Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749: Savior

“Pfft, so Qing Buyi also thinks that the two I brought are unreliable. He sent me a super bodyguard.” Lu Yun flicked a glance at Jian Bu’er and the Demonic Vine. He’d only wanted to bring the vine since she could deploy incredible battle strength in the darkness and raise her cultivation at the same time. However, she wouldn’t come if Jian Bu’er didn’t, so he’d had to bring both of them.

But they turned out to be more burdens than anything. It was vexing and he couldn’t send them away. Thank goodness Chu Xingran was here now!

Qing Buyi had likely raised him to eighteenth level sequence or even higher; the road ahead would be easier with the man by his side. Lu Yun didn’t suspect Chu Xingran as he’d gained some insight into Qing Buyi’s strength. If anything dared pretend to be one of his men or go against his wishes, he’d probably immediately fly over in a fit of rage and swat the thing to death.


Lu Yun’s primary goal was to destroy the tomb in the Abyssal Hell. He’d sent the tomb owner into the Tome of Life and Death—the demon of immortal dao gibbered with fear and cowered inside the Imperial Seal when he saw the owner’s coffin.

As for the demon that was Lu Yun’s master—he’d forgotten about it for now. The demon wouldn’t come if he didn’t break through. What was more pressing was that Jiang Kui knew about things here. More cultivators from the outside realm would arrive before long, so he needed to act fast.

“It won’t be an easy task to destroy the tomb.” Deep furrows scored Lu Yun’s forehead as he repeatedly employed formula dao. He wanted to find a way to destroy the layout of burial without harming the Abyssal Hell.

This particular hell was the source of his strength, the power for his hell battleship and hell cannons. While it looked boundless without end, the tomb had become one with the hell and destroying the tomb meant weakening the hell.

“Do you remember how the original Hongmeng shattered?” Chu Xingran offered a reminder when he saw Lu Yun unable to find the solution.

“Do you mean the Dragonquake Scripture?” Lu Yun paused to consider the possibility. Indeed, the Dragonquake Scripture could mobilize the earthen veins within the hell to destroy the layout, but his strength was limited and he couldn’t call upon all of them like that great figure had done in the original Hongmeng.

The Abyssal Hell was bigger than the original Hongmeng and the layout of burial had become one with it. He needed to destroy all of the layouts at the same time in order to destroy the tomb. Otherwise, it would repeat the same situation from when he destroyed the zombie farms and tomb for the living. He’d turned the entire hell into purgatory, but still didn’t touch the great tomb.

“No, the Dragonquake Scripture won’t work because you’re too weak. You might be able to do it if you were eighteen levels of sequence like that great one,” Chu Xingran rejected his own proposal before Lu Yun could speak. “Oh. right, Xie Tianxun is with you, right? The kid’s known for his grave robbing skills in the outside realm, so why don’t you bring him out and see what he has to say? He robbed the tomb of the Heaven and Earth Supreme, after all.”

The Heaven and Earth Supreme was the one who’d invented The Kinship of Heaven and Earth. However, his title of “heaven and earth” was indicative of how arrogant he’d been.

“Aren’t you worried that he’ll bite you?” Lu Yun paused.

“What for? He should thank me instead!” Chu Xingran waved a confident hand.

Lu Yun shrugged and opened the doors to the Disordered Hell, inviting Xie Tianxun to come out.

“Chu Xingran!!” Xie Tianxun snarled and leapt on the man as soon as he saw him. Chu Xingran curled his lip and rebuffed Xie Tianxun with a casual backhand. The latter was almost spitting fire from his eyes.

“You want revenge, don’t you?” Chu Xingran said merrily.

Xie Tianxun’s chest heaved as he glared at his enemy for a long time. He turned to Lu Yun, “Help me kill this sissy and I’ll do whatever you want!”

“No can do,” Lu Yun shook his head. “Qing Buyi sent him to protect me, so Qing Buyi will have my head if I kill him.”

“Qing Buyi?!” The name cut through Xie Tianxun’s anger. “What’s he doing with Chu Xingran?”

“Pfft,” Chu Xingran scoffed. “I can’t believe you got away with a Lifeline Talisman. But if it wasn’t for me killing you earlier, you’d die a miserable death by that idiot Nebula Supreme’s side. Not even the talisman would save you.

“So that makes me your savior.”

“Fuck you piece of shit, what fucking savior?!” Xie Tianxun erupted with rage. “Do you think I’m a moron?! I entered the Land of Reincarnation with my primary body because I wanted to hide in the shadows and take action when the time was right! The Esteemed Nebula had to rely on me to extend his will in this land so he could collect followers. Why would he be dead if not for you?! And how would I be in these miserable fucking straits if not for you?!”

Lu Yun shuddered and looked at Jian Bu’er. The latter also looked a bit pale. If everything had proceeded according to Xie Tianxun’s revelations, they would’ve been in real trouble. It wouldn’t have taken long for the will of a powerhouse beyond sequence and a wondrous genius like Xie Tianxun to infiltrate the entire fourth realm. They would’ve also reached the Hongmeng and world of immortals!

Not even Lu Yun could’ve stopped them even if he’d been able to discover their plans. With this kind of surreptitious expansion through the dark and lack of raising a fuss, Qing Buyi wouldn’t be able to take action either.

It was only because Chu Xingran had ruined their plans that the Esteemed Nebula had panicked and sent a surge of darkness into the fourth realm. That’d given Qing Buyi the perfect excuse to interfere.

Lu Yun looked at Chu Xingran with newfound gratitude and Jian Bu’er’s lingering enmity toward him also vanished. Chu Xingran colored with slight embarrassment; he’d taken action without thought and hadn’t planned on things turning out this way.

“You guys…” Xie Tianxun abruptly realized that what he’d just said made Chu Xingran a savior to the natives. He slapped his forehead and sank into a sullen silence.

“It’s alright, it’s all over now.” Chu Xingran walked over to Xie Tianxun and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me, you damned sissy!” Xie Tianxun glared at him and huffed at Lu Yun, “I’ve given you the Netherdark Talisman and my cultivation methods, what else do you want?”

“Nothing much, just ideas on how to destroy this tomb.” Lu Yun winked and gestured at the space around them.

“This is… the Abyssal Hell! Where the world of sequence was nurtured??” Xie Tianxun immediately recognized their surroundings.

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