuals. They were inconceivably hard to transcribe and duplicate. The martial arts pathway profound and esoteric. The flow of essence and the feelings that followed; the route of cultivation. These true essence gathering skills were unable to be described with words; therefore the true rare skill manuals were not recorded in books and were unable to be transcribed paper.

Skill manuals were usually recorded on jade slips. Each small jade slip contained a wealth of mysterious and arcane information. Even a manual could only contain a general idea of what can be explained inside. If one wanted to engrave the mysteries onto a jade slip, one must have complete understanding of the skill manual. This was truly difficult to achieve even then, and moreover had to spend a great deal of time and energy.

The skill manual could also not be understood by everyone. Even if they attained the jade slip, they might not be able to decipher the mysteries. It was just like a bank that released golden banknotes. Although it was money, those who did not understand it could only use it as tissue.

Therefore the jade slips that contained these ancient manuals were very few, and could not be obtained no matter the price on the market. This was also the reason that the Seven Profound Martial House were able to cause young martial artists to go crazy with the desire to enter. However, these selecting conditions were harsh, and every year there were inevitably a massive number of aspiring martial artists that failed to be elected.

Lin Ming himself had the highest quality Body Transformation skill manual – the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, so he naturally did not have any interest in the Seven Profound Martial Houses inheritance or legacies. The reason he desired to enter was not because of Lan Yunyue. After he had decided to devote his life to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts, the matter of Lan Yunyue could no longer cause turbulence in his heart.

Lin Ming desired to enter the Seven Profound Martial House because he needed the practice resources. The resources were not medicines or herbs, but special areas where one could exercise. These areas special areas were either created through array arrangements, or were special environmental areas which were formed by Xiantian practitioners. They were able to allow humans to cultivate with twice the result and half the effort.

But most important were martial skills. Martial skills were critical to a martial artist as they were directly linked to their level of combat strength.

Lin Ming also knew a few martial skills that he had absorbed from the elder’s memory fragment. In those memories were three or four martial skills he had seen, but they were incomplete. The truth was that even though those martial skills were incomplete, they were in fact the top tier martial skills even in the Realm of the Gods. Needless to say, even those incomplete versions were far superior to those of Sky Fortune Kingdom.

But it was a pity that those three to four martial skills that Lin Ming knew were impossible to practice from the start. To even dare begin practicing them, he would need to be at least at the Xiantian stage. In those memories, the weakest of the martial skills were able to destroy mountains with a single stroke, let alone killing people, it would probably be easy to destroy the entire Sky Fortune capital city.

This sort of martial skill was almost an alien language to Lin Ming.

Therefore Lin Ming needed to take this entrance exam and enter the Seven Profound Martial House. He also had to attain a good result as with every year, the candidates with the top results were always richly rewarded.

Perhaps it was precious medicines or rare treasures. These medicines were often produced from within the sect – the Seven Profound Valleys. In Sky Fortune City, not even the richest man could buy these.

Even the juniors of aristocratic families would drool with envy at these coveted rewards. Lin Ming was also tempted. Before, his strength was low so he had low expectations, but at the present, the situation had turned so he had high aspirations for them!

At the first day of autumn, the square of the Seven Profound Martial House already had a sea of people crowded inside. Because there were too many candidates that would come to apply, the examination would always begin at sunrise and continue all day.

Lin Ming and Lin Xiaodong had not entered the square yet but were on the major road outside. Although there were relatively fewer people here, Lin Ming’s ears still buzzed with the sound of discussion.

“They say that this time there are several top tier talents that have come, included that number one talent Wang Yanfeng. Fifteen years old, grade four talent, and his cultivation has already stepped into the Third Stage of Body Transformation. Truly a formidable man”

“Isn’t it weird? Why would he not enter the Seven Profound Martial House earlier? Why didn’t he come during the spring entrance exam?”

“I guess his goal is the Heavenly Abode. As soon he enters the Seven Profound Martial House he wants to enter the Heavenly Abode. How aggressive of him!”

“Hm, the Heavenly Abode is absolutely impossible. The only one these past years to enter the Heavenly Abode was Qin Xingxuan. The lowest cultivation for the Heavenly Abode is the peak of the Third Stage of Body Transformation, and usually inside are those at the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation. Not even this Wang Yanfeng has the qualifications to enter. I think the reason he waited such a long time is to take the entrance exam reward for first place.”

Heavenly Abode….

