Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2238 - Puppet Emperor (4)

Chapter 2238: Puppet Emperor (4)

Spy Cloud also had a copy of the Puppet Emperor’s notice. Peng Ji had seen it.

But Spy Cloud did not accept that task.

“The Puppet Emperor was not the one who hired the Rising Dragon Island,” Shi Shangfei said.

“Not the Puppet Emperor?” Peng Ji was shocked.

Shi Shangfei replied, “Many years ago, the Puppet Emperor had a daughter, but the two of them were in conflict and she left home. Do you remember that eleven years ago, when the Puppet Emperor flew into a rage and massacred the Great Jun Dynasty?”

The Great Jun Dynasty was powerful in the Second Domain. Even surrounded by the various major factions, it stood its ground and had its own territory.

But eleven years ago, the flourishing Great Jun Dynasty was in ashes within a short month. Over 300 small towns were reduced to dust, and the entire population of hundreds of thousands of citizens all died…

“I… I remember…” Peng Ji nodded.

“The Puppet Emperor was the one who did that.” Shi Shangfei stated.

Peng Ji was stunned.

It was the Puppet Emperor who destroyed the Great Jun Dynasty?

“The Puppet Emperor’s daughter was in a romantic relationship with the Great Jun Dynasty’s King. The Puppet Emperor objected but his daughter ignored his wishes and married the king. But in just a few years, the Great Jun Dynasty’s King found another woman and killed his first wife…” This matter was kept very hush-hush and not many people knew. But Spy Cloud had many ears on the ground and that was how Shi Shangfei knew of it.

Peng Ji gasped.

“Did the Great Jun Dynasty’s King go mad? He dared to do that to the Puppet Emperor’s daughter?”

Shi Shangfei shook his head. “He had no idea of the woman’s background. That was why he dared to act as such.”

A scornful smile tugged at the corners of Shi Shangfei’s lips.

This Great Jun Dynasty King. He dared to kill the Puppet Emperor’s only daughter. He truly had a death wish.

The Puppet Emperor only had that one daughter his entire life. He had damaged his reproductive abilities from the cultivation of the puppet skills, and could no longer bear more children. The death of his only daughter meant cutting off his bloodline.

“But luckily, in recent years, the Puppet Emperor learned that his daughter had given birth to a child, but it turns out the child was still very young when she was exiled from the Great Jun Dynasty after her mother was murdered. No one knew if she was dead or alive. If I am correct, that little girl should be the Puppet Emperor’s long-lost granddaughter.

“The Puppet Emperor only has this one remaining descendant, of course he wouldn’t want her harmed… but his enemies won’t be so kind. They would never let go of this chance to target the Puppet Emperor’s one weakness.” Shi Shangfei narrowed his eyes.

Spy Cloud didn’t accept the Puppet Emperor’s business because of other considerations. Those powers who could make an enemy of the Puppet Emperor were not people that Spy Cloud was willing to provoke.

Peng Ji gaped but didn’t say anything. He just secretly glanced at Mu Ziying again.

Mu Ziying was utterly expressionless now. Her hands were bound behind her, her face as impassive as if she was a puppet herself.

Her lids were slightly lowered, not crying, not making a fuss. Those Rising Dragon Island men who were guarding over her found this quite strange.

Their leader said that they had let her companions go because they were not worth killing.

That was just bullshit.

Those brats were able to escape with their lives only because this girl had threatened them with her own life. She said that if they dared to hurt any one of them, she would commit suicide by biting her own tongue.

That was the only reason why those brats were still alive.

“If you are obedient, we won’t make things difficult for you. But if you disobey? We can turn back anytime and skin those friends of yours.” The black-clad leader of the Rising Dragon Island warned her in a chilly voice.

Mu Ziying lifted her eyes, her blood-stained little face completely devoid of expression. Those pitch-black eyes could make one’s hair stand on end.

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