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Chapter 917 - The one behind everything

Chapter 917 - The one behind everything

Some families were aware that Fex had gone missing, however, they didn't know he was attacked or about the memory loss, and they definitely didn't know that something happened to Kazz. Her words were even a shock to them all.

Other than the thirteenth leader, Lee, this was the first time they had heard that Kazz had been attacked. Attacking one's vampire knight was similar to declaring war on that family, unless they had a good reason for doing so, or had been ordered to.

From the words she spoke, Quinn had gathered that It seemed like somehow, Kazz was able to regain her memories and this was the moment Bryce was waiting for.

'But how was he able to get Kazz's memories back?' Quinn wondered. By now Quinn was pretty sure Cindy was behind everything due to what he had learnt from Alex. With her ability she was able to return one's mind back to a certain point in time, similar to what she had done with Cia.

So Quinn wondered how Bryce was able to remove it. Was there someone with the ability to negate abilities, or possible Cindy herself was able to reverse the reverse but this seemed very unlikely. Cindy would never help out Bryce. The main reason why Quinn wanted to find out was so he could help out Fex.

"I will now declare your wrong doings in front of everyone in the vampire settlement and to the other leaders!" Bryce said, moving forward and pushing Kazz slightly behind him. "A little over two weeks ago, Kazz and Fex were travelling together to return to my castle, when the two of them were attacked.

"Kazz's body was pinned to the wall, while Fex was taken away. Later on, Fex was to be found at the Bloodsucker settlement, and had been saved thanks to a collaboration act between the thirteenth and tenth family but there was one problem. Both of these had no memories of the attack and had no idea who had attacked them."

Seeing where Bryce was going with this, Cindy couldn't help but speak up.

"So now that your own 'Daughter' has regained her memories back, and she has pointed the finger at me, should we all just believe that I was the one who had done it? This just further proves my point that you two could have been working together all along. After all, we know the tenth was keeping a blood fairy."

Bryce didn't say anything, but gave her a quick stare, which caused her to take a slight step back a bit. He didn't move but it was a reminder that she shouldn't interrupt the King when speaking. So Bryce continued.

"In this situation, one would try to focus on regaining their memories, but if it was done via the influence skill, there would have only been one person who I could rely on to get them back, those from the second family. However, I guess it was a good thing that I never did trust you Cindy." Said Bryce.

"I was focused on the why. Why would someone go through the trouble of attacking Kazz and taking Fex away? And why the need to frame the tenth leader as well. After the Royal Guards did some investigating, it was found out that they weren't the only ones that had a lapse in their memoires, but several of the direct descendants from the other families, were unable to remember what they were doing between certain hours of the day.

"Usually, this wouldn't be too much of a concern; it was only a brief moment that they couldn't remember but certainly strange. Yet, there is one thing that is needed to not only open the King's vault, but to also open the absolute blood book."

Now walking to the front comfortably, stepping one foot after the other was Quinn, and he didn't even have the best expression on his face either, as his eyebrows were frowned and the wrinkles on his forehead could be seen. Staring at the one person that had caused him so much trouble.

"It's nice to meet you again, Clown." Said Quinn. Thinking back to the person who had extracted his blood back when he was underground. "It's safe to guess that the guards protecting my Cell also have a lapse in their memory. Getting my blood, I don't have any direct descendants so you need to get the blood from me. Of course approaching the leaders directly to take their blood would have been impossible, so you aimed for Kazz, Fex and all the others."

For once, the usual smile that Cindy would have on her face had dropped, her hands were left hanging by her sides. She wanted to say something, but she knew she didn't have to. It still wasn't enough to convict her at all. Right now Bryce and Quinn were just acting like a bunch of detectives. Spouting links that could just be made up on the spot.

"Cindy." Bryce spoke, and she lifted her head again. "You think we stopped there? We learnt of all your plans, it's useless now. We know Jill, the eighth leader, was working with you. Her Vampire Knight was found with the Bloodsuckers."

Hearing her name, Jill's face was full of panic, and she immediately started to look around at what leaders were around her.

"And there's more!" Another voice shouted out, being marched in through the crowd, was the Royal Guards, and they had surrounded a group of people, in that group was Silver, and those close to Quinn from the tenth castle.

As expected, they were already planning to make their move, and when charging out through the front gate, the reaction of the Royal Guards was not what they had expected. The guards told them that they would escort them to the plaza, and Bryce had informed Silver of a little more that day then what she had told the others.

"An investigation was run into those from the second family. Out of all the families, the second family has had more vampires born than any other family, yet they never reached the limit. From reports they have also had the highest crimes committed that would be punished, and vampires perished under infighting. Yet, when we go to ask those in the second family, it seems like there is no such thing.

"I wish we would have found out sooner, but there was a clear pattern. All the vampire men that were promoted into the inner circle, didn't last long. They weren't just receiving a normal punishment, they were sent away to be turned into bloodsuckers, or vampire subclasses."

Seeing a sweat appear on Cindy's face, was giving Bryce a satisfied smile and he wanted to give her the last push over the edge.

"If you planned to take me out with that army of yours then that would be useless. Prima has already been sent out with a group of Royal Guards, and we got rid of every single one, apart from the blood fairy we kept for evidence of course."

Fex too had been brought along, and hearing this he was a little saddened. Silver looked at him for a second, and it was the reason why she hadn't told him. She knew he wanted to save them, but she also knew what Bryce's course of action would be after finding out.

"You're saying that I'm involved in this!" Jill said, placing the palm of her hand on her c.h.e.s.t. "Just because my Vampire Knight was found, who knows what type of words Cindy could have used to threaten her. I have just been following orders from you this whole time."

"Both Kazz and Fex can verify that this happened to them." Quinn said. "And even Alex is a witness in all of this. The one that brought him to Cindy's castle in the first place as the original eighth leader. I find it hard to believe that you knew nothing about this. When the leaders are locked up in tombs below your castle."

Hearing this, there were many gasps from the vampires in the crowd and even the leaders looked at each other in disbelief. An original was woken up, and not only that but the eighth original.

"We can prove if what Kazz has said is true or not right now. Anyone feel free to use the influence skill on her and ask away." Bryce said.

Standing forward, the first one to volunteer for this act was Muka.

"You all know that I have been accusing Bryce and suspected Bryce has been behind this whole thing the whole time. So it's safe to say I don't trust him, and it is true even now. If I'm the one to use my influence skill, and Kazz is telling the truth we should all get our answer."

He walked up to Kazz, and Kazz was ready to allow him to use his skill on her. When the sound of clapping was heard.

"Bravo, bravo!" Cindy said, smiling once more. "There is no need to use the influence skill on her. You caught me, you were right. I was the one behind everything. You did so much digging. I guess the one thing I underestimated was for a bunch of vampire elite leaders to put so much trust in a human turned vampire."

Then grabbing her black dress, she pulled hard, ripping it completely off herself.

"But what are you going to do about it?" She said, with the red blood armour covering her entire body.


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