My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1917 - I’ll Take Care Of You!

Chapter 1917: I’ll Take Care Of You!

“I always wanted you to go to a school in Sea District, but you insisted on going to a school in Emperor District. You said you wanted to go to the same school as Miss Nangong because you wanted to meet your idol—but in actuality, you wanted to go to Emperor District to see Xu Feiyang, right?

“I’ve loved you and accompanied you in everything for so many years. Why should a girl that I’ve worked so hard to raise fall into the arms of another man?”

Wu Zongxu’s expression was almost psychotic. He looked at Wu Pingting with an expression that conveyed fanatical love and paranoid possessiveness.

“After we separated, I kept telling you how bad Xu Feiyang was and how he wasn’t suitable for a girl like you, but you completely ignored me. You just accused me of being paranoid. Pingting, do you know how sad I was when I heard that?”

“So, you got someone to rape me over such a small matter? You thought that you couldn’t have me just because I didn’t listen to you. You figured that I might have already fallen in love with someone else. What you can’t have, no one can have, eh? Because I didn’t like you, you were going to destroy me, right?”

“No, Pingting! It’s not like that! I found someone to rape you because I was afraid that someone else would fall in love with you. I was even more afraid that you’d fall in love with someone else. That’s why I found someone to do that to you. At first, I thought that being kidnapped and would cause you enough trauma to drive you away from that school in Emperor District. After your incident, no man will want to marry you, so you’ll be mine and mine alone.

“Pingting, I don’t mind that you’ve been raped! I don’t mind! I could never despise you, even if you went back to that psychotic state you were in before. I’ll stay with you and care for you for the rest of your life! Pingting, I love you!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!! Wu Zongxu, you’re a lunatic! A lunatic!!! You’re crazy!!! I’m your sister! I’m your damn cousin! How could you do such a thing? How could you be so perverted and so cruel?”

“You’re not my cousin! I was adopted into this family, so we’re not related by blood at all! Pingting, I love you! Do you know you were raped by seven men? No good man will ever want you. Are you willing to be with your brother? I swear that I’ll do my very best to treat you well and make you the happiest woman in the world!”

With that, Wu Zongxu reached out to grab Wu Pingting’s hand.

She took a step back in fear. Seeing that Wu Zongxu still continued to approach her, Nuannuan stepped forward and hit his forehead with her hand, making him faint.

Wu Pingting felt like she could not breathe. She had not thought her tragedy could get any worse. She could not accept that she had been raped by seven men! Her cousin had been willing to completely destroy her and leave her in a psychotic state for the rest of her life just for a chance for her to stay by his side forever.

Not only Wu Pingting was shocked. Even the wise Elder Wu was clutching his heart tightly. He could not believe that his grandson was such a monster.

The worst thing was that they did not manage to find out about this side of his before he did this.

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