Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1301 l Will Take That Load off Your Shoulders [Part 1]

1301 l Will Take That Load off Your Shoulders [Part 1]

Ariana and Erinys’ couldn’t help but gawk at the scene that was happening in front of them.

The moment Princess Sidonie, Morgana, and Ashe arrived to meet with William, Morgana immediately ran towards the Half-Elf and jumped into his arms while shouting, “Darling!”.

What followed next was a one-sided passionate kiss by Princess Sidonie’s other half. She kissed Wiliam non-stop, while the latter simply held her in his embrace. Naturally, Princess Sidonie didn’t stand idly and also joined her other half in kissing the Half-Elf, who was now exchanging kisses with the two of them simultaneously.

Ashe blinked once then twice before walking towards the Half-Elf and hugging him from behind.

She then started to kiss William’s neck, nibble his ears, and hold the side of his face, turning it around to face her, so that she could also kiss her beloved man whom she hadn’t kissed for a very long time.

Five minutes later, Princess Sidonie and Morgana impatiently started to strip Wiliam’s clothes even though they were in the presence of Ariana and Erinys, making the Half-ling cover her eyes with her hands, but it was useless because she was still peeking through the gap in her fingers.

Ariana didn’t find anything wrong with this scene because this was a very normal occurrence in Lust’s Abode. Everyone could freely fornicate anywhere they wanted, and no one would arch an eyebrow, even if they did it in the middle of the streets.

However, someone did mind.

Just as Erinys’ was about to tell William and his wives to get a room, something fell on top of her head, which the latter picked up with one hand and looked at it up close.


Erinys didn’t know what to say because she was very familiar with the thing in her hands. It was none other than William’s underwear, which she had bought for him on Ama-Soon when he was running out of clothes to wear.

“Oh my…,” Ariana covered her lips the moment she saw William’s… which made the caretaker of the Fourth Layer swallow her saliva subconsciously.

Erinys also saw the thing that was standing tall and proud just below William’s waist, making the color of her cheeks turn a shade redder.

“Ufufufu, I missed you, Little Will,” Morgana said before giving the little guy a kiss, making it twitch in excitement.

Before the beautiful lady could take William’s… inside her soft, and seductive lips, a shout reached their ears.

“S-Stop!” Erinys shouted with a face that resembled that of a red tomato. “H-Have you no sense of shame? Y-You guys should do it inside a room or something!”

“Oh, dear, I forgot we have company,” Morgana said in a teasing manner. “Ariana, can we borrow one of the rooms in your residence? I completely forgot we shouldn’t let the world see how peerless our husband is.”

“… Sure,” Ariana replied. “You can take any of the rooms on the second floor. None of them are taken.”

“Thank you,” Princess Sidonie replied. She then grabbed William’s right arm, while Morgana grabbed his left.

The two gorgeous ladies dragged the butt-naked William upstairs in haste. Ashe followed right after them, leaving behind a still red-faced Half-ling, and a beautiful woman who wanted to experience how peerless the black-haired teenager really was.

“Must be nice…,” Ariana muttered as she recalled the Half-Elf’s manhood, which made her womb tingle just by looking at it. “I wonder if Sidonie will allow me to experience it once…”

Erinys, who was still holding onto William’s underwear, could only open and close her mouth like a goldfish, unable to form any words to say.

Although she had already expected that something like this might happen when the Half-Elf met with his wives, she didn’t think that they would start doing it right in front of other people!

“Stupid William!” Erinys shouted as she threw the underwear in her hands away before running out of the residence.

Ariana watched the little Ferryman go with curiosity, but she didn’t follow her. She didn’t want to get into trouble with one of her superiors, so she decided to stay where she was, and wait for the visitors in her residence to finish whatever they were doing upstairs.

Several hours later…

Erinys sat on one of the benches in a park, while looking at the sunset.

She had steered clear away from the main road, where the majority of the residents in the Underworld were fornicating, and found a remote place, hidden from the view of others to organize her thoughts.

This wasn’t the first time she had come to the Fourth Layer. Whenever she saw people doing the act, it meant nothing to her. It was similar to watching shows in the Television, but this time it was different.

Erinys had secretly installed cameras to the Host Club where William was working at using her authority as the Ferryman of the Underworld. Each host had a specific room where they would entertain their guests, and she filled that room with cameras in order to see if the Half-Elf would do a proper job as a host.

What she saw astounded her.

William was an incredibly good host. In fact, he was like a scammer that offered his guests promises, in return for them buying more drinks, so that he could earn more Hell Credits. The girls would touch him here and there, but William’s hands never wandered where they shouldn’t go.

In the end, it was a very “wholesome” experience. Because of this, she would act spoiled from time to time, to experience William taking care of her.

Drying and brushing her hair after she took a bath.

Sitting on his lap as she ate chips while watching T.V.

Taking a stroll and walking hand in hand in Living A Hella Loca.

And many other things that couples did in the telenovelas that she watched.

The Half-ling could feel that William cared for her, but the care he had given her was very different from the care that he had shown when he met his wife, Chiffon, in Gluttony’s Paradise.

Even the two little pink-haired girls, who accompanied him all the time, made her heart melt due to how cute and adorable they were.

When she looked at them, the words “Happy Family” came to mind.

This was something that she didn’t possess because her Father was busy with his duties, leaving her alone to wander the vast Underworld on her boat, while she Ferried Souls to their respective places.

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