Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 983 The Children Of Chaos And The First Real Battle Part 1

"Big Sister Yana!" Bi Ling cried out. She has never been so happy to see her Big Sister!

"Little Bi, you are riddled with injuries. Quickly heal yourself and take on sparky. I will handle the girl. She has yet to even show her true strength." Yana did not waste time giving out orders. Bi Ling quickly took out some medicine and gulped them down. Her injuries quickly healed under the influence of the hundred or so pills she swallowed.

While Bi Ling was doing that, Yana looked at the girl in front of her, completely ignoring the young man. "My name is Yana. The Goddess Of Beginning. Daughter of the Goddess of Oblivion. Tell me, why have you attacked my sister? Why have you come to this world?"

"Goddess of Beginning? Goddess of Oblivion!? You dare spout such nonsense everyone knows these are titles of legends. How could some mundane world have such titles!?" The young man yelled out, but Yana did not answer him. She only looked at the young woman in front of her. The reason she even gave her title and her Mama's title was because Kana had asked her to do this to try to find out some information about these people who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"She is not your opponent. If you wish to die, then keep talking, but in one flick of her wrist, she can easily cut your head off." Soli snorted as she held her hand out to stop the idiot next to her from speaking anymore. She looked at Yana, trying to gauge the girl's prowess, but all she could feel was pressure. The young woman in front of her was powerful. Much more powerful than the little girl from earlier. Deciding it would be bad for her mission to fight such a person at this time, she decided to try to reason with Yana: "My friend here attacked your sister on impulse. And I attacked back when I realized he would lose. We are only here for the God of Creation's disciple. If you can tell me where I can find this person, I will…."

"Heh…. First stance….. What was apart shall begin anew!" Yana's voice rang out as bells began to toll. Kana, who was watching the whole thing from the portal she was currently keeping an eye on, furrowed her brow. "It seems the people who showed up have no good intentions. Yana, do what you need. If you need help, call your sisters and auntie."

Kana decided to stay out of this battle. It was a good time for her daughters and Ako to get some practice in on someone more powerful than themselves. When Yana heard this, she no longer suppressed her power. The world around her began to distort, and the gravity in the area became thousands of times stronger than before.

"So we can not talk, it seems…." Soli frowned. It seemed she would need to fight this battle no matter what.

"When you came here to take my Mama's head, how am I supposed to respond? Since you dare have intentions of harming my family, I can no longer allow you to live."Yana said coldly as she slashed out. The attack was not something that could easily be dealt with!

"So it seems…. Since that is the case." Soli closed her eyes and spoke softly: "The sword god's path is all encompassing!"

Two sets of bells rang out as the two blades of sword beams flew at each other colliding, tearing time and space in two, creating a void in the heavenly laws. More spiritual qi began to flood into the Ascended realm from the other realms causing the spiritual to become even denser than before.

"Princess Soli, I will help you!" The young man yelled out, but before he could even raise his hands, a sword beam slashed down in front of him, causing him to have to jump back. "Your opponent is me!"

"Damnit!" The young man's face turned black. He did not wish to deal with this right now. But he had no choice but to turn his attention to his attacker. He and Soli never thought that they would end up having to fight such powerful enemies! Gritting his teeth under Bi Ling's relentless assault. He took out a strange orb and broke it. "No, wait, if you do that!"

Soli saw out of the corner that the young man had pulled out an alert crystal and tried to stop him, but she did not have a chance to do so since she was already fighting Yana! But when she thought about it, she figured maybe this might help solve this situation quickly so she could finish her mission. "Give up! My friend has already called for backup!"

"Humph! So what if you call for backup!? Do you think my family is so weak that we would be scared of a few more enemies!? You have highly underestimated my family." Yana snorted as she spun her body around and clashed head on with Soli. The two girls were nose to nose as their blades sparked between them.

Kana, who was watching all of this, frowned as she raised her hand and crushed all the portals in the area with skeletons. She no longer had the luxury of waiting for the portals to allow people to pass through them. She now had to keep an eye on what was happening on her daughters' battlefield.

Kalos, the skeleton who had been sitting on the throne of bones skill, froze as he watched all his portals suddenly shatter into balls of light. But as soon as the shock faded, his anger took over as he yelled out: "Who dares destroy all plans!? I will kill them! I will strip them of their flesh and consume their bones!"

Kalos turned and looked at his soldiers and yelled out: "Everyone, prepare for a major transfer!" The spell would take a while to use, and it would put a huge strain on him, but he would like to see who dared to block his plans.

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