Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1583 – The Wife Goes Into Action

Chapter 1583 – The Wife Goes Into Action

Li Zicheng entered the Imperial Palace once again to meet the West Desolate King. Because the case regarding Li Cangzhou’s death was related to a great general of the West Desolate’s military, he needed His Majesty to give him permission to continue investigating.

Such basic courtesy was necessary especially when it came to the West Desolate King. To this, he merely said, “Ancestor Li, rest assured. I will immediately order some men to summon General Jinwu Ning Qin into the Imperial Palace to be interrogated.”

However, very quickly, they received a reply saying that Marquis Chongwu Ning Qin was still in closed-door meditation and had yet to come out.

The West Desolate King slapped his forehead gently and laughed as he said, “Oh, I must have forgotten. A few days ago, Marquis Chongwu came into the Imperial Palace and asked for a few treasures because he had reached a bottleneck in his cultivation and needed some external materials to help him break through to the next realm. That must be why he’s in closed-door meditation now.”

Li Zicheng frowned slightly and replied in a low voice, “Your Majesty, of course I believe your words, but I still have to ask Your Majesty to let me personally take a trip down to Marquis Chongwu’s residence. I promise that I will not act rashly, otherwise I am willing to endure a punishment by lightning.”

The West Desolate King smiled and waved his hand, “I trust you, Ancestor Li. If you want to make a trip to Marquis Chongwu’s residence, you may do so.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Li Zicheng said his farewells to the king and then excused himself.

“The Li Family from Parasol County are truly extraordinary. They said that they trust me, but they still want to personally take a trip, and they still want me to agree to that request…” The West Desolate King lamented softly with a deep look in his eyes.

A gloomy and gentle voice rang out, “Why don’t I accompany Ancestor Li to Marquis Chongwu’s residence?”

The West Desolate King shook his head, “No need, it is not the right time to use you as my chess piece yet.” A faint, cold smile appeared on the corner of his lips, “Furthermore, I am also curious to know what that old fox Li Zicheng is planning to do.”

This was the Imperial Capital and he was the West Desolate King. As long as he still sat on the throne, he could alter the empire’s fortune as and when he liked.

It was okay if Li Zicheng was abiding by the rules, but if he really crossed the line without any fear, did he really think that the West Desolate King would not dare to kill people?


Li Zicheng was very efficient. The moment he left the Imperial Capital, he got onto the horse carriage and ordered, “Go to Marquis Chongwu’s residence.” The carriage then turned around and moved forward, and the carriage behind him followed closely.

In the carriage behind, Li Ge was hugging his sword with both his hands while sitting straight, as if he did not care about his surroundings at all. In the corner, Chen Sanglue’s face was pale as a sheet. Under his sleeves, his fists were tightly clenched as he coughed lightly every now and then.

Li Ruhua opened her eyes, “Li Ge!”

Her eyes were bright, but her gaze was fierce and cold.

Li Ge frowned slightly, though his eyes were still closed. However, the invisible sword aura around him gradually disappeared.

Chen Sanglue breathed a sigh of relief, cupped his hands, and said, “Immortal Li’s sword will is extraordinary; I am in great awe.”

Li Ge ignored him and did not react at all, but Chen Sanglue was not upset as he cupped his hands and thanked Li Ruhua.

Li Ruhua only smiled and looked at him, without saying a word.

Silence fell in the carriage once again.

Luckily, the Imperial Palace was not very far from the vermillion and purple East City, and the horse carriage quickly came to a halt.

Li Ge opened his eyes and was the first to open the door to disembark from the carriage.

Li Ruhua got up and walked two steps before turning around to ask, “Chen Sanglue, do you want to come with us?”

Chen Sanglue shook his head without any hesitation, “I will stay in the carriage and wait for Immortal Li and Immortal Teacher Li to return.”

Li Ruhua looked at him with even more admiration now, as she nodded her head and came out of the carriage.

Li Ge stood outside the carriage, not caring if Chen Sanglue could eavesdrop on them as he said, “You should know your status. There are some thoughts that you should not have at all.”

Li Ruhua smiled brightly and replied, “What do you mean? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“It’s best if you really don’t understand.”

Li Zicheng walked over, and the two of them did not talk any more as they bowed together, “Ancestor.”

“Cough…this is Marquis Chongwu’s residence. His Majesty has given us permission to come personally to interrogate him. The two of you, follow me.”

The Li Family from Parasol County came to visit, and the doorman did not dare to get in their way or waste their time. He immediately ran to report this matter.

Hundred Saint was in the residence today, but whether it was his status or his cultivation level, he was not qualified enough to welcome Ancestor Li into the house.

