My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4551 - Su Yu’s Additional Story (1)

Chapter 4551: Su Yu’s Additional Story (1)

At Su Family Mansion.

Ever since the mysterious death of the general, Old Master Su had retired early to recuperate.

Although the higher-ups invited him to return many times, the old man refused.

After losing his beloved grandson, he seemed to have aged a lot overnight. No matter how impressive he used to be, he only wanted to live in seclusion.

“Dad, Master Wu is here,” Mrs. Su said softly as she knocked on the door.

“Let him in.” Grandpa Su put down his teacup.

Master Wu was wearing a green shirt and a bracelet that Su Yu had given him.

On the whole, Master Wu was much cleaner than before. Perhaps it was a habit he only picked up after coming to C City.

After Master Wu entered, he nodded at the old man.


Mrs. Su knew that the old man must have something important to say to Master Wu, so she left.

Inside the study room of the Su Residence.

At first, the old man was just chatting with Master Wu. Then, the two of them almost finished a pot of Longjing tea.

Finally, Grandpa Su said, “Wu, I know you’re quite capable… Otherwise, my unruly grandson wouldn’t have acknowledged you as his master.”

“No, no. Just treat me as a swindler.” Master Wu smiled mischievously.

“To be honest, you should know why I called you over today.”

“I know, it’s about Su Yu.” Master Wu was well aware.

Su Yu’s incident became a thorn for the Su Family. Su Yu being unconscious forever became a wound to everyone.

Grandpa Su nodded after seeing that he was being clear.

“Yes, it’s about Yu.”

“Old Master, forgive me for being blunt, but I really can’t save Yu… Maybe there are those kinds of experts in this world, but I’m not capable enough. Even if you exhaust me to death, I won’t be able to find an exit for Su Yu… I’m really sorry.”

Before the old man could say anything, Master Wu explained everything.

Su Yu had been unconscious for over a year…

Huo Mian’s third child had already learned how to walk.

In the past year or so, everyone visited Su Yu almost every week, as if he was really asleep.

Huo Mian insisted on going every week and would talk to Su Yu alone.

Sometimes she came with the twins and sometimes with her third child.

An and Master Wu had been staying in Su Yu’s private mansion, unwilling to leave even though they knew Su Yu wouldn’t wake up.

In the past year, almost everyone had asked Master Wu this question.

Including Huo Mian at the start. She even said that she wanted to accompany Su Yu in the dream.

But Master Wu was really helpless…

When Su Yu entered the dream for the second time, Master Wu had already warned him sternly and told him the consequences.

However, Su Yu still did it without any regrets. He knew the consequences, but he still went in.

This was his own choice…

It was understandable that everyone wanted to save him.

But Master Wu couldn’t do it, so he felt that it was better to talk things out when Old Master was meeting him alone.

It’s best for him to not give everyone hope…

“Wu, you might have misunderstood. I didn’t ask you to come here today to save Yu. I know you don’t have the ability, so I won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Sir… then you are…” Master Wu was a little surprised as he looked at the white-haired old man.

“I actually want to ask you a question…”

“Please ask.”

“If Yu dies in the real world, will his soul leave the dream realm?” Grandpa Su asked with a heavy expression.

When Master Wu heard this, he was shocked.

“Old Master… you mean…?”

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