Monster Integration

Chapter 2810 Complete Limit

Chapter 2810 Complete Limit


It took little more than eleven minutes to harness before my core released the strengthening essence, and it filled my runes before spreading into my body.

I watched all with shock, and why wouldn’t I be; I had reached the limit, and other than the boosts of this place, nothing seemed to be working in pushing back the limit, and now I see a faint stream of strengthening essence filling my runes and spreading into my body and soul.

With me reaching the limit, I had thought I would not get a boost from strengthening essence gotten from the Grimms, but it seemed like the level of the essence I was getting was too low grade to push my limit back.

The stream was faint, but the boost it provided to me was huge; despite the immense resistance, the stream of essence pushed inside my body and soul.

I could feel my strength rising rapidly like never before, and it was all due to the small stream strengthening essence; I couldn’t help but wonder, what would have happened, if all the strengthening essence of my share had come at me.

That is impossible in my current condition; my body and soul are fighting hard against the small stream of strengthening essence by tooth and nail, that I doubt whether it be fully digested.

It did not, 99.5% of the strengthening essence did, but the last 0.5% had to recede back to my core. It is a little disappointing, but when I looked at the advancement it had given me, all that disappointment had completely vanished.

I think with this boost, I have reached the complete limit; even from boosts of this place wouldn’t be able to increase my strength anymore.

In the past two months, I have completed eight extra challenges and now held eight pieces; I only need one more piece to complete the circle, then I will be able to reach that place.

I thought about it for a second before turning my gaze to the place where a miracle was happening.

The mysterious tree had its biggest growth I had ever seen; it had become so big that I looked like a tiny ant in front of it, and now, it was releasing a vast amount of energies that was making the plant grow at a speed that made my eyes go-round with the shock.

They are growing rapidly; even powerful resources like stainless lotuses are growing at a visible speed.

I see how one lotus after another is blooming on the water as they harness the incredible amount of corrupted energies from the pool. I had never seen them pulling out such a huge amount of energy, though there had never been so many stainless lotuses in the pool.

There are a total of sixty stainless lotuses in the pool, and thanks to a huge number of Grimms I have hunted here, all of them have reached the Tyrant stage and now climbing the classes at a speed that I had not thought is possible.

It is not just the lotuses that are growing extremely fast, but also all the other resources, some of them being harvested by my clone.

The day this place came out, I made a huge change in my garden, taking out 65% of the plants I had planted here. The moment this place came out, the last phase of the war had begun, and the moment this place closed, the countdown to the war’s end will also begin.

So, I needed to make a change into the plants I have in my core; I do not need most of the plants that I would need for the smooth working of the project.

The project will not close, but there won’t be many people in it as most of them will be fighting. It had begun already; I am sure by now, the war had reached such a stage pyramid will be using every powerhouse it had in its arsenal, be it knights or the Grand Lords.

I couldn’t help but shudder when I think about the horrifying casualties that would be piling up every day, but this is war and normal war either, but the epochal war which will result in the destruction of one race.

Like most wars before, the chances of it ending in a stalemate are slim because the sides are hell-bent on this being the last war.

“As expected,” I said as I noticed a thing; the growth energy is powerful that no High-Grandmaster class bloodlines had given me such powerful energy, but still, no matter how powerful it. It is still a Grandmaster class energy and took plants to Grandmaster class.

I had already expected it, and I am not disappointed because now all the plants in my garden are in the garden are at Grandmaster class and above.

Now, I will only need to find a couple of real High-Grandmasters with the bloodline, and I will be able to take the plants I will need to a High-Grandmaster class; it wouldn’t be difficult, but not easy either. Though, I am sure I will be able to do it before my breakthrough.

The growth energy spread for nine minutes before it finally stopped, and the changes it had brough to my garden were shocking.

Even though I have reduced more than half of the plants, my garden has never been verdant as it is right now. There are plants of every color and size, and they are powerful; some release aura’s powerful enough that even those with the same level would find it hard to approach them.

Nearly 90% of the plants planted here have their own special environment, from frozen cold to burning inferno.

With the formation, it is very hard to do what I am doing, especially with the resources present in the world. I was able to do it because of the rule-bending power, and it is what formed the base of the project and made it so successful.

I looked at the garden for another minute before I opened my eyes and shot up in the air while my armor changed, and so is my aura.

In the previous battle, the aura had spread far and wide; if I were to erase it, it would take a lot of time. So, it would be better if I changed my aura, which is quite easy for me.

This time, I had changed my aura to bloodline; within a minute, it had become stable that now even if High-Grandmaster looked carefully, they would not find a single fault in it.

With that, I begin to search for other Grimms, especially those with bloodline core. I have tasted the kind of power they have, and now, I want it; not to mention, I will be killing the Grimms with the potential to reach the class of the Grand Lord.

For a few minutes, nothing had happened, but Ashlyn had found another golden bird which she brough to me without me saying anything.

“Thank you, Ashlyn,” I said as I placed the golden bird into the cage, and now with the tenth bird, the cage is full.

Which couldn’t help but make me wonder about where I would place the birds I would get after this.

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