The great general was in closed-door meditation, but Hundred Saint did not dare to alert the ‘old grandma’ who stayed in the rear courtyard. Just when he was scratching his head, not knowing what to do, Rourou came to the front courtyard and looked at Hundred Saint, “What are you doing? Open the door and welcome the guests in.”

Even though her tone was not very nice, Hundred Saint breathed a sigh of relief and he beamed.

Since the ‘old grandma’ had shown herself, suddenly, a big figure like Ancestor Li seemed quite ordinary.

His heart that was palpitating in his chest instantly relaxed. He cupped his hands and saluted her, “Right. I will do that right away.”

All the way to the front door, Hundred Saint held his head up high. He bowed and greeted the three people from the Li Family, “General Jinwu’s counselor, Hundred Saint, greets Ancestor Li and the two immortal teachers. The general is in closed-door meditation so he will not be able to come out for the time being. The lady knows about your visit and instructed me to welcome all of you.”

It was a proper and courteous greeting, worthy of the Li Family.

After all, Hundred Saint was born to a side branch of the Imperial Clan. He was Lord Chengtian’s nephew and a proper noble gentleman of the Imperial Capital. With these thoughts in his heart, he now carried himself in a calm and unhurried manner.

Li Zicheng nodded his head, “Thank you.”

“Ancestor Li and two immortals, this way.” Hundred Saint then turned around and led the way.

In Marquis Chongwu’s main hall where guests were received.

Rourou sat on the main seat as she blinked slowly and said, “The marquis is in closed-door meditation. As a woman, I should not casually show my face to strangers, but since it is Ancestor Li who visited today, I have come to greet you personally. I hope you do not blame me.”

Just looking at these words themselves it did not seem very courteous, but it was an acceptable level of politeness.

However, it indeed seemed slightly disrespectful coming from Rourou. Additionally, her nonchalant attitude and casual posture was enough to show that she did not take them seriously.

Anger flashed past Li Zicheng’s eyes. The Li Family from Parasol County had always been superior to everyone in the West Desolate. Even though all these years, they were ‘content with what they had’ and rarely interacted with the outside world, anyone who met them was extremely respectful towards them. Furthermore, it was the dignified Ancestor Li who had personally paid a visit, not just any member of the Li Family from Parasol County. Even the West Desolate King had to be courteous towards him.

As the thoughts rushed through his mind, it affected the outside world as well. The air suddenly became heavy, and the female servants who were standing at the side instantly paled. They felt like they had fallen into quicksand; they were unable to move their bodies and even breathing was difficult.

Hundred Saint, who was guarding the door, had a change in his expression as well. However, it quickly returned to calmness. Firstly, it was because Li Zicheng had not crossed the line and confined his aura within the main hall. Secondly…the ferocity and might of this aura was nothing compared to Rourou’s.

He was not worried at all.

Rourou laughed coldly and said, “Ancestor Li, this is not Parasol County. You’re a guest here; it’s a bit rude to use your cultivation level to bully the host, is it not?”

She sat straighter now, and there was a strict and oppressive expression on her tender face, “Before you came, you should have heard that the marquis is currently in closed-door meditation. Other than that, there is a treasure that is being refined in a cauldron too. If the marquis’ cultivation is affected or if the treasure is spoiled because of you, are you sure that you will be able to bear the consequences?”

The moment she opened her mouth to speak, the suppressive aura that wrapped around the main hall disappeared. At this moment, as she looked at Li Zicheng, and it made him, an old monster with an unfathomable cultivation level, feel uneasy.

Li Ruhua suddenly stepped forward and cupped her hands, “The Li Family of Parasol County was indeed lacking in manners. Lady, please forgive us.”

Rourou looked at her calmly, but it made her heart palpitate, and an uneasy feeling washed over her.

“A few days ago, there was someone who tried to spy on us from outside our residence. It was you, wasn’t it?”

Li Ruhua was alarmed, but maintained a calm exterior. She smiled and said, “Indeed, it was me. Lady, you have such good methods. As a younger cultivator, I am full of admiration.”

Rourou merely waved her hand and replied, “Don’t call yourself ‘younger’, we don’t even know who’s older between the both of us.” Of course, Rourou was referring only to the age of her physical body.

However, Rourou’s bold and confident tone seemed to have worked in misleading Li Ruhua. Li Ruhua’s gaze trembled slightly, as if she was pondering.

Not giving her any more time to think, Rourou continued, “Our residence is aware of the murder case, but whether you believe it or not, the case has nothing to do with the marquis.”

Li Ruhua said softly, “We are willing to believe you, lady, but we need hard evidence, not empty words.”

