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Chapter 901 - Ripping His Collar

Chapter 901: Ripping His Collar

Bai Sui barely had time to breathe before Gu Mang was in front of him. His instincts told him to back away, but before he could do that, Gu Mang grabbed him by the collar and pinned him to the wall. She ripped his collar apart, the button flying to the ground.

Gu Mang stared at the smooth and clean collarbones in front of her. There was no tattoo or the characteristic mole that Lu Chengzhou had on his collarbones. It’s not him?

“Holy cow!” someone exclaimed.

Gu Mang looked over to see Gu Si standing at the stairs landing in shock. His neck was stretched forward and his beady little eyes were staring right at them. What the hell have I just seen?!

Gu Si, who failed to find the medical kit, had been greeted with the sight of his sister pinning Bai Sui against the wall as he came up. What was really shocking was that Bai Sui’s shirt was ripped open and his chest was half exposed. The provocative image made Gu Si’s mind explode and he almost hyperventilated. What exactly is going on between them?!

Bai Sui was apparently taken aback too. He stammered, “Y-young Lady…?”

Gu Mang pursed her lips and released Bai Sui before taking a step back. She then took the medical kit and thermal flask from him and returned to her room, slamming the door shut behind her.


The entire corridor shook. Now, the only people standing in the corridor were a shocked Gu Si and an unkempt Bai Sui. There was a strange atmosphere in the air.

Gu Si looked stiffly at the tightly shut door before shifting his gaze toward Bai Sui. He had complicated emotions about what had just happened and for the first time ever, he felt that his intelligence was not high enough to understand. Is the adults’ world so complicated? I’ve seen how my sister treated Lu Chengzhou, but I also saw for myself how she ripped Bai Sui’s shirt apart too… Just what was she doing?!

Bai Sui bent down to pick up his button from the ground before straightening himself and walking over toward Gu Si. “Young Master, it’s not easy for the Young Lady to change her dressing on her own. You—”

“I don’t need you to tell me what I should do!” Gu Si interrupted as he shot a hostile glare at Bai Sui. I refuse to believe that my sister has moved on and fallen for Bai Sui! I don’t believe it!

Bai Sui was stunned, not having expected this reaction from Gu Si.

I finally understand it now. It’s no wonder that I found him odd. It turns out that he desires my sister! Gu Si scrunched up his little face and spat, “I already have a brother-in-law. You can forget about seducing my sister!”

Bai Sui nodded. “Huo Zhi?”

“Huo Zhi? He doesn’t deserve to be my brother-in-law at all!” Gu Si scoffed. “Any idea who the boss of Red Flame is?”

When Bai Sui remained silent, Gu Si pointed his thumb at his face and proudly lifted his chin. “That’s my brother-in-law. My sister and my brother-in-law are on very good terms, so don’t you dare wreck their relationship!”

After giving Bai Sui a stern warning, Gu Si snorted and entered Gu Mang’s bedroom.

Bai Sui silently turned around to see Gu Si close the door behind him, his lips curling up when he recalled what the boy had said. He stood there chuckling to himself for a few seconds before retracting his gaze and heading downstairs.

While walking down, he looked down to see his opened collar and the smile on his face faded. She ripped open my shirt…

The next day.

Gu Mang came out of the lab to take a break after staying inside for almost the entire day. Due to her injury, she received some help from Yu Mufeng and Gu Si while working on the experiments.

Meanwhile, at Jijing Island’s General Hospital.

Leng Xuan, who had been badly burned, only came around the night before the competition.

Other than the people who were close to the Bai family, the rest of the elders in the Elders’ Association rushed over to visit Leng Xuan. Everyone stood outside the sterile ward, sans for the Head Elder, who had changed into a sterile suit to enter. He was currently standing next to Leng Xuan’s bed.

Leng Xuan felt like her body was on fire as she weakly asked the Head Elder, “Can my hands recover?”

Actually, she had long been told by the doctor that there was no way for her hands to recover, despite Jijing Island having the most advanced medical technology. As a doctor herself, she knew this too, but was still hoping for a miracle.

The Head Elder gave her an ambiguous reply. “Just focus on recuperation. The medical association will arrange a series of follow-up treatments for you.”

Upon recalling the fire in the Leng residence, Leng Xuan lost her cool and her eyes glowed red. Her vital signs began fluctuating like crazy on the heart rate monitor.

Throughout, the Head Elder said nothing and merely waited for her to calm down on her own.

After a while, she slowly took a deep breath and said, “I want an account from the Elders’ Association and the Gu family! I want Gu Si to be sent to the supermax prison!”

The ward was silent for a couple of seconds before the Head Elder said in a serious tone, “Leng Xuan, you should take a look at your current self.”

“Take a look at my current self?” Leng Xuan’s eyes were glowing red and her voice was hoarse. “I look neither like a human nor a ghost! I’m now stuck here in this ward with half of my body burned and it’s all thanks to those siblings!”

Despite the mask covering most of his face, the Head Elder’s eyes revealed a stern look. “And you made a move on Gu Mang.”

“Is her injury even as serious as mine?!” Leng Xuan’s breathing became ragged and the veins around her eyes became red and bulged. “Her hand injury is nothing compared to my injuries! On top of that, the men I sent to deal with her all died and the Leng family suffered great losses!”

The Head Elder put his hands behind his back as Leng Xuan gritted her teeth and continued ranting, “I want Gu Si to be sent to the supermax prison! I want him to be cuffed and shackled for life! I want them to pay for everything, including my hands and the Leng family—”

“Leng Xuan, can you tell me why the Elders’ Association’s youngest elder has turned out this way?” The Head Elder’s voice was eerily calm.

Leng Xuan frowned at that, only to hear the Head Elder say, “Do you need me to tell you how many times you’ve fallen into Gu Mang’s hands?”


“Patience. I’m not done speaking,” the Head Elder interrupted. “Every single thing you did in the past two months is making me question your rationality. You’re no longer Base 102’s Elder Leng who acted in a meticulous manner.”

Leng Xuan bit her lower lip.

“Is it because of Lu Chengzhou?” The Head Elder fixed his sharp eyes on her and when he saw her gaze flickering, he scoffed. “Even if you wanted to steal him from Gu Mang, you should have done it in a smarter way at least. The Elders’ Association won’t keep cleaning up after you.”

His words rendered Leng Xuan speechless.

“What happened to the Leng family is your own fault,” said the Head Elder. “Don’t get involved in Gu Mang’s and Gu Si’s affairs ever again.”

There was reluctance on Leng Xuan’s face, but she could hear the veiled threat between the Head Elder’s words. She looked at him and asked, “What about Base 102’s assessment? Tomorrow’s the final round of the medical competition.”

The Head Elder narrowed his eyes. “That’ll depend on whether she’s capable of taking first place.”

Hearing that, Leng Xuan’s anger dissipated a little. I might be injured, but so is Gu Mang. She can forget about taking Base 102’s assessment if she fails to take first place in the medical competition.

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