Lin Ming muttered in his heart. Half a year ago Zhu Yan had relied on his peak of Body Transformation’s Third Stage to enter the Heavenly Abode. Without a doubt, Zhu Yan’s strength was truly outstanding even among those of equal cultivation. He could absolutely not be compared to a sack of potatoes like Wang Yigao.

As Lin Ming was lost in thought, he suddenly felt the gaze of someone fall on his body. Was someone observing him?

In the large crowd, there were many that were looking at him, but the average person could simply not discover these people and their intentions. But Lin Ming had practiced the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ so his perception was acutely keen, and even with so many people, he could feel a cold eye staring his way.

He pretended to be nonchalant as he turned his head. There was a blue carriage at the origin of that sight, but when Lin Ming turned to look the carriage’s curtain dropped back down.

Lin Ming sighed in his heart. He had not even begun the entrance exam and there were probably people plotting against him…

At this moment in the blue carriage, a youth in silk clothing and another gloomy looking youth were sitting inside. It was Wang Yigao and Zhu Yan.

“He…he won’t discover us.” Wang Yigao had been frightened the last time by Lin Ming. Even though he claimed publically that he wanted revenge, he was afraid of Lin Ming. Those three moves that caused him to suffer defeat had left a dark mark on his heart and tanked his self-confidence.

Zhu Yan frostily said, “Stop being so scared and suspicious, there are many people here, it’s not as if he has eyes on the back of his head. This guy, he even managed to break through to the Second Stage of Body Transformation!”

The gap between the First Stage and Second Stage of Body Transformation was not small. A fifteen year old that could achieve this was not simple, especially when considering Lin Ming and his poor family background and mere Third Grade talent.

“I think the guy probably practiced like a freak, otherwise there is no way. Even I only hit the Second Stage when I was sixteen years old. He probably overtaxed his body and received some permanent internal injuries. This kind of idiot, in a few years he won’t be any different from a vegetable.”

Wang Yigao viciously cursed. Zhu Yan despised this sycophant in his heart. Even with so many rare medicines supporting him he only hit the Second Stage when he was sixteen years old. Not only that, but his combat level a completely weak mess. If his father wasn’t Sky Fortune City’s army major, then Zhu Yan would be disinclined to even bother paying attention to him.

Zhu Yan said, “According to common sense it would be impossible for him to achieve this stage. Overtaxing the body and receiving internal injuries, then he would sooner or later be disabled, but if he had the support of 1000 gold taels, then it would be less certain….”

Hearing Zhu Yan say this, Wang Yigao’s face instantly turned bright red. He thought that Zhu Yan did not know of the gambling matter, but it seemed he already did. Was there anyone who didn’t!?

Damn! Damn it all! He really disgraced his grandmother!

Zhu Yan paid no attention to Wang Yigao. His expression was gloomy. Generally speaking, a sixteen year old boy, if his cultivation had surpassed the Third Stage of Body Transformation then he would enter the Seven Profound Martial House. Many disciples in respected families entered like this. To them, the massive amount of rare and precious medicinal herbs supported them, so this was not too difficult.

Regarding these matters, the Seven Profound Martial House did not mind the family helping. After all, this too was part of a martial artist’s strength. Family Background was equivalent to talent. Whether by virtue of their own talent, or virtue of medicines helping them, they were a master martial artist and could expand the strength and influence of the Seven Profound Martial House.

Those who relied on medicines had hopes of entering the Seven Profound Martial House, much less Lin Ming who’s combat ability surpassed someone from the same rank, so his chances of entering were higher.

Zhu Yan did not want Lin Ming to enter the Seven Profound Martial House. He didn’t fear Lin Ming surpassing him, after all he was only a Third Grade talent. Zhu Yan had absolute confidence in himself. Even if Zhu Yan jumped a level or defeated Wang Yigao it was no big deal. After all Wang Yigao was only at the Second Stage of Body Transformation and his combat level was piss poor.

He was confident that he would always keep Lin Ming under his boot. But if Lin Ming were to enter it would definitely arouse some mighty waves in Lan Yunyue’s heart.

Lan Yunyue had not forgotten her former friendship with Lin Ming. Would it be the same if he entered the Seven Profound Martial House? Zhu Yan liked Lan Yunyue; half of this was because of her temperament and lovely appearance, and the other half was because of his possessiveness of all good things. He was absolutely unable to tolerate any other man being in Lan Yunyue’s heart.

Because of his family, Zhu Yan had a small connection to the Royal Family, so he had some connections to the Seven Profound Martial House. However, the Martial House’s inspections were a very public matter so it was impossible to prevent Lin Ming from entering. So the only plan that he had left was…to not let him participate in the entrance exam.

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