“You’re right. Then, let’s end this matter here today. Come again when the marquis has come out of closed-door meditation,” Rourou ordered the guests to leave.

Li Zicheng’s face became even more hideous.

Rourou looked at him and said, “How old are you, yet you still don’t understand your position here. Even this lady over here has not shown any expression.”

As she spoke, she turned her head to look at Li Ge, who had been silent all this time. “The sword that you’re holding is not bad, but I have seen better…sword cultivator, ultimately, you have to cultivate yourself. There is no future in relying on external help.”

Whoosh –

Li Ge raised his head abruptly and a divine light surged in his eyes. It was as if there were invisible swords that were revolving around his body and would fly out at any time.

Rourou looked slightly interested as she raised her eyebrows, “Unhappy? You can make a move. I will sit here and not move an inch. If you can injure me, I will admit that you are powerful.”

“Li Ge!” Li Ruhua frowned and warned him in a low voice.

Li Ge took a deep breath, closing his eyes and then opening them again slowly. The sword intent surrounding his body dissipated.

He turned and left.

Li Ruhua smiled brightly, “Lady, then we will come again next time.”

There were no daggers drawn in the end, but they definitely did part on bad terms.

Hundred Saint escorted the three Li Family members out of the residence. He stood straighter now, not thinking that Rourou had done anything wrong at all.

You people from the Li Family claimed to be just paying a visit, but now, the whole Imperial Capital already knows about those rumors.

They’re saying that our general killed a young member of your Li Family. Does this not obviously mean that we are enemies now? Of course we will not be polite!

Furthermore…the marquis’ wife was indeed powerful. It was a one-versus-three situation. An Old Ancestor from the Li Family and two extraordinary immortals had come, yet Rourou always had the upper hand, and managed to suppress all of them in the end.

“Ancestor Li, immortals, take care,” Hundred Saint cupped his hands as he bid goodbye, being neither servile nor overbearing.


Li Zicheng scoffed coldly before getting into his carriage.

Li Ge and Li Ruhua entered the carriage behind and left.

“It’s her?” Li Ge suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

Li Ruhua thought about it, before shaking her head, “I can’t be sure, but I’m unable to see through this lady at all.” After a pause, a heavy expression formed between her eyebrows, “It is to the extent that even if she was sitting right in front of us, I couldn’t be sure that she was actually there.”

Li Ge added in a low voice, “My sword is unable to detect that lady’s aura at all either.”

These two young people who came from the Central Desolate Divine Area were always able to push the boundaries and look down on everyone in all eight directions. But now, they started to feel fear in their hearts.

Now, it seemed that General Jinwu Ning Qin held yet another secret. His wife turned out to be such an imperceptible character.

However, with this turn of events, the possibility of him being the new Barbarian King was greatly reduced.

Simply because, if General Jinwu was indeed the new Barbarian King, he would try very hard to keep his identity a secret, instead of being so unrestrained and fearless. They did not believe that Rourou’s actions today had been decided by her alone; she must have discussed this with General Jinwu beforehand.

The carriage fell silent as the two young people from the Li Family pondered in silence.

Chen Sanglue suddenly opened his mouth to speak, “Immortals, even though I don’t know what both of you are doing, since things have come to this point, it will not be good to retreat.”


Li Ge scoffed and Chen Sanglue suddenly coughed out blood, his face pale.

“Keep your thoughts to yourself, otherwise, I’ll kill you right now.”

Li Ruhua had a calm expression as she said, “Li Ge, Chen Sanglue did not say anything wrong. Even though you and I covered our identity and went to the Li Family in Parasol County, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hide this matter from the West Desolate.

“We don’t have to care about Parasol County’s reputation, but the both of us cannot damage our family’s reputation, otherwise, there will be trouble.”

Li Ge said, “If it were not for that, I would have killed him already.”

Li Ruhua smiled. “This is interesting. I have not met Marquis Chongwu yet, but I’m becoming more and more curious about him.”

“Even if he is not the one that we are trying to find, I still somehow think that he must have some kind of relation to the Barbarian King. This is not an inference from my divine sense, it’s just my intuition…believe me, sometimes, a woman’s intuition, especially one who’s not married, is shockingly accurate.”

She looked at Chen Sanglue, who had his head lowered. He was constantly coughing and blood trickled out of his mouth.


Marquis Chongwu’s residence.

After dismissing some servants who had yet to recover from the trauma of Li Zicheng’s suppressive aura, Rourou scoffed.

These two bastards. Trying to play tricks with her? You two are not worthy.

Based just on your intuition, you want to bite and not let go? Don’t worry, you can keep on coming, the show’s not over yet!

She stepped forward and in the next moment, her figure vanished.

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