Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 990 - It's Too Late Scare the Wei Family

Chapter 990: It’s Too Late Scare the Wei Family

The juniors paused for a moment. Seeing that Wei Yu was still walking forward, everyone became bolder and followed.

“If you step out of this door today, you will never need to enter again.”

When Xia Wanyuan said this, the others did not dare to continue walking.

Wei Yu turned around and saw that her companions, who usually scolded Xia Wanyuan with her, were all as timid as ostriches.

“Xia Wanyuan, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you make Grandma happy. Isn’t it just because you have CEO Jun’s love? If not for CEO Jun behind you, you would be nothing. Why are you so smug?!”

Speaking of Jun Shiling, Wei Yu gritted her teeth in anger.

The last time Jun Shiling came to the Wei family to congratulate Old Madam Wei, she fell in love with him at first sight.

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She had never seen such an imposing and charming man in her life. Only such a man was worthy of her, Wei Yu.

However, she did not expect Xia Wanyuan to be Jun Shiling’s wife. Why?

We were clearly not much different in age. I, Wei Yu, was the direct descendant of Old Madam Wei, the noble second daughter of the Wei family. Now, Xia Wanyuan, an outsider, was going to ride on our heads.

The more Wei Yu thought about it, the angrier she became. “You won’t let me step into the Wei family? Who do you think you are?” As soon as she finished speaking, Wei Yu walked out of the hall.

Wei Xian felt that something was wrong, but it was too late to stop her.

Everyone turned their gazes to Xia Wanyuan, only to see her slowly take a sip of tea before saying, “Since Wei Yu doesn’t want to be a member of the Wei family, she should be removed from the family tree and all her living allowance will be stopped.”


“Xia Wanyuan, you!” Wei Xian stood up. Wei Yu was her daughter. Wasn’t Xia Wanyuan slapping her in the face?

“On the third of May.” Xia Wanyuan looked at Wei Xian calmly and spat out a few words.

With just seven words, Wei Xian’s face turned pale as she looked at Xia Wanyuan in shock. How did she know?

” Nanyang Fund, Yuanqiao shares, Jianghe Project…” Xia Wanyuan slowly read out more than ten inexplicable names.

What was even more baffling was that every time she read one, someone in the hall would break out in cold sweat.

In the end, the juniors in the hall looked at the elders’ pale faces in confusion.

At this moment, no one cared if Wei Yu could step into the Wei family in the future. What they cared about was…

Why did Xia Wanyuan know so much? How much did she know about the Wei family?

“That’s all for today’s meeting.” Looking at the time, Xia Wanyuan stood up. “Meeting adjourned.”

Xia Wanyuan left, leaving an extremely silent hall. Everyone looked at each other.

They had a feeling that their future days would not be easy.


An Rao felt that Bo Xiao had been a little strange recently.

He always bought a lot of baby products, from the milk bottles and milk powder when he was born, to the clothes when he was one year old, the walker, and even the school bag when the child was in primary school. They were all stacked in an empty house.

“Bo Xiao, why are you buying these now?” An Rao pulled Bo Xiao’s hand. “Can’t you buy them after I give birth? If you buy them now, what if they don’t fit?”

“I’m afraid it’s too late.” Bo Xiao pulled An Rao into his arms and touched her stomach.

Bo Xiao’s voice was soft and An Rao did not hear him clearly. “What do you mean?”

Bo Xiao hugged An Rao tightly. “It’s nothing. Just rest well and remember that I love you the most.”

“Hmph, you definitely love me the most. Even if we have the baby in the future, you can only love me the most.” An Rao took half a step back with a smile, wanting to kiss Bo Xiao’s face.

However, what shocked her was that Bo Xiao’s eyes were red. “Bo Xiao, what’s wrong? Are you crying?”

Bo Xiao hid the emotions in his eyes and smiled as he scratched An Rao’s nose. “Idiot, I’m happy. I never thought that I would have a loving wife and a cute child. Our child must be as cute as Xiao Bao.”

“Of course!” Speaking of children, An Rao’s eyes lit up. “You must be a good father. I must be a good mother. Our child must be the cutest baby. Don’t you think so?”

“Mm.” Bo Xiao smiled and kissed An Rao’s forehead. “You’re right.”

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