Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 550 - Smart Guy

Chapter 550: Smart Guy

The yard was not big but definitely not considered small.

It looked like a traditional courtyard house, but the rooms were new. Three rooms were facing the south with one master bedroom. There was a large living room and another bedroom on the west side.

The eastern row also had two empty rooms.

The kitchen was situated at the northeast corner. There was a cooking range and a stove inside.

There was a heated brick bed in the main room, and Gu Qingyao was satisfied with that.

Both her teacher and Old Master Qin were from the southern area. They spent most of their lives in the south and could not tolerate the coldness in the capital. It would be much better for them in the coming winter with this heated brick bed.

Lin Dongxu carried all the luggage in and smiled, “Senior, this is the place. I asked someone to clean up the house, so you can just move in immediately.”

He was exaggerating, but the house was indeed clean. They could move in and settle down after some minor cleaning.

They were really treated well here.

In Lin Dongxu’s eyes, this was something falling into their lap. His boss was really capable!

Jiang Yiru and Old Master Qin were taken aback by the yard. There were enough rooms and the rooms were new. There was a well in the yard. How convenient!

Though the house they stayed at in the past was at least ten times better than this, this was the first time they had such a proper place to live after the Jiang family had fallen.

Who was the capable person behind all these?

Jiang Yiru really felt that this should be arranged by someone close to them.

People who brought them here left. Now there were only Gu Qingyao, Lin Dongxu, Jiang Yiru and Old Master Qin.

Gu Qingyao brought the two elderlies’ luggage into the main room. She packed some stuff and set the bed.

“Teacher, Grandpa Qin, do you want to take a rest?”

Gu Qingyao was tired after such a long train ride, not to mention the two elderly.

It was obvious that they were exhausted.

Old Master Qin said, “No, we’re okay. We can leave the things here and bring Mr Lin out for a meal at the state-run restaurant. We…”

“No, Senior, it’s okay!” Lin Dongxu waved his hand. How could he let his sister-in-law’s teacher treat him?

Furthermore, he could tell how exhausted the two seniors were. No one could bear with the tiredness after spending half a month on the train.

“It’s past mealtime, and I ate before I came. You should rest first. If you’re hungry, I’ll go take out some food from the state-run restaurant. I believe the journey was really tiring for you.”

Jiang Yiru’s lips twitched. The child was too polite.

How could she ask him to run errands again?

“Don’t be so polite, Mr Lin. You helped us. We should treat you for a meal.”

Lin Dongxu felt flattered, “Senior, it’s okay. You are Sister-in-law’s teacher. My boss respects you as well. I’m just a junior. Please rest well, I shall go take out food for you now.”

He ran out after he finished his sentence.

Everyone around his boss was so capable. He definitely needed to behave well so that these people would assist him in the future. Then, he would reach the pinnacle of his life.

Some errands would not be tiring at all!

He had enough energy.

“Eh, eh, eh…” Jiang Yiru did not manage to call him back as he ran away fast.

“Pfft…” Gu Qingyao laughed as she saw his reactions.

What a smart guy!

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