Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207: Array 2

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Zhou Huaijin stopped the junior who prevented Gu Chaoyan, as she walked smoothly to the array.

Zhou Huailing took Gu Ruxue and Junyi to this place, and they had never realized that it was an array, So they wasted more than an hour before realizing what they were faced with.

However, the moment Gu Chaoyan arrived she realized that she was faced with an array.

It was a very confusing yet simple array of confusion.

Gu Chaoyan in her previous life did not have any knowledge about arrays, but she found some books related to array formations in her space, and the one she ran into right now was the most simple one.


Therefore, Gu Chaoyan could not help but feel disappointed. She had overestimated Destiny Monk.

Gu Chaoyan guided Zhou Huaijin and walked into the room with assured strides. During this time, Gu Chaoyan had her eyes closed and it was not until she reached the doorstep that she opened her eyes, looking satisfied as she saw the house right in front of her. Those books about array formation were so useful!

Those juniors who released them were shocked.

There were many people who came to break through the arrays, but they always ended up being stuck inside and not daring to go any further. How did this woman break through so fast?

They all went mute and exchanged their looks. They had no idea how to deal with this situation.

When Monk went into the house, they were told to guard the door, because he told them that no one would break through the arrays. Therefore, they had no idea what they should do when someone did.

Gu Chaoyan knocked at the door.

She could hear the sound of movement.

The door was opened and Destiny Monk got confused as he saw who was there. “You are…”

“It is you!” Destiny Monk suddenly got excited. He was also shocked when he saw Gu Chaoyan. He had not expected that it was she who came to his door.


Did he really make a mistake before?


Destiny Monk suddenly got confused.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Destiny Monk, whom she met for the first time. She had a very strange feeling inside her, but Gu Chaoyan did not continue to figure out what that was.

She looked at Destiny Monk and then she said seriously, “You are really able to tell the destiny of heaven?”

“Of course.” Destiny Monk looked serious, and was even displeased by her suspicion.

“The North Qi Land own ferocious magical monsters and they are invading us at the border. If you can really tell the destiny of heaven, then just tell me what the Phoenix Girl can do for our land?” Gu Chaoyan asked Destiny Monk.

Destiny Monk’s face twisted.

Why did she ask him such a straightforward question?

Having been startled for a while, he said, “Elder Miss, it is not yet time to reveal the secret!”

“I will come out of this house when it is time.” Destiny Monk said, “And the array will disappear when the moment comes. I am very surprised that you can break through.”

He just sounded incredulous. “How did you break through, anyway?”

Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly.

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