Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 740 - Was There Some Mistake With The Hackers’ Ranking?

Chapter 740: Was There Some Mistake With The Hackers’ Ranking?

Zhuo Yun’s palms got sweaty just thinking about this.

Considering how good the Min family’s guards were, Zhuo Yun and Yang Yi did not have to be physically present to take care of the exhibit. They simply had to check on it remotely. After all, they had done the same thing when the exhibit was first held ten days ago.

However, they did not see this coming.

“Still no progress?” urged Zhuo Yun.

“Calm down,” said Min Yu calmly after he glanced at Yang Yi. He seemed completely composed.

Initially, Yang Yi felt very flustered, but he inhaled deeply the minute he heard Min Yu and focused on cracking the signal jammer.

However, he suddenly stopped typing ten minutes later and said dejectedly, “This isn’t working… His hacking skills are better than mine, so only the top five hackers can take care of this.”

Min Yu frowned and was about to say something.

Huo Yao could tell that Yang Yi had already done his best. Also, she could tell how the hacker was doing this. She instantly broke her silence and said, “Give it to me. Let me try.”

It wasn’t her usual casual tone. Instead, she was speaking in a dead-serious manner.

The moment she spoke, Zhuo Yun and Yang Yi finally realized that she was still around and turned to look at her in shock.

“Huh? Miss Huo, are you a hacker?” asked Zhuo Yun automatically.

Yang Yi was wondering the same thing. The moment Yang Yi made eye contact with Huo Yao, he realized that she meant it.

Huo Yao took off her down jacket and took the laptop from Yang Yi before he could react. She sat down on the couch with her fingers typing across the keyboard rapidly.

Her speed was simply mind-blowing. She was clearly able to type much faster than Yang Yi.

Yang Yi opened his eyes wide in surprise. Before he was able to figure out her strategy, all the five surveillance cameras on the monitor had gone back to normal.

“All done,” said Huo Yao mildly.

It had taken no more than three seconds.

Yang Yi was stunned.

Zhuo Yun was equally blown away.

Min Yu raised his brow slightly as he looked at Huo Yao in slight surprise.

“T-that fast?” said Zhuo Yun as he looked at Yang Yi.

Yang Yi had spent over a minute trying to crack the signal jammer but to no avail. However, Huo Yao accomplished it in just three seconds… There must be some mistake on the hackers’ ranking and Yang Yi must have bribed someone to pay for his spot as the seventh person on the list.

Yang Yi went speechless. He could tell what Zhuo Yun was thinking.

Zhuo Yun checked the surveillance footage before calling the person in charge of the exhibition.

Huo Yao glanced at the surveillance footage and confirmed that everything was running normally at the exhibition. Finally, she handed the laptop back to Yang Yi without saying a word and proceeded to put on her coat. She had reverted to her usual laid-back self.

Yang Yi looked at her quietly with complicated emotions running through his heart. He wanted to say something, but he knew this was not the right time, so he could only suppress the curiosity in his heart and focused on the laptop monitor.

He pressed the communication device in his ear. Now that they had cracked the signal jammer and the surveillance had gone back to normal, everything was well within his control and no other help was needed.

Huo Yao knew that nothing would go wrong at the exhibition now. She quickly stood up after thinking about the signal jammer and zipped her coat before she told Min Yu, “I am heading home.”

She paused before she pointed at Yang Yi and said, “Don’t bother walking me over. You can continue with your work.”

Min Yu looked at her but did not insist. “Okay.”

Huo Yao nodded before leaving the villa.

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